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Not all these McCULLAs, McCULLOHs, or McCULLAGHs or what have you are known to be related. I have assembled this table as a first step to determining what if any relationships there may be between those McCULLAGHs who lived in Antrim, Armagh, Monaghan and Down. NOTE: In my family tree, I have recorded most of the variant names as McCULLAGH (including McCULLA, McCULLOH, McCULLOGH etc). It makes them easier to track, and sometimes several spellings of the surname are included in a single document such as my Rootsweb tree.
Sharon Oddie Brown. June 24, 2016

Updated July 17, 2016. Names found inMarriage register for the Parish of Portpatrick, Wigtownshire, Scotland.
Updated July 19, 2016: 7 Later Scots-Irish links, 1525-1725 Part Three

Updated: October 24, 2017. See 1802 Jan 1


McCULLAGH connections -  A work in Progress. June 2016.

To be updated ….


Family Lines of interest to me:

·       Jane COULTER (b 1700), daughter of Thomas COULTER & Anne MAFFETT of Lisnawooley, Co. Louth, married a William McCULLA aka McCULLAGH, probably in the 1720s. They had three sons: Joseph, William & James.  NOTE: I have entered them in my Rootstree database. Was this William McCULLAGH a son of one of the three brothers: William McCULLAGH, Samuel McCULLAGH and George McCULLAGH who held land at Cloghogue, Co. Armagh in the post 1640s?

·       Jane OLIVER, daughter of William OLIVER (1730-1816) & Elizabeth STEEL, married a John McCULLAGH (?-1818) of Kearney Hill. He descends from a line of McCULLAGHs from Clady [aka Cladymore & Cladybeg], Parish of Kilclooney, Co. Armagh (it is on the eastern border of Lisnadill). That line goes back to a John McCULLAGH (?-1787), although deeds record the family there as early as 1740, and naming patterns suggest a connection between them and the McCULLAGHs of Antrim. Benjamin OLIVER, brother of Jane OLIVER brother leased 55 acres in the townland of Killynure. In 1879, A John McCULLY leased 5 acres in that townland, and the descendants of both families continued to hold land there up until at least 1929. The geographical proximity of the intermarrying families of OLIVERs and McCULLAGHs continued for at least 300 years. SOURCE: Revision Books.

·       An extensive line of descendants of Alexander McCULLAGH (1585-1682) of Antrim connects to McCULLAGHs of Grogan, & Piedmount & the Town of Antrim in Antrim, as well as Rahans in Co. Monaghan. NOTE: I have entered what I have of them in my Rootstree database. They are part of the Carrickmacross lace connection – Dorothea Beresford REED née McCULLAGH and her sister Anne.

·       A McCULLAGH who was probably born in the early 1700s who fathered Elizabeth McCULLAGH (grandmother of an Elizabeth McCULLAGH who married John JACKSON of Liscalgot), James McCULLAGH & Thomas McCULLAGH who had farms and businesses in Monaghan.

·       The McCULLAGHs who married WALLACEs.  NOTE: Was the William McCULLAGH (1814-1869) who married Sarah WALLACE (1821-1867) related to the John McCULLAGH of Dundalk who married her sister Anne Jane WALLACE (b 1819)? Were they both sons of the William McCULLAGH (1738-1817) and Hannah FAULKNER  (1757-1827) of Dundalk?



·       A McCULLAGH Freeholder Records table is on my web site. Of interest is the presence in 1818 of both Alexander and Samuel McCULLAGH at Clohogue, where three earlier brothers had land grants more than a 100 years earlier.

·       Peter McWilliam has a listing of McCULLAGH deeds on his Treasure Your Exceptions web site.

·       There are other deeds for which I have simply reference, and not much if anything in the way of notes. They can be accessed on my List of Deeds page.

·       Ros Davies has pages of McCULLAGHs in Co. Down. McCULLAGH A-J; McCULLAGH K-W; and McCULLY.

·       See also: First Armagh Presbyterian Church – lots of McCULLAGH (spelled various ways) are entered there – and relate to some of the names in deeds. I have entered the early ones here:




1710 July 20

ROWAN, Andrew

M’CULLY, Isabel



1716 Mar 25



1716 Sep 16


McCULLOCH, Archibald

1717 Jan 30



1717 Apr 29



1717 Aug 9



1717 Oct 18



1717 Nov 8


M’CULLOGH, Nathaniel

1718 Mar 16


M’CULLY, Robert

1718 Aug 13


M’CULLY, George

1718 Sep 14



1719 Mar 15



1719 Mar 15


M’CULLACH, Nathaniel

1720 Feb 7


M’CULLOGH, William

1720 Nov 27



1720 Dec 18


M’CULLIE, Robert

1720 Dec 25


M’CULLOGH, Nathaniel

1721 Feb 5



1721 Jul 2



1721 Aug 2


M’CULLOGH, Archibald

1724 Mar 5


M’CULLOUGH, Archibald

1724 Mar 15


M’CULLOGH, Nathaniel

1724 Aug 2



1724 Sep 11



1725 Oct 10



1727 Jun 2


M’CULLOGH, Archibald

1727 Jun 15



1727 Oct 25


M’CULLOGH, William

1727 Nov 3



1728 Sep 22







·       1654 The McCuilaghs, a Scottish or English family, had obtained a substantial portion of

·       the 30,000- acre estate of Sir Henry O'Neill of Glassdrumman, when that family was

·       transplanted to Bohola in Co. Mayo, in 1654. They owned land in Co. Monaghan and in

·       Co. Armagh and they built a scutch-mill (as well as several other mills) on the River

·       Fane, at the bottom of "Corismood". SOURCE: Cullaville Con Mac an Ghirr. Published in Creggan: Journal of the Creggan Local History Society, 1990 pg 60.

·       Culloville was likely named after them.

·       1641. With respect to holdings in Antrim, the 1641 Down Survey maps show 401 Plantation acres held by Henry O’NEIL (Catholic) in the Parish of Skirreocavan, Co. Armagh which were then shown on the 1670 map as being transferred to Randall MacDONELL, Earl of Antrim (Catholic). He was the Catholic landlord who “planted” the largely uninhabited parish of Creggan in Co. Armagh with Presbyterian farmers in the late 1600s, early 1700s.

·       After 1641: Three brothers: William McCULLAGH, Samuel McCULLAGH and George McCULLAGH and their brother-in-law John BROWN held part of townland of Cloghog. SOURCE: Account of the Barony of Upper Fews John Donaldson. Creggan Local History Society, 1993 p14.



·       Grogan is in the Parish of Dummaul, Barony Upper Toombe, Co. Antrim, as is Randalstown & Shanes Castle Park. https://www.townlands.ie/antrim/groggan/  The Prouty website locates it: Groggan is a small village, more like a crossroads, about 4-5 miles northwest of Randalstown in Drumaull Parish, County Antrim, Northern Ireland. The map of Groggan Co., Antrim shows Groggan near the left hand edge, Drummaul near the left center top, and Randalstown is the shaded town area indicating a larger town at the left of center on the bottom edge. Another possibilty is "Gortgarn" or "Gortagharn", both townlands in County Antrrim, Randalstown district of the Upper Toome Barony. INSERT MAP Source: Groggan on Google Maps.

·       Piedmount aka Paymount aka Paymont – I still cannot find where it is. The curious thing is that deeds refer to it as being in Co. Antrim, and yet the only place I have been able to find such a placename is in Co. Louth.

·       Camly Macullagh, Parish of Newtownhamilton is a townland of 1029 statute acres 2 rood and 29 perches about two miles south of the town of Newtownhamilton. In the Tithe Applotment Books of 1825 the total area of the townland (Camoly McCullough) was recorded as 522A, 3R 10P (Plantation Irish measure.). By the time of the 1837 Census, there were no McCULLAGHs living here.

·       Clady. Aka Claymore, Parish of Kilclooney and/or Mullaghbrack. NOTE: I am guessing that the original parish was split in two. In the older deeds, the parish is recorded as Mullaghbrach, which is on the northern border of Kilclooney. In contemporary maps, the townland is recorded within the parish of Kilclooney.

·       Edenknappagh. Parish of Lisnadill, Lower Fewes., In the 1665 Hearth Money Rolls, a John McCULLAGH was recorded, but the number of hearths was not noted.

·       Tyrawlyy. Aka Tirearly, Parish of Lisnadill. In the 1665 Hearth Money Rolls, a John McCULLAGH occupied a house with one hearth.

·       Parish of Creggan: In the 1766 Religious Census:




Five Towns, Co. Louth 




Cross, Co. Armagh 




Carnolly, Co. Armagh 




Altnamoighan, Co.Armagh 




Cross, Co. Armagh 




Cross, Co. Armagh 


Deeds and other bits by year.

1609 July 18
Later Scots-Irish links, 1525-1725 Part Three.
McCULLOUCH, James, in Drummorrell, Wigtonshire, applies for 2000 acres in Ulster on 18 July 1609, [PU#140]… also Donegal.

1685 May 1
Later Scots-Irish links, 1525-1725 Part Three.
McCALLA, George, died 1 May 1685 [Comber g/s]

1686 July 27
Later Scots-Irish links, 1525-1725 Part Three.
McCALLA, James, son of George McCALLA, died 27 July 1686 [Comber/g/s]

1708 Feb 5

ROD 394 413 260785

McCULLOCH John – his will

John McCULLOCH of Town of Antrim Surgeon and Apothocary.. wife Margaret McCULLOGH or SHAW… part of the tenement which I now occupy with the lower part of the back house now occupied by Mrs. NIXON and the Stable called my own stable with the loft over it for offices with one cows graizing on the land which I hold with said tenement… son William McCULLOCH… daughter Dorothy MORTON or McCULLOCH left shop and utensils in tenement in Antrim now occupied by her husband Mr. John MORTON and her with the backhouse they now occupy… daughter Victoria JACKSON or McCULLOCH – rents of tenement now occupied by Mrs. NIXON with the house called my turf house and loft above… and if she shall have lawful issue…… daughter Jane WALKER… tenement now occupied by James MALONE at end of Massareene Bridge to daughter Jane WALKER or McCULLOCH… Cabins in Bowlane… there was 350 left by my late father-in-law Captain McCULLOCH on his estate in trust for my late wife & me over which I was to have distributive power to our issue and one hundred pounds was left to myself by Captain McCULLOCH and whereas there is an unsettled amount between William McCULLOCH Esq. my brother-in-law in whose hands Capt. McCULLOCH’s estate now is, I request he may settle…… son Henry McCULLOCH viz Margaret… profits to my sister Elizabeth M’KINLAY or McCULLOCH… granddaughters Margaret and Jane (presumably not children of Victoria) … John KERR & Robert YOUNG Postmaster to be executors NOTE: I suspect that I have a transcription error, and that Capt McCULLAGH is his father not his father-in-law. NEED to check. UPDATE; October 24, 2017. Thanks to the work of Bob Epperson, it seems likely that Dr. John McCULLOCH (who died abt 1787) had a wife who died before he married Margaret SHAW.

1708 Jun 12

ROD 1-112-66

John O'NEILE, Donoghmore, James McCULLOCH & Henry McCULLOCH, Co Antrim, Esqs, trustees by Act of Parliament, to Joshua DAWSON of City of Dublin. Eight Townlands of Mayola lying and being in the Parishes of Ballyscullin, Artrea and Magherafelt in the Barony of Loughinsholm in Co Londonderry, viz. Mayola, Aghrim, Mayola, Tauniaran, Leitrim, Derrygarave, Ballymaguiggin, Shanemullagh, Anaghmore als Drumrascombe & Devenish called Coney Island £6500 8 townlands in By Loughinsholin, Co Londonderry, for £6500.

1708 Dec 9

ROD 2-228-425

DAWSON, Ephraim-BROWN1708-1729

Josua DAWSON Esq of Dublin was party as was Thomas BROWN of Dublin, Gent. All of Lazy Hill, Dublin. James McCULLAGH was mentioned as an occupant. MOS

1709 Jul 23

ROD 2-574-640

1709 Sept 3

ROD 2-575-641

Occupant: James McCULLAGH of Lazy Hill, deceased. NOTE: He was not described as deceased in an earlier deed in 1708: ROD 2-228-425.

