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Like the visible part of an iceburg, the family trees included beneath represent only a start. There is often more material on my silverbowl site. It can be helpful to use the Google site-specific search engine to follow up on names of interest. Names may appear in more than one tree and in other sources such as letters, wills and maps. If you find a connection and would like to share more information, please let me know.

The version of the family tree at: Rootsweb: silverbowl continues to be updated on a more regular basis than many of the trees on this site. NOTE: Information on names and dates of living family members is not included in any of the trees beneath unless they are already in some public source.
Other useful Links: Raymond's site has thousands of Co. Down records, as does Ros Davies site. When dates are recorded in news noticesusing phrases such as Friday inst, a historical calendar is helpful.
Sharon Oddie Brown. July 9, 2010

Family Trees Last modified

NOTE: Since I have created more than three dozen JACKSON family trees, I have indexed them on a separate page. SEE: JACKSON FAMILY TREES. There are also so many trees for OLIVERs that I have created a separate page for them as well. Not all of these trees will be connected to one another by DNA.

Detailed Descendant Trees These trees include a great deal of family detail beyond the usual birth, death & marriage. They are extensively footnotes with sources for most data given..WARNING. If you have a slow modem, some of these files will take some time to download as they have more than 200 footnotes.
Outline Descendant Trees NOTE: These types of family trees are basic tree showing only name, birth, married & death.They should download quite quickly. I have noted them in red.
Bartley, George descendants Mid 1700s - This tree makes sense of many of the complex family connections between the Bartley, Reed, McKean and other families. The formatting needs work, but it is still readable. WARNING: Long file. NOTE: This is also included in my main tree at rootsweb. November 5, 2003
George BARTLEY & Margaret ORR descendants. This is an update of the previous file - an amazing piece of work undertaken by Wendy Jack with more than 600 footnoted entries. It is divided into four sections since as a single file it is too large for my computer and software to handle with any effiiciency. Even as it is, some of the files are quite large. In time, I will find a more elegant solution to this problem. In the meantime, I wanted to share the stories.The BARTLEY family included many military men, doctors and clergy. Their commitments and fortunes took them all over the world and their stories reveal a family-sized echo of what was happening on a larger scale with the great outwash of the British Empire. NOTE: This is also included in my main tree at rootsweb. September 5, 2005
Bartley generations 1-4 In this first section, there is considerable detail on Walter Tyler BARTLEY (see #47) who was killed in action in 1846 at the Battle of Sobraon in India. Also there is fascinating detail on Rev. John COULTER (see #31) who was influential in the movement to merge the two secessionist synods of the Presbyterian Church in Ireland and was also active in the Tenant League movement. NOTE: This is also included in my main tree at rootsweb.
Bartley generation 5 John Hamilton GRAY as premier of PEI hosted the Charlottetown Conference in 1863 which laid the ground work for Canada's Conferation some four years later. Regrettably for GRAY, the people of PEI rejected union at that time and he resigned. Had he stayed in office for another four years, one of life's ironies is that the Fathers of Confederation would have included two John Hamilton GRAYs - the second was premier of NB.
Acheson George Henry GILMORE, Samuel GILMORE and David JACKSON are all related to Sir Thomas JACKSON are part of the larger HSBC story. (The last I know of this Samuel GIMORE is that he was a Japanese prisoner of war in a Hong Kong hotel) NOTE: This is also included in my main tree at