1715 Nov 4

ROD 22-31-11277

McCULLAUGHT of Newtownlimavady, Co. Londonderry was 3rd party, husband of Anne BOVY (daughter of James BOVY deceased of Newtownlimavady). For £260 paid by William ROSS, John COWAN + David McCULLAGH +Anne McCULLAGH did discharge William ROSS and grant lands of Claughan, Carrick + Muldoine in Co Londonderry

1717 Jan 2

ROD 26-88-14734

William McCULLOCH & ors to MAXWELL 1708-1729

Btw Wm SHAW of Bush, Co. Antrim  esq. & Patrick AGNEW of Killivaughter, Co. Antrim Gent & Wm McCULLOCH of  Grogan, Gent exec of will of Patrick SHAW of Brittas ...

1717 Mar 15

ROD 21-42-10720

Joseph JACKSON to McCULLAGH Book Index 1708-1729

Lease between Richard RUCKMAN of Cork Street at Dolphins Barn Lane – Co. Dublin and Joseph JACKSON (same address) weaver. House signed over to  JACKSON. William McCULLAGH of Dublin, Merchant of “Magpie House”? “All that the Corner House in Cork Street over against the house called the Magpie House [aka Magpye] leading from the Street to Ropers Rest Home on the North Side the said lane with the Backside behind the said house and the little house in the Backside called the Limekilnhouse … lives of Henry PERCY, Robert PERCY & John[WOOD?]” WITNESSES: Benjamin JOHNSTON & Charles MEARES clerks to Edward DALTON Public Notary in Dublin. NOTE: There are earlier references to Magpie House in the Deeds Registry.

1718 Apr 18

ROD 21-100-1088

Btw Thomas M’CULLY Taylor & Ann POTTS als M’CULLY wide of the sd Thomas of the 1 pt & James WORRALL of same city Clerk of other pt…all that or those the Brickhouse or tenement on Kings St in Oxmantown in Parish of St Michans bounded on the north to Kings St afsd on the south by a wall belonging to Robert SHAPCOTT Esq. on the west by a stone wall belonging to the sd Robert SHAPCOTT on the east by a brick house belonging to George CLAPHAM Clk. Containing in front towards Kings St 54 feet or thereabouts on the south 42 or thereabouts on the west 54 or thereabouts and on the east 65 feet or thereabouts.. NOTE: There are earlier references to CULLY in Dublin. Samuel JACKSON (1641-1706) also had holdings in Oxmantown, and the JACKSONs and McCULLAGHs had many intermarriages, hence worth noting.

1718 July 10

ROD: 36-491-23759

James McCULLAGH & William McCULLAGH (intended groom) to Patrick AGNEW, Gent of Killwaghter Antrim; John SHAW, Gent of Bush, Antrim; Clotworthy UPTON Esq of Castle Upton, & Dorothy Beresford SHAW, spinster & intended bride & daughter of Margaret SHAW, widow of Ballgelly, Antrim; relict of William SHAW Gent, late of Ballygelly; dec'd  in trust of lands in Fewes (bar.) Armagh: Rackland-23a 14p Crewkyrer-205a 2r 38p Lifsary ats Lifswary-80a Cornecery-71a Carricanony-109a Mongeleagh-86a Glafsdrumenagh-86a 2r 12p Car?onloagh [357a 2r 34p] Ballyvallon; in Toom (Bar.) Antrim: Ballygrogan Ballydrunuall Ballyhenulla Monyrod Ballydonnellan Ibragh & 1/2 townland of Cloonkeen with corn mill & mills standing & Derryhullagh & Balymatoskerty with grist mill. Other names: John SHAW, Gent of Antrim; Robert DONALDSON, Gent of Dublin City. WITNESSES: James STEVENSON, Esq of Killeleagh, Co. Down; John McCULLAGH, Gent of Randalstown, Co. Antrim; James BLAIR Esq. of Blairmount, Co. Antrim; James GREER, servant to William McCULLAGH; Alexander HUTCHESON, clerk to Robert DONALDSON. Notes thanks to Michael Stewart. NOTE: This means they are connected to the McCULLAGHs of Cullaville – same landholdings.

Another version of Notes:

James McCULLAGH & William McCULLAGH (intended groom) to Patrick AGNEW, Gent; John SHAW of Bush Co. Antrim Gent; & Clotworthy UPTON of Castle Upton, Esq. & John SHAW of Antrim, Co. Antrim Gent in trust of lands in Fewes (bar.) Armagh: Rackland-23a 14p Crewkyrer-205a 2r 38p Lifsary ats Lifswary-80a Cornecery-71a Carricanony-109a Mongeleagh-86a Glafsdrumenagh-86a 2r 12p Car?onloagh [357a 2r 34p] Ballyvallon; in Toom (Bar.) ANT: Ballygrogan Ballydrunuall Ballyhenulla Monyrod Ballydonnellan Ibragh & 1/2 townland of Cloonkeen with corn mill & mills standing & Derryhullagh & Balymatoskerty with grist mill. Dorothy Beresford SHAW intended bride, daughter of Margaret SHAW of Ballgelly, Co. Antrim widow of William SHAW late of Ballgelly, Gent deceased. Robert DONALDSON of Dublin City mentioned. WITNESSES: James BLAIR of Blairmont Antrim, Esq.; James GREER, servant to William McCULLAGH; Alexander HUTCHESON, clerk to Robert DONALDSON; John McCULLAGH, Gent of Randalstown, Co. Antrim. Thanks to Peter McWilliam.

DATE? My mistake – I didn’t record it.

ROD 224-600-148698

BTW James McCULLAGH of Camley, Co. Armagh Esq. & William McCULLAGH of Dublin Merchant surviving executors of the last will and testament of William McCULLAGH late of Piedmont in Co Antrim Esq. deceased of the 1st part. .. lots of other names and townlands – ran out of time! SEE: 23759.

1719 Jan 26

ROD 25-201-14735

SHAW et all [Willliam McCULLOCH] to MAXWELL NOTE: I need to do a search of this one. Also ROD 25-279-14995

1721 Jun 26

ROD 32-172-18663 and ROD 32-172-18664

Walter PETERS leased to William THWAITES garden ground late in the possession of William McCULLA on the west side of Drumcondra Lane, suburbs of Dublin, for 79 years.

Se also: 1721 Oct 29 ROD 33-22-19503 McCULLAGH Occupant of Drumcondragh Lane

1723 Apr 15

ROD 39-381-25774

Witness: William McCULLAGH of City of Dublin, Merchant.


WITNESS: William McCULLAGH of Dublin City, Merchant.

1723 Jul 9

ROD 36-491-23759

McCULLOUGH-AGNEW 1708-1738 Ballyvallen

Indenture Tripartite btw James McCULLOCH of Grogan Co Antrim Gent & William McCULLOCH his son of the one pt & Patrick AGNEW of Killwagter John SHAW of Bush Gent Clotworthy UPTON of Castle Upton & John SHAW of Antrim gent in said Co. of the 2nd pt Margaret SHAW of Ballygelly Co Antrim relict & widow of William SHAW late of Ballygally Gent deceased & Dorothy Beresford SHAW spinster her daughter of the 3rd pt whereby the said James and William McCULLAGH in consideration of a marriage to be had between the said William McCULLAGH and the said Dorothy Beresford SHAW… granted part of the lands of Rackland cont 23 A 14P in townland of Crekyrer 205A 14 P in Lissary als Lissawry 80A in Cornecery 71 A in Carrickeinony 109A in Mongcleagh 86 A in Glassdrumenagh 86A 1R 12P in Camlagh 3577A 2R cont 77A in Barony of Fewes Co Armagh… and all the said James McCULLAGH’s right title… sand also the townlands of Ballygrogan Ballydunnall Ballynelenulla Moneyrod Ballydonnellan Itragh and the half town land of Cloo and the Corn mill and mills standing in Derryhullagh & Ballymatoskerty with the grist thereto belonging lying in the Barony of Toom & Co Antrim…

real estate for his son." [A history of the town of Belfast George Benn, 1880, p 169]

1723 Jul 30

ROD 37-539-24137

WITNESS: William McCULLAGH, merchant of Dublin.

1723 Aug 14

ROD 41-490-27023

Jas McCULLOCH to McCULLOCK 1708-1729

James M’CULLOH, merchant of Belfast to William M’CULLOCH of Grogan Co Antrim… lots of lands mentioned.

1724 Apr 30

ROD 49-519-33108

Between Jas McCULLOH, merchant, Belfast, Co Antrim & Collonell Edwd BRICE, merchant, Belfast; transfer of right & interest in lease dated 1 May 1702 by Arthur Earl of Donegal; half townland of Carnanee, Mannor of Ballylyny, Co Antrim & also townland of Ballybought als Downbought in the Parish of Belfast. Witnesses: Saml MITCHELL, Cha. MACARTNEY

NOTE: The Will of Dr. Victor FERGUSON is dated 1723; he describes himself as a Doctor of Physic, and appoints Colonel UPTON and Colonel BRICE of Belfast his Trustees. "He leaves his dearly beloved son-in-law, Captain James M'CULLOGH, and his dearly beloved daughter, his wife, six of his best Chairs in his parlour, with his large Silver Salver, six Silver Spoons, six Silver Forks, and six Silver-handled Knives ; Forty Shilling per annum during her natural life to his dear sister, Mrs. CORRY of Newton; £5 to the poor of Belfast, to be distributed among them as Colonel BRICE and the Revd. James KIRKPATRICK think fit; £650 to buy

1724 Jul 2

ROD 42-313-26481

James McCULLOCH of Belfast Gent of 1 pt & Samuel HALLIDAY Antrim Gen 92a 3r 4p of land now in possession of Henry ECHLIN and formerly in possession of Hugh and James MITCHELL, Hugh MAFFETT and John NICHOLL.. [other Antrim lands]

1724 Nov 1

ROD 55-65-35893

Between Wm McCULLOCK of Lisnegraggan and Co Antrim & Adam DICKY of Ballydonlane & Co Antrim Linnen Draper.. Upper quarter of the half townland of Ballydonlane. Witnesses: John COOK, Taylor; James COOK, linnen draper; John BROWN, linnen weaver all of Ballydonlane and John McCULLOCK of Lisnegraggane Gent.

1725 Jun 3

ROD 45-203-29032

Unnamed McCULLAGH Occupant in Drogheda

1725 Jun 3

ROD 47-107-29709

John ATKINSON of Mountmellick, Queens Co, clothier of 1st pt to William McCULLAGH, Merchant, Dublin of 2nd pt Re: lease of 21a, part Ballyduffe, By Philipstown, Kings Co for £90. Also lease of Rathfeston + Gurtinkeefe, 210a, for £90:11s:3d pa

1725 Sep 9

ROD 45-392-29715

Hugh McCULLOGH, Taylor of Randletown, Co. Antrim & Robt GAMBLE of Islandreagh, Co. Antrim, farmer

1726 May 19

ROD 49-284-31992

Between Jas McCulloh, Mercht, Belfast Antrim & Henry McCulloh, mercht, London. Henry purchases James' share of assets & debts due to Wine Co in Belfast (McCulloh Craford Arbuckles Company)

1726 Jul 29


Deed of Mortgage

Between James McCULLOH, merchant, Belfast, Saml McCLINTON, Vintner, Belfast & Wm McCULLOGH Esq, Paymount [Piedmount], Co Antrim to Jno WORTHINGTON. Messuage of tennement in High Street Belfast commonly known by the Sign of the Crown.

1726 Aug 4

ROD 50-173-32480


Between James McCULLOH of Belfast, Co Antrim Merchant of 1 pt & Wm McCULLOCH of Piedmont Co. Antrim Esq of 2nd pt. refers to lease by Rev John HAMILTON of Ballgraffin, Co. Down & lease of Aghohill as formerly held by John O’NEIL.. in consideration of 750 pounds.

1726 Aug 4

ROD 49-367-32481

McCULLOGH Jas to McCULLOCK  1708-1729 Dromore

Btw James McCULLOGH of Antrim Merchant of the 1 pt & William McCULLOGH of Piedmont Esq. of the other part…. For sum of 350 pounds pd to William McCULLOUGH for and in consid of arrears of rents the said William McCULLOGH is obliged to pay the Bishop of Down & Connor John HAMILTON Clerke out of the four townlands of Aghahill in consid of 209 pounds 2s due Peter LESLIE Clerke for which the said William McCULLOGH has assigned over a bond and warrant of attorney effected by Archibald & Alexander STUART to said William McCULLOGH of 1,000 pounds penalty conditioned for the payment of 500 pounds doth convey all his the said James McCULLOUGHs interest to the sd William McCULLOGH for and to the articles of agreement effected John HOUSTON town of Castlestuart Co Tyrone Esq. dated 3 Nov 1718 of the two townlands of Drummore [which parish?].. also James McCULLOUGHs interest in plot of land on south side of Broad St. in town of Belfast cont in front 39 feet and extending backwards 80 feet with all the houses and buildings… more legal details of pmts… Wm McCULLOUGH not to be accountable for any more than what he receives WITNESS: John COBHAM & John ARNOLD both of Belfast Co Antrim Gent

1726 Dec 12

ROD 51-329-33878

McCULLAGH – McCULLAGH Wendy has notes 1708-1729

Lease Between John McCULLAGH of Killiegh Kings Co & his son John McCULLAGH. Land in Killiegh, plowland of Ballyneshragh. Release for the lives of John McCULLAGH, Sarah McCULLAGH his wife, & John McCULLAGH younger son. WITNESSES: Edward McCULLAGH, Dublin; John & Michael MALONE, Killiegh (NOTE: Reg. 3 Feb 1726 – that would be old calendar. Therefore 1727)

1727 Jan 3

ROD 51-329-33875

Marriage agreement – Grace PERCIVALL & John McCULLAGH. NOTE: It said 1726, but I believe that was the old calendar date, therefore 1727.

Parties: John McCULLAGH Jnr. of Killiegh, Kings Co, Elizth PERCIVALL of Dublin, widow of David PERCIVALL merchant of Dublin, decd, Grace PERCIVALL dau of Elizth & David.

Witnesses: Samuel PERCIVALL & William McCULLAGH, merchants of Dublin city, (article), Wm McCULLAGH & Denis DELANY (memorial)

1727 Apr 19

ROD 53-61-34427

James McCULLAGH of Belfast merch of 1 pt transferred to Isabella NEIGHANS, spinster,  for 236 pounds land in the North side of High St.

1732 Jul 6

ROD 71-52-48696

Thomas MORRIS of Marlybone Lane, Co. & City of Dublin, brewer of 1 part & Edward McCULLAGH of City of Dublin, Gent of the other.

1734 Nov 1

ROD 78-250-55215

McCULLOCH Jennette widow [Prob Jennette HOUSTON, widow of James McCULLAGH] & William McCULLOCH of Piedmont & Wm STEWART of Cloghog all of Antrim  to Joseph ENNES

1733 Jun 24

ROD 154-48-102649

Marriage Contract between John STEEL of Kenbelly of one part & Susanna McCULLOGH of other part. WITNESS: John DAVISON of Knockburn[?] malster & George McCULLOGH of Eglish, yeoman, Co. Antrim .... and then April 16, 1752 ... signed and sealed by Susanna McCULLOGH otherwise STEEL, widow and relict of said John STEELL in presence of John DAVISON & James MOORE of Ballymena, Co. Antrim, Gent (reference to High Court of Chancery in Ireland).

1734 Mar 11

ROD 78-530-57579

Hugh McCULLAGH of Lisky, Parish of Camus, Co. Tyrone, Gent & Rebecca his wife of the one pt & Wm SINCLARE of Barney, Parish of Camus, Co Tyrone...demised new house.


Btw 1730-45

ROD 94-355-66666

Hugh McCULLAGH of Liskey, Parish of Camus, Co. Tyrone & Rebecca his wife & John McCULLAGH, their only son. Lands in Strabane witness: Hugh BROWN of Strabane, Co. Tyrone.

1735 May 8

ROD 79-281-55832

James McCULLOH of the City of Westminster & now of City of Dublin Esq. of the 1 pt… lands of Cruisreath Parish of Mullnahudden, Barony of Castleknock, Co Dublin.

NOTE – need to enter earlier McCULLOUGHs from Westminster.

1736 Feb 1

ROD 86-329-60600

James McCULLOH of City of Dublin & Wm TUMMIN of Nestpanstown, Co Dublin ... lands in Co Dublin

1737 Dec 10

ROD: 87-423-62439

Henry McCULLOCH of Randlestown, Co Antrim Gent of 1 pt & William McCULLOCH of Piedmont & James CAULFEILD of of Ballysavage both of Co Antrim Gent of the other pt… marriage to be solemnized btw Henry McCULLOCH and Ann CRAWFORD (eldest daughter of John CRAWFORD of Crawfordstown Gen of 3rd pt)… lands in Londonderry for marriage portion

1738 May 6

ROD 89-309-63353

WITNESS: Archibald McCULLAGH of Cullintrough, Co. Armagh, Gent

1739 Mar 13

ROD 94-279-66326

Hugh McCULLAGH, Strabena, Co. Tyrone Innkeeper.

1740 May 10

ROD 98-374-68794

John McCULLAGH of Kileigh, Kings County & Edward McCULLAGH of Dublin Mtg  £350. to Martha TAYLOR in City of Dublin. Witness BRERTON Clothier, Edward STERLING, John McCULLAGH

1740 Jul 26

ROD 110-222-76730

Matthew McCULLA of Parish Dundalk, Co. Louth. Occupant of house in middle Ward Dundalk, Co Louth.

1740 Nov 20

ROD 315-196-209545

Alexander McCULLAGH of Cladymore, Parish of Mullaghbrach Co Armagh of 1 pt & John McCULLAGH of Ligastown, Co Tyrone of the other pt… demised one half of the farm and holding in Cladymore to be equally divided by quantity and Quality lying to the lower side of the town for rent of 3 pounds 5s… lease from Edward BOND…. WITNESS: Samuel McCULLAGH of Cladymore, Co Armagh & Isaac GLENNY of Glenville Co Down, Gent. NOTE: Parish boundaries changed, and Cladymore is now in the Parish of Kilclooney. This deed was registered 1776 Oct 1, but was originally signed Nov 20, 1740

1741 Dec 20

ROD 110-500-78998

Mary WEYMS otherwise McCULLOGH widow of Francis WEYMS ...house in Blind Quay

1742 Oct 24

Reciting deed in of Oct 24 1742 in ROD 304-323-201974 in 1774 Sep 25


Patrick McCULLAGH of Lurganearly in the Co. Monaghan & Samuel ENNIS of Crossmale, Co Down of the 1 pt Edward TIPPING McKILEEN Co Armagh, Esq of the other pt reciting deed Oct 24 1742 between Thomas TIPPING of Castletown , Co Louth & Patrick McCULLAGH & Samuel ENNIS of other pt... demised to sd Patrick McCULLAGH for 3 lives  the townland of Mulloduff in Parish of  Creggan & Barony of Upper Fews, Co Armagh rent 43 pounds for 1st 3 years ... lots of detail .. one of the witnesses was Thomas McCULLAGH of Lurgan, yeoman

1743 Aug 27

ROD 112-114-77300

Patrick McCULLAGH of Drumcondra Lane, Dublin, occupant

1744 Feb 13

ROD: 116-414-81200

Registry of Deeds, Abstracts of Wills.

Jas McCULLOH of City of Dublin – will dated 13 Feb 1744. Trustees: James STEWART, Co Antrim, & Charles MACARTNEY, City of Dublin. Residue to nephew William McCULLOH; £600 to eldest dau Margaret; £600 to 2nd dau Jane; £30 per ann to wife Mary McCULLOH otherwise FERGUSON; £200 to Alice BOWKER; £100 to servt Alice BOYCE. Executors James McCULLOH of Piedmount, Co Antrim & his nephew Wm McCULLOH Wit: Paschall WILSON & Will BIGGER

Probated 13 May 1745. His wife Mary McCULLOH otherwise Ferguson. His nephew Mr Wm. McCULLOH. His eldest daughter Margt. McCULLOH. His second daughter Jane McCULLOH, James Stewart, Co. Antrim, Esq., and Charles MACARTNEY, Dublin, merchant, trustees. To James MACARTNEY son of said Charles MACARTNEY £300 when 21 years. Alice BOWKER of the Kingdom of Great Britain. His servant Alice BOYCE £100 for her faithful service. James McCULLOH of Piedmont, Co. Antrim, Esq., and his said nephew Wm. McCulloh exors. His real and personal estate.
Witnesses: John
TREANOR, Dublin, Edmd. WALL, Dublin, gent. Paschall WILSON, Dublin, scrivener.
Memorial witnessed by: Paschall
WILSON, William BIGGER, Dublin, gent.

1744 Feb 18

ROD 484-279-307788

William M’CULLOCH of Kilmore in Co. Antrim of the one pt & Joshua M’GEOGH of Armagh of the other part. Reciting that James M’CULLOCH of Piedmont, Co. Antrim Esq. deceased reciting deed Feb 18, 1744 granted let and set to Thomas TIPPING late of Castletown, Co. Louth since deceased….lands of Tullyallen Cunningham cont 80 acres or thereabouts, Barony of Fews, Co. Armagh…Feb 18 1744 set to Joshua M’GEOUGH set lands of Tullyvallen Cunningham 109 acres 1 rood 18 perches WITNESS: Daniel BROWN attorney at Law, Dublin & Dorothea M’CULLOCH.

1744 Feb 22

ROD: 116-341-80724

Memorial of Indenture; 1st pt James ROSS merchant of Belfast; 2nd pt Jas McCULLOCH Esq of Piedmount, Co Antrim; 3rd pt Rev Hugh HILL of Mounthill Co Antrim (with ref to an indenture dated 29 Aug 1744) between James McCULLOCH, Dorothy Beresford SHAW otherwise McCULLOCH & James ROSS). Ballygrogan, Co Antrim. NOTE: I believe that there are connections between these McCULLAGHs and the REEDs of Rahans

1744 May 12

ROD 115-510-81420

Between Randal DONALDSON of City of Dublin, Esq of the 1 part Thomas TIPPING of Castletown, Co. Louth, Esq. James McCULLA [otherwise McCULLOCH] of Peymount [Piedmount], Co. Antrim Esq. & Alexander McCOMBE of Altnamoy, Co. Antrim Gent of the other part .... DONALDSON granted to Thomas TIPPING, James McCULLA & Alexander McCOMBE part of Freeduff whereupon the dissenting meeting house lately stood ... 1 acre, yearly rent of 1 peppercorn. WITNESS: Thomas KENNEDY & Robert MURRAY both of City of Dublin, Gents. NOTE the variant spellings within the same deed – this has to do with the Presbyterian Meeting House at Freeduff.

1744 Oct 4

ROD 117-90-79755

McCULLOCH Jas & Dorothy Beresford SHAW orse McCULLOCH

Dorothy Beresford SHAW orse McCULLOCH of Antrim of one pt & James McCULLOCH of Piedmount, Antrim of other pt reciting deed made May 1, 1706 by Charles O’NEIL and John O’NEIL of Shanes Castle & Charity O’NEIL his wife, and Henry ECHLIN of Co. Dublin Knight of the 1st pt.. Patrick McCULLOCH of Grogan in said Co. Antrim gent of the 4th pt [lots of lands in Barony of Tom, Co. Antrim] demised to James McCULLOCH of Grogan for three lives renewable forever… lots more lands…… also included 357 a 2r 30p in Camlough and  77 acres in Tullyvallen

1745 May 17

ROD 115-466-81254

James McCULLAGH of Piedmount Co Antrim Esq to Thomas TIPPING of Castletown Co Louth lands of Tullyvallen Cunningham contg 80A in the Barony of Fews Co Armagh   then in possession of Thomas TIPPING.. for lives of said Thomas TIPPING, William Henry FORTESCUE & James FORTESCUE of Reynolds Town, Co. Louth

1746 Dec 18

ROD 122-456-84824

John WALLACE, Schoolmaster of Augher, Co. Tyrone & Sarah WALLACE als SIM his wife of 1st pt. John McCULLAGH of Strabane, Co. Tyrone, Merchant of 2nd pt lease and release re: 3 houses in Strabane, Tyrone, for £30, occupant Sarah SIM of Strabane, Co. Tyrone, deceased, widow. WITNESS: James WALLACE, Chapman

1747 Jan 10

ROD 132-240-89123

Reciting James McCULLOCH, Esq. of Piedmont of 2nd part had mtg sd lands unto James ROSS, Merchant of Belfast of 1st pt for £2000 to which lands James McCULLOCH was entitled to for lives renewable forever, James ROSS with consent of James McCULLOCH assigned over sd lands to Henry MITCHELL Esq. of Dublin City for £2000 to hold for natural lives of James McCULLOCH William McCULLOCH & Thomas TIPPING, subj to redemption. Deputy Registrar: James SAUNDERS. WITNESSES: Robert CARSON, Gent of Dublin City and Robert RAY, Gent of Dublin City.

1747 Jan 10 NOTE: The same date as above may be significant.

ROD 132-319-89462

Thomas TAYLOR, surviving executor of Mary TAYLOR, widow, deceased  & John FALKINER gained judgement in Exch Crt 7July1747 against Thomas TAYLOR, Esq. of Dublin City, Martha McCULLOCH, daughter and heir of Edward McCULLOCH, Thomas BERBECK, youngest son , Mary BERBECK orse McCULLOCH, deceased, widow of Edward McCULLOCH & Thomas BERBECK of Dublin & others for £425 8s. 5p., thus I auctioned mortgaged premsises: dwelling house wherein Thomas MORRES dwelt and next adjoinging house & garden plot in poss'n of John HARVEY, to Jonathon STRETTLE for £300 free of mtg, in lib of Thomas Court nr Dublin to hold for lives of several persons for ever, under yrly rent & fines mentioned. Deputy Registrar: James SAUNDERS. WITNESSES: Edward BUTLER, Gent of Dublin City and William CONNOR Clerk to Edward BUTLER

1747 May 26

ROD 128-37-85907

Francis WEMYS, Esq deceased & Mary McCULLAGH o'wise WEMYS, widow & executor of Francis WEMYS & Henrietta WEMYS daughter of Francis & Mary WEMYS of 1st pt  6 acres Drumcondra Lane on Great Rd from Bolton St, town of Drumcondra, co Dublin.

1747 May 26

ROD 128-37-85908

Francis WEMYS, Esq deceased & Mary McCULLAGH o'wise WEMYS, widow & executor of Francis WEMYS & Henrietta WEMYS daughter of Francis & Mary WEMYS of 1st pt  Cadogan House on Blind Quay, Dublin & others. Co. Dublin

1747 Nov 14

ROD 129-249-86941

Deed of 1 Nov 1744 between Gervais WALKER of Kilmacrew, Co. Armagh Gent. & Alexander McCULLAGH Ballynahonemore, Co. Armagh. WALKER leased to McCULLAGH land formerly in possession of Ann GILLAND of Ballynahonemore & then in possession of said Alexander McCULLAGH. WITNESS: Leonard GILLESPIE of Kernascobe (aka Ternascobe), Co. Armagh, linen weaver & Hugh CUMMING of Kearnyhill, Co. Armagh, Gent

1747 Nov 14

ROD 126-257-8694

A Memorial of an indented deed of lease bearing date  13th Jan 1727-8 made between Gervais WALKER of Kilmacrew in the Parish and County of Armagh  Gent of the one part and William McCULLAGH of Ballynahonemore in the said Parish & County  farmer of the other part.  Whereby the said Gervais WALKER for the consideration of £50  to him the said Gervais in hand paid by said William McCULLAGH all that the quarter part of the south ward of the townland of Ballynhonemore aforesaid in the Parish and County of Armagh  as then formerly held by James NEILSON Deceased & John WAGH containing by estimation 100 acres English  measure ... term of 19 years rent of £12 Ster. [NOTE a sub lease from the Lord Archbishop of Armagh with rights of renewal]. Witnesses George WALKER now of Newry, Co. Down & James DUNLAP of Drumkirk of Co. Armagh  Adam DUNLAP decd [this is confusing]  Hugh CUMING of Kerneyhill, Co. Armagh & Alexander McCULLAGH of Ballynahonemore NOTE: This is interesting because of the connection between WALKER & McCULLAGH – and also land close to where the John McCULLAGH of Clady who married Jane OLIVER lived at Kearny Hill. See: November 14, 1747.

1748 Mar 28

ROD 133-80-89317

William McCULLOCH, intended groom £500 portion from Charles McCARTNEY, merchant, uncle to Alice COLEMAN, spinster. Deputy Registrar: James SAUNDERS. WITNESSES: James McCULLOCK, Esq. of Piedmont; Elinor TRIDELL, then of Dublin, now of Bristol, widow; Margaret McCULLOCH, Spinster, then of Dublin, now of Bristol, & James GALLOWAY, Yeoman of Dublin City.. NOTE: This is the William McCULLAGH (1721-1800) son of Dorothea Beresford SHAW & William McCULLAGH.

1750 Will of Alexander McCULLAGH of Cladymore

1752 Oct 26

ROD 158-87-105010

James McCULLOCH of Piedmount, Co Antrim Esq of 1 pt & Arthur Chichester of Cribilly ins sd Co clk  & Daniel O’NEILL of Ballymanistrain in sd Co…. townlands of Attone

1752 Nov 6

ROD 155-382-105135


Between Grizel McCULLAGH of Cullinbragh widow & relict & Archibald McCULLAGH late of Cullintragh Co. Armagh Deceased and one of the executors of the last will and testament of the said Archibald McCULLAGH deceased of the one part & John McCULLAGH of the other part. Whereby the said Grizel McCULLAGH in consideration of 5s paid to her did convey to the said John McCULLAGH .. lands of Drumsallagh, Co. Armagh . Witnessed by Hugh McCULLAGH of Killylea & Robert CLARK of Lisnafiddy, both in Co. Armagh  & Hugh McCULLAGH  and John SCOTT both of City of Armagh yeoman.

1753 Jan 10

ROD 159-133-106276

David McCULLOCH and Jane McCULLOUGH otherwise YOUNG his wife of town of Antrim & James McCULLOCH of Camoly Co Armagh… in consid of marriage – lands of Ballynickle.

1654 Oct 16th Admon for John McCullagh of Cladymore. PRONI has D308/64

1754 Mar 23

Belfast Newsletter March 23, 1754 Whereas his Majesty by his Letters Patent was pleased to grant unto James McCullough of Camoley in the County of Armagh, Esq.; two fairs to be held yearly for ever at Culloville, being part of the lands of Cornecary, Corrakineony, Mongoleagh and Glassdrumaghy; situate in the parish of Creggan, Barony of Fews and County of Armagh: that is to say, one fair to be held on every 26th day of April, and one other fair to be held on every 26th day of October, and on the date next following each of the said days; as also a weekly market to be held in or at Cullaville aforesaid, on every Friday for ever. This is therefore to give notice, that fares will be accordingly held at the place aforesaid on the respective days aforesaid; and that a weekly market will be held there, on every Friday, as soon as proper accommodation can be prepared for those who may pleased to attend the same; and that the said fairs, and market are to be custom free for seven years from the date hereof. Part of the said lands of Cornacary is now to be let, and the other denominations above mentioned with several more will soon be out of lease. Application may be made to the said James McCullough at Carmoley aforesaid, who will give good encouragement to linen drapers yarn merchants and tradesmen of all kinds.

1755 May 10

ROD 172-421-117173

Btw Hans FAIRLIE of Edenterry Co Down Gent only son & heir at law of William FAIRLIE late of Lisburn deceased… [other names] William McCULLOCH of the City of Dublin Merchant.. lands of Lurgantory als Lurgantoam in Barony of Eveagh Co Down [Note: #117633 deed leads me to suspect that it is in Lisburn, which straddles Antrim & Co. Down ]

1755 Jun 25

ROD 172-498-117633

Btw Philip FLETCHER of Lisburn Co Antrim Esq. & Alexander M’CULLA of Lisburn Innkeeper of the other pt… parcel of land called Lurginure 47a in Parish of Lisburn Manor of Killultagh…

1755 Nov 15

ROD 179-73-118918

David McCULLAGH & wife Jane of Town of Antrim & Margaret LORIMER and Henry JOY trustees for Margaret LORIMER leased land to McROBERTS in Ballynickle, Parish of Comber, Co Antrim. To James McMULLAN

1755 Nov 15

ROD 179-73-118921 Much as above.

1756 May 8

ROD 180-360-120885

John McCULLAGH of Drumsallen, Parish & Co Armagh of 1 pt & Archibald LIVINGSTON & Nichola LIVINGSTON his the said John McCULLAGH’s nephew & niece of the other part ... made over Drumsallaen to him WITNESS; Andrew PRENTICE of Armagh, Co Armangh Gent

1756 Dec 2

ROD 183-343-123039

Roger McMAHON of Mullaghbrack, Co. Monaghan & John BARLOW Esq. of 1st pt & Alexander McDONALD of Templetate of 2nd pt. Interest in lease of Mullaghbrack, Co. Monaghan, excepting house and garden. WITNESS: Fulk McCULLAGH; Felix McDONALD of Co. Monaghan & Meredith McCANN Schoolmaster of Co. Monaghan. NOTE: There may be a transcription error (perhaps mine) re: the name “Fulk”.

1757 Feb 18

ROD 156-257-105496

McCULLOCH Jas to SHAW 1746-1758 NOTE: The index mentioned SHAW, but the memorial notes did not.

James McCULLAGH of Camoly Esq. demised to Christopher MURPHY Gent of Crewmeyrer 2p Lissawry + Crewmeyrer, Barony of Fews, Arm for 31 years. WITNESS: James McCULLA of Town of Armagh

1757 Feb 18

ROD 187

1759 September 19

ROD: 200-373-133537

McCULLOCH Anne, Henry & Jas to CRAWFORD. This is a marriage agreement concerning the marriage of Robert ALEXANDER & Ann McCULLOCH. Nathaniel ALEXANDER, Alderman of Londonderry to Robert ALEXANDER, 2nd son of Nathaniel ALEXANDER, intended groom £3000. Lands released by Henry McCULLOCH, Esq. of Ballyanton, Londonderry and by Henry McCULLOCH & James McCULLOCH, eldest son and heir in law of William McCULLOCH to James CRAWFORD of Crawfordsburn,, Co. Down & Robert McCLINTOCK, Esq. of Strabane, Tyrone to hold in trust for several uses. Henry McCULLOCH to pay £500 marr portion; Henry McCULLOCH released unto James CRAWFORD & Robert McCLINTOCK   2 messuages on n.side Bishops st Londonderry  bnd on east  [unnamed dissenting] on north by Meeting house yard on west by James COWDEN & ten't of Rev. John CONINGHAM - along with 60p of land on Island of Derry by on East by William HARPER +  212p on Island of Derry bnd on east by perches of Widow GIFFORD, Nathaniel ALEXANDER & Widow MORAN; on south by Thomas YOUNG + 24 p on s.side of rd to Colemore bnd on east by George GUNN on west by Frederick GORDON & Henry DIXON; for life of William DARCUS, 2nd son of Henry DARCUS of Londonderry, Henry DARCUS, 3rd son of Henry DARCUS & Robert DARCUS, 4th son of Henry DARCUS as demised by Society of G0__ [Goldsmiths?] & Assistants of London of new Plantation of Ulster to Nathaniel ALEXANDER. Robert ALEXANDER agreed if Ann McCULLOCH the younger, 2nd daughter of Henry McCULLOCH & Henry McCULLOCH to survive him, then his land to be charged with £50 annuity for Ann McCULLOCH during life of Ann McCULLOCH and Henry McCULLOCH; if Robert ALEXANDER to survive Ann McCULLOCH £2000 to the children; others such intents. Deputy Registrar: James SAUNDERS. WITNESSES: Jane McCULLOCH, spinster of Belfast, Co. Antrim; Samuel CURRY, merchant of Londonderry City; Henry McCULLOCH, servant; Mathew _EALY [MEALY?], yeoman of Camoly, Co. Armagh; Luke _EALY [MEALY?], yeoman of Camoly, Co. Armagh & John ECKLIN, Clerk of Drogheda, Co. Louth.

Thanks to Mike Stewart for notes.

NOTE: Camly (Macullagh) is a townland in the Parish of Newtownhamilton, Barony of Fews Upper, Co. Armagh. A Matthew and Luke MAILEE both show up in the Tithes Applotments of 1830

1759 Nov 22

ROD 203-51-134113

James McCULLOCH of Kirkholm in the county of Wigttown in North Britain Gent & Patrick M’CULLOCH of Larne in Co. Antrim


Judgment in King's Court, between William Alexander of Dublin, merchant, and Henry McCulloch of Ballyarton, and James McCulloch, eldest son and heir of William McCulloch, late of Piedmont, Co. Antrim. PRONI: D1118/3/7/5

1762 Jan 17

ROD 243-7-155769

James McCULLOCK… Henry M’CULLOCK of Ballyaarten Co Londonderry Esq of the 4th pt; Dorothea Beresford McCULLOCK daughter of Henry McCULLOCK of 5th pt, James McCULLOCK & James NESBITT of the 6th pt… Jane McCULLOCK eldest daughter of the sd Henry McCULLOCK of the 9th pt… marriage between James McCLINTOCK and said Dorothy Beresford McCULLOCH.. 500 pounds sterling.. lands in Co Tyrone.

1763 May 6

ROD 322-503-22076

William McCULLOGH of Mount Norris, Parish of Loughily, Co. Armagh release to John McCULLOGH of Mountnorris … lands etc of Tullygallen, Manor of Mountnorris … Samuel READ of Tullyallen  … life and lives of Wm McCULLOGH, Samuel READ & John McCULLOGH

1764 Oct 8

ROD 288-96-186787

Marr Arts Mary McCULLAGH of Flowerhill, Parish of Dunluce, Co Antrim for Sarah McCULLAGH to marry Wm MAJOR  of City of Londonderry Merchant

1764 Nov 30

ROD 238-119-153339

Mr. McCULLA was an adjacent occupant of house in St Nicholas Street, Dublin.

1766 Jun 10

ROD 261-610-175298

McCULLAGH,  Alexander - WALLACE  see: 1766 Jun 10.

NAMES: William McCULLAGH of Tullygalone; Alexander McCULLAGH of Tullyallen; John McCULLAGH; Patrick GIBSON of Crunagh; Robert McCALL; Joseph McGOWN of Keadybeg; Robert McCALLA; John SCOTT; William MOLINEUX; Thomas McCANN.

1767 September 27. Marriage register for the Parish of Portpatrick, Wigtownshire, Scotland. George McCarogher and Elizabeth McCulloch both from ye parish and County of Armagh. signed "Elizabeth M Cullagh", 27 September 1767.

1767 Dec 13

ROD 290-355-192470

Alexander McCULLAGH of City of Dublin, bricklayer & Rev Ephriam CUTHBERT of Drogheda of the other. Reciting deed of Dec 13, 1767 land in Corp of St Mary’s Abbey, Co & City of Dublin front to Earls St then called Henry St….

1768 Apr 21

ROD 266-255-170283

Marriage: John GRAVES jr of City of Dublin of 1st part; James DOBBIN & Henry BAMBRICK both of town & Co. Armagh of 2nd part & Mary McCULLOUGH of said town and Co. Armagh, spinster of 3rd part ... marriage shortly to be had between John GRAVES jr. & M. McCULLOUGH ... grant ... unto said James DOBBIN & Henry BAMBRICK ... 4 houses in tenements in Blanchford, Co. Dublin which John GRAVES the elder holds by lease. WITNESS: Robert SCOTT, Town of Armagh, apothecary & John MACARTNEY of Town of Armagh, merchant, both in Co. Armagh & John WILSON, Town & Co. Armagh; George WILSON formerly of Armagh.

1769 Feb 3

ROD 367-14-245523

Marr art. Btw James McCULLOUGH of Ballynees in the proportion of Vintners Co Londonderry farmer of the 1 pt;  & Francis DICKSON of Ballymacombe Co Londonderry farmer of other part. Marriage to be had btw John McCULLOGH son and heir to James McCULLOUGH & Sarah DICKSON eldest daughter of Francis DICKSON… half of his farm at Ballynees from James & Jane McCULLOGH (his wife) for son John McCULLOUGH… 40 pounds marriage jointure from Francis DICKSON. WITNESS: William DICKSON now of Coleraine & Morgan WILSON of Limnary & Richard DICKSON of Ballymacombe & John STEEL of Ballymacombe farmer.

1769 Apr 22

ROD 261-610-175298 NOTE: The registry numbers here seem to be incorrect.

Alan McCULLAGH [sic? Alexander McCULLAGH?]  of Lurgannearly, Co. Monaghan, farmer for 30 pounds consideration did grant to William WALLACE of Newry, Co. Down Gent,  70 acres 30p on Hill called Tullyneal joining John McGOWEN’s and John ROGERS lands  situate within the townland of Tullyvallen WITNESSES: David RICHARDSON, Hugh BOYD, of Newry Merchant

1771 Jan 7

ROD 279-595-184349

Henry McCULLAGH of Dunlarge, Parish of Derrynoose, Co. Armagh, farmer. George FY of Clar, Co. Cavan weaver & Margaret TY otherwise McCULLAGH his wife & Jane McCULLAGH of Dunlarge afsd spinster of the 1 pt & George ROBINSON of Cavanaca in Co Armagh, Esq. of the other pt. Reciting a lease made by  Barry MAXWELL Esq to Henry McCULLOUGH late father of sd Henry McCULLOUGH of town and lands of Dunlarge cont 21 acres plantation measure… more detail

1774 Sep 20

Belfast Newsletter 1774 Sep 20 DIED: At Camoley in the Fews James M McCULLOCH, Esq

1774 Sep 25

ROD 304-323-201974


Patrick McCULLAGH of Lurganearly in the Co. Monaghan & Samuel ENNIS of Crossmale, Co Down of the 1 pt Edward TIPPING McKILEEN Co Armagh, Esq of the other pt reciting deed Oct 24 1742 between Thomas TIPPING of Castletown , Co Louth & Patrick McCULLAGH & Samuel ENNIS of other pt... demised to sd Patrick McCULLAGH for 3 lives  the townland of Mulloduff in Parish of  Creggan & Barony of Upper Fews, Co Armagh rent 43 pounds for 1st 3 years ... lots of detail .. one of the witnesses was Thomas McCULLAGH of Lurgan, yeoman

1775 Mar 1

ROD: 308-69-203699

Alexander McCULLOCH of City of Dublin bricklayer to Jane TYLDESLEY spinster… James McCULLOCH… lands on South Side of Great Britain St Abbey of St Mary’s City of Dublin… adjoining Mr READs meadow… further description etc. See also ROD 305-609-203984: James McCULLOH of Dublin, plaisterer.. land on south side of Great Britain St., of St Mary’s Abbey, City of Dublin, … bounded by land demised to Alexander McCULLOH & Mr READ’s meadow

1775 Aug 28

ROD 308-397-205650

John McCULLAGH of Clady, Parish of Mullaghbrack  Co Armagh of 1 pt & Robert McCULLAGH of same of other pt. Townland of Linnalea in Parish & Co Armagh 37A 1R English Stature Measure. WITNESSES: James LITTLE John KIRKPATRICK & Francis DUFFY. NOTE: Possibly the John McCULLAGH who died in Clady in 1787. He was the father of the John McCULLAGH who married Jane OLIVER, sister of Benjamin OLIVER.

1775 Nov 6

ROD 310-200-206083

James HENRY of Ballyleaghry, Parish of Balleagh, Co. Londonderry & daughter Rachel HENRY & Patrick M’CULLOCH of  Derrynasla in parish of  Boveragh, Co. Londonderry – marriage.McCULLAGH in Derrymefad. Witness inclRobert M’CULLOCHof Derrnaslea

1776 Mar 20

ROD 312-125-207613

Mullacroich, Par of Tullycorbett

Robert McCULLAGH & David McCULLAGH son of Robert – Mullagheronk, Parish of Tullycorbet, Co Monaghan.

1776 Apr 4

ROD 310-534-207749

William CROZIER Formerly Banbridge, Down, now Tandragee, Armagh Gent of 1st pt to William McCULLAGH of Magherally, Co Down Gent of 2nd pt for £67.12.9 tenement in Banbridge occupied by Francis IRWIN and a field in Edenderry in possession of William McCULLAGH of Town of Armagh, Apothocary ; subject to redemption

1776 Oct 1

ROD 315-196-209545

Alexander McCULLAGH of Cladymore, Parish of Mullaghbrach Co Armagh of 1 pt & John McCULLAGH of Ligastown, Co Tyrone of the other pt… demised one half of the farm and holding in Cladymore to be equally divided by quantity and Quality lying to the lower side of the town for rent of 3 pounds 5s… lease fom Edward BOND…. WITNESS: Samuel McCULLAGH of Cladymore, Co Armah & Isaac GLENNY of Glenville Co Down, Gent. NOTE: Parish boundaries changed, and Cladymore is now in the Parish of Kilclooney. This deed was registered in 1776, but was originally signed Nov 20, 1740

1777 Apr 30

ROD 315-337-211798

Btw Thomas McCULLAGH of Gordonauld, Co Down Gent of 1 pt & Alexander McCULLAGH of Grey Abbey Mill in sd Co Down, Gent of other pt…. demised Gordonault ors Gortonal McNabbs lnd & Shandrum Meadow, Parish of Grey Abbey Barony Ardee Co Down.

1777 Oct 15

ROD 321-80-213579

Anne McCULLAGH ors BETTRIDGE ors CORBETT. Of Swords, Dublin of 1st pt. 

1778 Oct 1

ROD 319-344-217522

Between Patrick McCULLAGH of Tullyvanus, Co. Monaghan of 1st part. Allen McCULLOGH of Tullyvanus of other part. Reciting that Alexander McCULLOGH late of Lurganear, Co. Monaghan cooper by lease date 8th May 1778 did demise to Patrick McBURNEY of Mulloghduff, Co. Armagh farmer all that part & parcel of land then in said Alexander’s possession with houses and offices thereon situate in said townland Lurganearly … for natural life of William [I assume McCULLOGH] & also reciting that said Alexander McCULLOGH by deed dated 20 May 1778 did assign to said Patrick McCULLOGH his the said Alexander McCULLOGH’s right title [?] land & the profits arising thereout … from 20 May for natural life of the said Elizabeth BAILIE the said deed 1 Oct 1778 thereon witnessed that the said Peter McCULLOGH for the consideration therein mentioned did assign and transfer to the said Allan McCULLOGH all his the said Patrick McCULLOUGH … lands of Lurganearly. WITNESS: Godfrey McCULLOUGH & Edward GLASSEY.

1778 Nov 24

ROD 349-185-233545

Between William McCULLOGH of townland and Parish of Rasavan, Diocese of Connor, Co. Antrim of 1 pt. & Samuel McCULLAGH of same.

1780 May 8

ROD 333-217-223553

Btw William McCULLOUGH of City of Dublin Esq. of the 1 pt & Owen CALLAGHAN of Cullovlle Co Armagh Gent of the other pt. demised Dwelling House and Malt House Distilling Office houses Turf Yard and Kitchen garden & the 4th tenement of Culloville being part of townland of Mungoleagh 5  3r 8 p bounded on the east by the Great Road from Castleblayney to Dundalk on the south by the road from Carrickmacross to Newry. [more description of land and neighbours]

1781 Jan 26                     

ROD 336-580-226444

Btw Dorothy Beresford McCULLOCH of Antrim in the Co of Antrim Widow mother of James McCULLOGH late of Camley, Co. Armagh Esq. deceased. Dr. William McCULLOGH the younger Dr. Henry McCULLOCH John MORTON and Dorothy Beresford MORTON otherwise McCULLOCH his wife Joseph WALKER and Jane WALKER otherwise McCULLOCH his wife. And Victoria McCULLAGH spinster.. Said William the younger, Henry, Dorothy MORTON Jane and Victoria are children of John McCULLOCH of Antrim afsd surgeon and Apothocary and nephews and nieces and some of the next of Kin of the said James McCULLOCH of the first pt.. William McCULLOCH the Elder of the City of Dublin Esq. only surviving brother and heir at law of the said James McCULLOCH of the 2nd pt, and the said John McCULLOCH of the 3rd pt…. the parties of the 1st pt quit claim for considerations unto the sd William McCULLOCH the elder… WITNESSES:  William HOLMES, merchant; John CRAWFORD, Carpenter both of Town & Co Antrim. Memorial witnessed by William HOLMES and Robert YOUNG of Antrim merchant.

1781 January 26

ROD: 336-580-526444

Btw Dorothy Beresford McCULLOCH of Antrim in the Co of Antrim Widow mother of James McCULLOGH late of Camley, Co. Armagh Esq. deceased. Dr. William McCULLOGH the younger Dr. Henry McCULLOCH John MORTON and Dorothy Beresford MORTON otherwise McCULLOCH his wife Joseph WALKER and Jane WALKER otherwise McCULLOCH his wife. And Victoria McCULLAGH spinster.. Said William the younger, Henry, Dorothy MORTON Jane and Victoria are children of John McCULLOCH of Antrim afsd surgeon and Apothocary and nephews and nieces and some of the next of Kin of the said James McCULLOCH of the first pt.. William McCULLOCH the Elder of the City of Dublin Esq. only surviving brother and heir at law of the said James McCULLOCH of the 2nd pt, and the said John McCULLOCH of the 3rd pt…. the parties of the 1st pt quit claim for considerations unto the sd William McCULLOCH the elder… WITNESSES:  William HOLMES, merchant; John CRAWFORD, Carpenter both of Town & Co Antrim. Memorial witnessed by William HOLMES and Robert YOUNG of Antrim merchant.

1782 Jan 10

ROD 346-81-230381

Alexander McCULLOGH bricklayer of 1 pt. Land on east side of Drogheda I St Mary’s Abbey, City of Dublin

1783 Apr 23


James AIKIN of North St., Newry of 1st pt to James McCULLAGH of Lisnagade, Aughaderg, Co Down of 2nd pt  for 10s per annum; tenement in North St Newry that AIKIN held from William CROSS deceased of Newry.

1783 Jul 14

A James McCULLAGH was a witness to the will of John MONTGOMERY of Aghnecloy, Co. Tyrone.

1785 Apr 15

ROD 367-90-245996

Marr art. Btw James McCULLOUGH of Ballynees in the proportion of Vintners Co Londonderry farmer of the 1 pt;  7 Francis DICKSON of Ballymacombe Co Londonderry farmer of other part. Marriage to be had btw John McCULLOGH son and heir to James McCULLOUGH & Sarah DICKSON eldest daughter of Francis DICKSON… half of his farm at Ballynees from James & Jane McCULLOGH (his wife) for son John McCULLOUGH… 40 pounds marriage jointure from Francis DICKSON. WITNESS: William DICKSON now of Coleraine & Morgan WILSON of Limnary & Richard DICKSON of Ballymacombe & John STEEL of Ballymacombe farmer.

1785 Jun 18

ROD 379-554-255489

Alexander McCULLOGH, Linen Merchant of Clady Co. Armagh

James HAMILTON auctioned the Lands of Lisnagennell, Down, by virtue of a decree for the payment of a debt due to Alexander McCULLOGH by John & Catherine DICKSON of Lisnagennell. Bought for £1,350 by David BLEAKLY of City of Dublin Merchant in trust for Alexander McCULLOGH.

1786 Mar 3

ROD 376-159-250124

Alexander McCULLOGH bricklayer of 1 pt & Andrew MURHY of Dublin Coal Factor of the other. In consid of 119 pounds… dwelling house on Lower Ormond Quay in parish of St. Mary’s cont in front 17 feet 6 inches…

1786 May 5                                             

ROD 375-232-250863

Marriage article btw William STATIONER of 1st pt; Mary McCULLOH of the said City [city not mentioned] spinster 2nd daughter of Ann McCULLOH then late of Birr in Kings Co. deceased who was one of the sisters of Fenwick LYDDALL then late of Threadneedle Street London Gent deceased of 2nd pt; & Richard ASLY of said city of 3rd pt.. Fenwick LYDALL wrote his last will 9 Nov 1772 where he bequeathed his estate in Bershire… children of his 3 sisters Mrs. McCULLOH, Mrs. MASON & Mrs. SIMPLE….

1786 Aug 12

ROD 377-418-253324

Rev James M’CULLOCH of Cokeman, Co. Antrim of one part & John M’CULLOCH of Larne, Co. Antrim Gent and Patrick M’CULLOCH of Larne nephew of said James M’CULLOGH… demised farm of North Ballyruther… 60a… Parish of Caincastle, Co. Antrim.. WITNESS: Samuel FERRIS of Larne, Co. Antrim Surgeon & William JACKSON Surgeon in his Majesties Navy . John M’CULLOCH

1786 Sep 8

ROD 392-271-258870

Btw Thomas McCULLAGH Junr of Derryvalley Parish of Tullycorbet Co Monaghan Gent of 1 pt & Robert DONALDSON of Ballybay Merchant of other pt... demised lot of land in Ballybay btw Robert DONALDSONs house & that of Moses GRAY excepting sufficient road for horses and carriages... for lives of Thomas DIXON, Charles WILSON of Tullybrack & John JACKSON so to James JACKSON of Ballybea [aka Ballybay].. Witness Andrew McMURRAY of Ballybea, Apothacary & Thomas JAMES Gent one of the Attorneys...

1786 Oct 24

ROD 383-30-253433

Lease of 1734 William CROSS to James EAKIN of Newry; John ATKINS, Cabinet Maker of Dublin of 1st pr  grants to James McCULLAGH & John McCULLAGH both Linenweavers of Lisnagade, Co Down  tenement in Dirty Lane, now North Street, Newry, Co Down

1787 Feb 26

ROD 392-77-257928

Robert McCULLAGH of Clady, Co Armagh Linen draper of 3rd pt... lands of Dremorgan...

Benjamin BELL of Elizahill, Co. Armagh mortgaged lands of Dromorgan, held under lease from General LYONS, to Henry GREEN deceased. Mortgage foreclosed + premises auctioned. John STEEL Attorney of City of Dublin on behalf of Robert McCULLAGH of Clady Armagh, Linen Draper, purchased for £940

1787 Sep 19

ROD 393-422-260842

McCULLOCH David & Samuel McCULLOCH both of Ballynease, Co. Londonderry 1786-1793

1788 Apr 29

ROD 396-490-262307

Alexander McCULLOCH of Rathgill, Co Down & wife Helen M’CULLOCH otherwise WHITE of 1st pt & James JACKSON of Newtownards Apothocary of the other pt…. tenement on south side of Greenwell St in Town of Newton

1788 Sep 19

ROD 399-487-264507

PRONI D2489 Notes: William McCULLOCH red’d from Peter JACKSON £210 Deed 399.489.264507 19 Sept 1788 Between William McCULLOCH of Ballygilly, Co. Antrim Doctor of Physic & Peter JACKSON [Gent] of Steeple, Co. Antrim ... John McCULLOCH late of Antrim, apothecary., deceased.

William McCULLOGH for consids releases unto Peter JACKSON half ten on s. side of street in Antrim above the church together with waste half ten adjoining other half ten - the whole called Lindsays ten + 11 acres Eng measure being part of field called Cotter's hill on left of road from Antrim to Carrickfergus for lives and rent as mentioned. Ann IRWIN formerly in occupation of  part of field called Cotter's hill on left of road from Antrim to Carrickfergus.

1789 Sep 25

ROD 411-546-272601

Btw William McCULLAOCH of Kilmore Co Dublin Esq of one pt & Owen CALLAGHAN of Cullaville Co Armagh Gent of other McCULLAGH demised lands of Glassdrummon & Carrickinmoan then in his actual possession abt 76 acres in Barony of Fews, Co Armagh... for lives of James CALLAGHAN John CALLAGHAN  & Owen CALLAGHAN – three oldest sons of Owen CALLAGHAN .Witness William McCULLAGH jr of Kilmore Esq  son of Wm McCULLAGH the lessor by John REED of Ballywen Co Armagh Gent...

1789 Dec 30

ROD 411-546-272602

McCULLOGH William to O'CALLAGHAN 1786-1793

Wm M’CULLOCH of Kilnure Co of Dublin Esq of 1 pt & Owen CALLAGHAN of Cullaville Co Armagh Gent of the other pt. M’CULLOCH demised to O’CALLAGHAN town & lands of Glassdrummon & Carrickinmoan then in his actual possession containing 76A of bog & profitable land   Irish Measure in Barony of Fews… WITNESS William M’CULLOCH jun

1790 Jul 16

ROD 423-445-276323

A Meml of an Indented deed of Assignment bearing date the sixteenth day of July one thousand seven hundred and ninety and duly executed between Alexander WILSON late in Dunremon in the County of Monaghan but now of Augavilly in the County of Leitrim farmer of the one part and James McCULLAGH of Derryvalley in the County of Monaghan Linnen Draper of the other part reciting that the said Alexr Did for the Considern therein mentd sell assign transfer and make over unto the said Thomas McCULLAGH (!!) …

[Very similar to 423 159 275616; change from James to Thomas is as written.]

1790 Jan 5

ROD 423-159-275616


NAMES: Alexander WILSON of Dunraymond, Co. Monaghan and Aghavilly, Co. Leitrim; Thomas McCULLOUGH aka McCULLAGH of Derryvalley and Losset, Co. Monaghan; William BREAKEY of Drumskelt; James LECKY; Charles GILLESPIE of Arotuaghyt aka Ardaghy.

1790 Mar 8

ROD 483-378-314998

Robert McCULLOUGH the elder of Mullycrunk, Parish of Tulycorbitt Co Monaghan & Robert McCULLOUGH the younger of the Town of Monaghan of the 1 pt. James McCREIGHT of Corlea Parish of Tullycorbett of the other pt. reciting that Robert FITZGERALD is into  a certain proportion of the lands of Mullaghcrunt abt 30 acres Irish Plantation measure or thereabouts by indenture of lease perfected by  William RIDDELL of Annymacneil & Adam RUTHERFORD of Caddagh both in Co Monaghan to the said Robert McCULLAGH the elder bearing date 17 Jan 1744 in the Parish of Tullcorbett Co Monaghan to old for 967 lives [which suggests that part of an original term of 999 had elapsed?] at yearly rent of 3 pounds 6s. and that Robert McCULLAGH on the intermarriage of  of David McCULLAGH one of his sons made over to sd David McCULLAGH by marriage articles one half of the abovementioned leasehold…. Deed 6 Mar 1784 in cosid of 116 pounds pd by James McCREAIGHT  late of COrlea in Co Monaghan deceased. [faded ink – hard to read more detail] WITNESSES: John McCULLOUGH of Nappagh [aka Knappagh]  farmer, Adam McCULLOUGH of Ballybea [aka Ballybay] Grocer and by Thomas WELL Ballybea, Innkeeper

1790 Aug 8

ROD 424-464-276637

William McCULLOUGH of Ballygelly, Co. Antrim to Thomas WILSON of Ballygelly, Co. Antrim

1790 Aug 9

ROD 497-161-319069

Samuel McCULLOH of Dublin Carpenter of 1st pt.

1790 Aug 23

ROD 425-238-276832

McCULLOCH Hilly [Willy?] to WORKMAN 1786-1793

Willy M’CULLOCH of Killwaghter, Co Antrim…

1791 Dec 3

ROD 445-313-286821

Deed of Sale between John M’CULLOUGH & Agnes McCULLOUGH wife of sd John McCULLOUGH of townland of Ballyrobin parish of Killead, Co. Antrim of the 1 pt. Sold land house & premises that they now enjoy in townland of Ballyrobin to David McCULLOUGH of Lisburn, & Co. Antrim afsd [sic] NOTE: It seems the couple had it as a marriage dowry.

1792 May 30

ROD 447-441-290610

McCULLOGH James to RANKIN 1786-1793

Btw James McCULLOGH of Knocknagney farmer and Mary McCULLOGH als BARBER als JACKSON his wife of 1st pt. sold to Rankin pt of Knocknagony late in occupation of James McCULLOGH & Mary his wife WITNESS: John JACKSON and Robert JACKSON both farmers of Knocknagoney.

1792 Mar 7

ROD 471-70-298007

Charles SEAVER of Corcreaghan, Co. Down, Gent of 1st part & Robert McCULLOUGH of Ballybright [Ballybought?], Co. Armagh Nailer of other part. Lease to McCULLOUGH of Ballybought Co. Armagh now in poassession of Robert McCULLOUGH & John NEILSON & undertenants on north side of the road leading into Newry “in as fee simple a manner was let to John MONTGOMERY of Canal Street, Co. Armagh, Merchant ... during natural lives of Robert McCULLOUGH, Mary McCULLOUGH orse [?]lson [possibly NEILSON? WILSON?] his wife and Sarah McCULLOCH daughter to both and also during the life & lives. WITNESS: Robert CASSIDY of Newry, Co. Down weaver & Thomas COLE of Emyvale, Co. Monaghan Land Surveyor.

1792 Jun 15

ROD 450-261-291310

James McCULLAUGH of Mary St City of Dublin Stucco plasterer of 1st pt… demised land on west side of Gardiners St containing  in front 110’

1792 Jun 26

ROD 456-123-291311

James McCULLOUGH of Mary St., City of Dublin stucco plasterer demised plot of land on North side of Mountjoy Sq cont in front to Square  46’… on an adjunct lot, land also owned by James McCULLOUGH on which 2 houses were being built

1792 Dec 27

ROD 534-229-350045

Btw John McCULLOCH of Parish of Glassdummon Parish of Mullaghbrach Co Armagh & William BRYSON of Ballysallagh, Parish of Bangor Co Down in condid of 63.8.3 pd McCULLOGH transferred land on the West side of North St in town of Newtownards.. bounded on the north by #27 on the east with North St on the south with #2 and on west with Mary St.


ROD 498-568-321594

James McCULLOGH of Altnamakin .. Revd Alexander McCOMB of Sizer Hill in 1793 demised to James McCULLOGH  townland of Altnamakin 9a Irish measure. Parish of Newtonhamilton, Co Armagh….

1793 Sep 24

ROD 485-195-303862

DAWSON, Patrick-McCULLOGH 1794-1799

Btw Patrick DEASE  of City of Dublin Merchant & David McCULLOGH of City of Dublin Master Bricklayer of the other pt…. land east side of Upper Street  to Ushers St.

1796 Mar 21

ROD 494-114-321595

James McCULLAGH of Altnamackin to David BOYD of same for £47.13.3 ½. Recites that Alexander McCOMBE of Ozier Hill 2 Nov 1793 let to grantor 9 acres plantation measure in Altnamackin for 3 lives Edward TIPPING of Bellurgan Park Co. Louth Esq. said Alexander McCOMBE & Alexander McCOMBE jr for ever at £2.13.3.

Now for £47.13.34 McCULLAGH sells ½ viz 4.1.35 par being the south side therof bounded (subject to £1.6.7) on S by another farm of said BOYD on W by Widow TRIMBLE on N by Robert THOMPSON on E by Widow FULTON. WITNESSES: John WILLIAMS of Dublin, John JENKINS of Altnamackin

1796 May 19

ROD 493-295-322695

Samuel McCULLAGH of Dublin Carpenter & Ann McCULLAGH otherwise McCAULT his wife & Michael McSORLEY of City of Dublin Gent... house in Ormond Quay

1796 Jul 8

ROD 502-391-325443

Between Rev. Charles MOSSE, City of Dundalk surviving trustee … estate of Thomas TENISON of Rosefield, Co. Monagahan, Esq. .. (to be sold for part of debts) of 2nd part & James McCULLAGH of Shantenagh, Co. Monaghan Gent of 3rd part … whereby the said Charles MOSSE in consideration of £1280 pd by James McCULLAGH and by and with the consent of Thos TENISON … sell to James McCULLAGH … town and lands of Drummuck. WITNESS [?] Owen MITCHELL of City of Dublin attorney at Law & Philip WALTERS of Town & Co. Carlow.


1799 Jan 17

ROD: 451-566-34018

Dorothea Beresford McCULLOCH of Gardiner Place Dublin spinster of 1 pt… lands of Kilmore legally vested in William McCULLOUGH the younger of the City of Dublin deceased… all granted by Majesties Court to Dorothea .. dwelling house of Kilmore  Barony of Coolock, Co Dublin. NOTE: There are 2 Dorothea Beresford McCULLOCHs. This one is likely named after her aunt who married John REED.

1799 Sep 27

ROD 518-227-341283

Intermarriage of Allan LAUGHLIN of [Claudy] and Mary McCULLOCH of Ballyartin 11 Oct 1798 & James McCULLOGH of Ballyartin… whereby Allan LAUGHLIN assigned to James McCULLOGH farm at [Claudy] commonly called the Old Farm on one side of the road leading from Derry to [Drumquire] on the other by the river Faughan as lately in the possession of Arthur LOUGHLIN… WITNESS: Samuel PATTON & Hugh McCULLOGH

1800 Aug 9

ROD: 528-591-347854

Joseph WALKER of Ballymoney, Co. Antrim, Apothecary & Jane WALKER otherwise McCULLAGH his wife of 1st part.

1800 Nov 20

ROD 540-456-356245

James McCULLAGH of City of Armagh, Gent of 1st pt to George PERRY of City of Armagh, Esq of 2nd pt for £34 paid by PERRY assigns back house at rere of house lately occupied by Holland LECKY Esq. in English street, Armagh. PMcW

NOTE: Need to explore possible relation to John McCULLAGH (-1818) of Kearny Hill, husband of Jane OLIVER

1801 Jul 8

ROD 543-185-357805


NOTE: Between William OLIVER of the City of Armagh Soap Boiler and Chandler of the one part and Jane McCULLAGH of Lissnamuddy in the County of Armagh of the other part ... the said Wm OLIVER did demise to the said Jane McCULLAGH all that part of the town and lands of Brootely in the County of Armagh in his possession held under the representatives of the late Robert MAXWELL Esq. By deed ... 53 acres English measure paying the rent yearly of £32 ... and did demise and grant to Jane McCULLAGH & his assigns all that dwelling house, office and garden in New Street in the City of Armagh held under the representatives of the late Wm. JOHNSTON, Gent which said leases and lands are held in perpetuity ... [hard to read] the said Wm. OLIVER did demise to her the said Jane McCULLAGH during her natural life. Yet nevertheless said Wm OLIVER is to have and receive all the rents ... of said premises during her natural life and after his decease the same is to go to her ... [hard to read] Richard WALSH of the City of Armagh Book seller & Mary OLIVER of Ennislare in said County. Witness: Richard WALSH. John RICHARD, Chandler.

1802 Jan 29

ROD 543-185-357805

Between William OLIVER of the City of Armagh Soap Boyler and chandler of the first part and Jane McCULLAGH of Lisnasudy Co. Armagh of the other part the said Wm OLIVER did demise to the said Jane McCULLAGH all that part of the town and lands of Brootley In the County of Armagh in his possession held under the Representatives of the late Robert Maxwell Esq. deceased containing 53 acres English Measure paying interest yearly £32 Sterling did also demise, grant to said Jane McCULLOUGH and his [sic] assigns all that dwelling House Offices and garden in new Street in the City of Armagh held under the representatives of the late William JOHNSTON Gent of which said leases and lands are held in perpetuity which said indenture of the 8th day of July above……  .. Benj OLIVER of Ennislare in said County Gent. NOTE: There are other transcriptions echoing this. I believe that William OLIVER is the older brother of Jane McCULLAGH, and they are both siblings of Benjamin OLIVER (1765-1831). I suspect that by the time of his death, he had retired to the farm at Brootally.

1802 Jan 1 McCULLOGH Dorothy orse REED to ANDERSON & anr 1800-1809 (1802)
Image 328 ROD 544-48-357378
Dorothy Beresford REED orse McCULLAGH wife of John REED the younger of Ballymoyer, Co. Armagh & George ANDERSON of Newry, CO. Down, Gent & James HARDY of Drumart Co. Armagh Gent Attorneys at law of the other part. Reciting deed 22 Nov 1800 between said John REED younger of the 1st part & Dorothy Beresford REED by the name and description of Dorothy Beresford McCULLAGH spinster of Dublin of the 2nd part James MOODY of City of Dublin, barrister at law. John REED the elder of Ballymoyer Co Armagh Esq. of the other part and John ALLEN of City of Dublin, merchant and George ANDERSON of Newry Co. Down of the 4th part. … lands of [several places including] Camlagh & Tullyvallen, Upper Fews, Armagh… estate of Anne McCULLAGH spinster sister of Dorothy McCULLAGH NOTE: very hard to read. I saved an enhanced jpg in my Deeds folder under ROD 544-48-357378 for future reference. UPDATE: October 24, 2017

1802 May 12

ROD 646-399-446504

Deed of Conveyance btw James McCULLOUGH of townland of  Fernagh, Co. Antrim farmer of the one pt & John McCULLOUGH farmer of Fernagh, Co. Antrim of the other… 15 acres

1802 Dec 7

ROD 544-472-365162

David NEIL of Ballyially, Co Down, Publican and James JOHNSTON of Ballyially, Co Down now of City Armagh, Hosier of 1st pt to Robert McCULLAGH, Linen Draper of Clady, Co. Armagh, ground in Thomas St, Town + Co Armagh. PMcW

NOTE: This is quite likely Robert McCULLAGH (abt 1749-1830) of Cladymore, brother-in-law of Jane OLIVER of Kearney Hill, Armagh.

1803 Jun 22

ROD 548-186-363950

Wm McCULLAGH Gent of City of Dublin & Thomas DEGAN of City Publican. House for lives of James McCULLAGH, William McCULLAGH & Benjamin BROWNE

1805 May 3

ROD 587-177-397246

Lease Hugh McCULLA of Rathhill, Co Monaghan to John GREER of Cormagrally, Co Armagh; Comagrally and part of the school lands of Mountnorris.

1805 Sep 16

ROD 576-142-386921

Bwtw William M’CULLGH of Antrim Co Antrim Esq. & John M’CULLOCH of Wexford Co Wexford Esq.  Lieut in the Co Antrim Regiment of Militia and only son of William McCULLOGH afsd…. Transfer land in Antrim…

1805 Nov 10

ROD 579-37-388334

McCULLOH Bricklayer of Dublin of 1 pt & Samuel REED of City of Dublin Alderman  - transfer houses & contents – extensive description of furniture

MacCULLAGH, JAMES (1809 - 1847) | Mathematician and Physicist


James MacCullagh, the eldest of twelve children, was born in the townland of Landahussy in the parish of Upper Badoney, Co. Tyrone in 1809. He was to become one of Ireland and Europe's most significant mathematicians and physicists. He entered Trinity College, Dublin aged just 15 years and became a fellow in 1832. He was accepted as a member of the Royal Irish Academy in 1833 before attaining the position of Professor of Mathematics in 1834. He was an inspiring teacher who influenced a generation of students, some of whom were to make their own contributions to the subjects. He held the position of Chair of Mathematics from 1835 to 1843 and later Professor of Natural and Experimental Philosophy from 1843 to 1847. In 1838 James MacCullagh was awarded the Royal Irish Academy's Cunningham Medal for his work 'On the laws of crystalline reflexion'. In 1842, a year prior to his becoming a fellow of the Royal Society, London, he was awarded their Copley Medal for his work 'On surfaces of the second order'. He devoted much of the remainder of his life to the work of the Royal Irish Academy.

1809 Feb 20

ROD 65-419-449001

Recites John McCULLAGH deceased had tenement in Newry and farm in Drumnahare; His eldest son, James McCULLAGH of Banbridge was entitled to same and conveyed tenement in Dirty Lane als North street in Newry to Martha McCULLAGH of Ballanfoy, Co. Down Widow for £61 and farm in Drumnahare to Jane McCULLAGH, Widow of Drumnahare, Co Down.

1809 Aug 27

ROD 615-34-419935

James McCULLOGH late of Camly, Co Armagh, deceased & James McMAHON… refers back to 1760 lease


ROD 657-98-450609

Between BROWNE of Londonderry [?] Esq. & Elizabeth BROWNE otherwise BENNETT his wife of 1st part & Sarah Martha MAXWELL widow of 2nd part & John BALL of City of Dublin barrister & Andrew McCULLAGH [?] Co. Limerick Clerke of 3rd part ... lands of Ballingaddy had been demised from MAXWELL to BALL & McCULLAGH

1810 Apr 10

ROD 622-432-430212

James McCULLAGH of City of Dublin Carpenter

1810 Jan 17

ROD 620-42-423713

John McCULLA, farmer of Furnabraigh, Co. Londonderry and David ESPY, farmer, Laurafarn, Co. Londonderry. Mrs. Arabella GIBBES, daughter of Sir William BOWLEY; Sir William BOWLEY, late deceased; Witnesses: Robert MILLER, Attorney at law of Moneymore, Co. Londonderry & John CARGAN, serrantman to MILLER of Moneymore. Registrar: George GRIFFIN. Farm in Furnabrach, Londonderry [80.1.32 plantation] for £50 from John McCULLA to David ESPEY in ESPEY's poss for & during life of GIBBES or term of 6 years, whichever lasts longer, from 1 Nov 1807 sub to yearly rent therein, with proviso for redemption upon payment of £50 + interest.


1811 Mar 12

ROD 625-240-434839

Deed of Asignment btw James McCULLOUGH of Aghaboy Co Antrim of the 1st pt & William McCULLOUGH his son, carpenter, … description of land and transfer…of the 2nd pt

1814 Dec 2

ROD 682-435-469603

Btw Dorothy Beresford REED otherwise McCULLAGH, wife of John REED of Rahans, Co. Monaghan. Esq. & George ANDERSON of Newry, Co. Down Gent…reciting deed of release  dated Nov 22, 1800 made between sd John REED & John REED the younger of Ballymoyer, Co. Armagh of 2nd pt… more names… lots of lands incl Glassdrummond & Tullyvallen… part of estate of Ann McCULLAGH sister of Dorothy Beresford McCULLAGH…Ann has since died intestate & unmarried leaving Dorothy her only sister heir surviving

1816 Jul 26. Marriage register for the Parish of Portpatrick, Wigtownshire, Scotland.
Thomas McCulloch Esqr. of Dromore and Elizabeth McCann, Spinster of Union Hall near Dromore both of the Kingdom of Ireland. David McCann of Dublin, a Witness.
(Signed Thomas S. McCulloch), 26 July 1816.

1816 Oct 3

ROD 779-322-527657

Deed of conveyance btw John McCULLAGH senior then late of Clady but then of Kearny Hill in Co Armagh Gent of the 1 pt & John McCULLAGH junior eldest son of said John McCULLAGH sr. of the other part. Reciting that Samuel CAMPBELL of that part of Newry which is situate in Co Armagh, merchant and Thomas GRAHAM of Gortgranagh Co Monaghan Gent and David BELL of that part of Newry which is situate in Co Down Esq by indenture under their respective hands and seals bearing date  Oct 10  1787 in consid of £1,400 sterling granted to Samuel McCULLAGH his heirs and assigns all that land in the townland of Shanecrackenmore formerly in the possession of John LAWSON and then in occupation of  Samuel FERGUSSON John McALEXANDER and Andrew McCLAGHLEY together  with the townland of Derryhora reputed to be three quarters thereof all lands in  manor of Teemore, Co. Armagh. Also reciting tht the sum of seven hundred pounds being one half of the sum of one thousand four hundred pounds was the proper money of said John McCULLAGH senior who was naturally concerned with said Samuel McCULLAGH in the purchase of said premises and that upon a division of said premises and lands in Shanecrackenmore became the property of the said John  McCULLAGH senior and that said Samuel McCULLAGH by indented deed bearing date Oct 15  1787 conveyed said lands of Shanecrackenmore unto John McCULLAGH sr. and by said deed of which this is a memorial the said John McCULLAGH sr conveyed his interest in Shanecrackenmore unto his eldest son John McCULLAGH jr. for 3 lives [all royalty]. NOTE: Shanecrackenmore is in the Parish of Mullaghbrack, Co. Armagh

1817 Mar 4

ROD 712-548-487683

Btw Robert McCULLAGH sr. of Cladymore, Co. Armagh gent of the 1 pt; and Samuel McCULLAGH McCULLAGH of Cladymore sr aforesaid and John McCULLAGH sr of Kearney Hill both in Co. Armagh Gent and both brothers of Robert McCULLAGH of the other part. Reciting that the said Robert McCULLAGH was leased several real freehold and personal estates and properties  consisting of Lands Tenements heritments  in the towns and lands of Cladymore Carrickbreagh Letmacallen Drumorgan Leneylea Raven Hill and Kilbereery in Co Armagh and all money and securities  for money to a considerable amt that said Robert McCULLAGH had a wife and six children by her then living, namely Margaret McCULLAGH sr. his wife John McCULLAGH jr, Samuel McCULLAGH jr and Elizabeth McCULLAGH Anne MCULLAGH Margaret McCULLAGH jr and Martha McCULLAGH and that said Robert McCULLAGH sr also had a natural son named Robert McCULLAGH jr and in order to make a settlement of his estates and properties between his said sons to secure portions for his said daughters and a jointure for his wife said Robert McCULLAGH senior vested all his  said estates and properties  in his said two brothers Samuel McCULLAGH and John McCULLAGH sr…..details of how it is to be parceled out. NOTE: John McCULLAGH of Kearney Hill was the husband of Jane OLIVER.

1817 Oct 8


Flat limestone slab: -


To the Memory of William Mc

Cullogh of Dundalk who departed

this life the 8th of October 1817 in

the 79th year of his age.

Also to the Memory of Hannah

McCullogh otherwise Faulkner his

wife who departed this life the 8th of November 1827 aged 70 years

This tomb was erected by their affectionate

neice Mifs Hannah Faulkner as a tribute of

love and respect to departed worth.

1818 Feb 23

ROD 725-7-494943

John REED of Rahans, Co. Monaghan Esq. reciting deed of release  Nov 22, 1800  between John REED of 1st part & Dorothea Beresford McCULLAGH of the City of Dublin Spinster of 2nd pt, James MOODY of City of Dublin Esq. John REED the elder of Ballymoyer, Co. Armagh of 3rd lands incl Tullyvallen, Co. Armagh… Anne McCULLAGH spinster sister of Dorothy McCULLAGH…. WITNESES: James McGomery REED of Dublin, Gent, att. & Jane REED of Ballymoylen, spinster

1821 Nov 14

ROD 767-346-520481

Mtg btw John McCULLAGH Rathdrumgan, Co. Armagh, farmer of 1 pt & Frances BARNES, widow of William BARNES of Grange, Co. Armagh farmer demised part of townland of Tievenacree cont 38 acres 36 perches in Parish of Derrynoose, Co. Armagh &  a piece of land on Thomas St. City of Armagh cont  40 feet in front joining the late John MARSHALL’s tenement at a distance of 90 feet from the late John C___ns house with all the ground behind in a straight line to the late James McGURGANs now part of the late Arthur O’NEILs garden and also the dwelling house in Scotch St in the City of Armagh bounded on the east by a house lately built on the west by the entrance to William NICHOLLS yard on the north by the street and on the south by the yard at the rere  of said house together with one half of the said yard and stable for rent payable throughout to hold to the said Frances BARNES… subject to redemption on payment of sum of 180 pounds sterling with lawful interest. WITNESS: Thomas CALDWELL, Merchant & Thomas APPLEBY Conveyancer.

1821-25 (need to get date)

ROD 780-1-527936

Robert McCULLAGH of Killeen, farmer, James CORRY, farmer, Elizabeth McCULLAGH otherwise CORRY his wife which said Robert and Elizabeth are children of John McCULLAGH deceased and the grandchildren of and two of the devisees named in the will of Elizabeth McCULLAGH deceased therein named John SIMPSON and Elizabeth McCILLAGH otherwise SIMPSON his wife.. John MARSHALL and Sarah McCULLAGH orse MARSHALL his wife and also the grandchildren and two of the devisees named  in the will of said Elizabeth McCULLAGH deceased and Margaret McCULLAGH the widow of said John McCULLAGH deceased. … Elizabeth McCULLAGH had 16 acres 2 rood in Killeen, Parish & Co. Armagh. Held by lease from Arthur GRAHAM….

1824 Apr 2

ROD 791-289-534824

Between Samuel McCULLAGH of Cladymore Parish, Parish of Mullaghnabrack, Co. Armagh, merchant & Oliver LEE of City of Armagh (son-in-law) of said Samuel McCULLAGH … lands of Mowellan, lands lately in the possession of Samuel McCULLAGH [given over to LEE] 14 acres, Manor of Toaghy, Co. Armagh. WITNESS: Samuel TAYLOR & Samuel McCULLAGH both of Cladymore.

1831 Nov 17

ROD 1834-19-119

John JACKSON of Larne, Co. Antrim, carpenter of 1 pt. & Samuel ALEANDER of Larne, saddler …land in the town of Larne on the North side of the street leading to Mill from new Town, … parish of Larne. WITNESSES: Miles ATKINSON, merchant; William McCULLOCH, Doctor of Medicine, both of Larne, Co. Antrim.

1832 Feb 9                

BNL 1832 Feb 17: At Rahans near Carrickmacross in the 9th inst, in the 75th year of her age, DOROTHEA BERESFORD UPTON REED, wife of John REED Esq., and grand-daughter and heiress of the late Wm. M’Culloch of Redmont [ sic Piedmount] , in the Co of Antrim, Esq. Mrs. Reed having died without issue is succeeded, as heir at law, in her valuable estates in Co Armagh, &ct by her cousin John Shaw M’Culloch of the town of Drogheda. NOTE: I suspect that Redmont should be Piedmont.

1832 Feb 13

Dorothea B. REED [aka Dorothea Beresford REED] died 1832 (Creggan Burials) age 80.



NAMES: James BOWES Jr. & James BOWES Sr. & John BOWES of Newbliss. Robert McCULLAGH & Jane McCULLAGH of Kilnamuddy; John McCARTER of Drumgriston; Robert MARTIN of Newbliss; Rev. Andrew JOHNSTON of Newbliss; James WRIGHT & John WRIGHT of Clinto; Mary BARTLEY otherwise BOWES & James BARTLEY of Ballybay

1838 Oct 25

ROD 1838-22-6

NAMES: Rev. Andrew McCULLAGH aka McCULLOGH of Caledon; Marianne FISHER of Caledon; Robert McCULLOGH of Killnamuddy; Thomas McCARTER of Newbliss; Robert FISHER of Monree; Robert HAWTHORNE of Tandregee; Sarah FISHER of Monree; Richard TROTTER.

1839 Nov 13

ROD 1839-23-125


NAMES: William McCULLAGH of Dundalk; James BEATTIE, Rev of [Knockakean?] Lodge, Co. Armagh; Samuel BRADFORD of Cavananore; Samuel BRADFORD late of Dundalk; Bridgit McKENNA; John NICHOLSON; Edward TOWNLEY; William Robert ROGERS; William HILL; John TOWNLEY; Lucas SHERLOCK.

1860 Jun 4

(R1 in "Inscriptions in Creggan Graveyard")

This headstone, erected by his sister and nephew, is a memorial to John Reed, Rahans, near Carrickmacross. John Reed was a landlord and magistrate. He married the niece of Captain James McCullagh, Camlymacullagh, and owned part of the McCullagh estate. There is another memorial to him in Donaghmoyne Parish Church which reads. "In loving memory of John Reed Esqr of Rahans for many years churchwarden of this parish. This table was erected by his brother James and Willian Reed".

1970 reading of inscription:
"Sacred to the memory of John Reed of Rahans Esqr who departed this life 4th June 1860 in the 91st year of his age. This stone is erected by his sister and nephew in memory of the great love and deep respect in which he was deservedly held not only by them but by all with whom he was connected. 'Blessed are the dead which lie in the Lord from henceforth.. yea saith the Spirit that they may rest front their labour. PLV XIV 13".

SOURCE: http://creggan1.tripod.com/CregGui4a.htm

1877 May 5

James REED of Rahans d. 1877 May 5 – age 42 [b. 1835]. Probably related to the John Reed who was a landlord and magistrate. John REED married the niece of Captain James McCullagh, Camlymacullagh, and owned part of the McCullagh estate. There is a memorial to him in Donaghmoyne Parish Church which reads. In loving memory of John Reed Esqr of Rahans for many years churchwarden of this parish. This table was erected by his brother James and William Reed. NOTE: Related to Dorothea REED (d 1832).




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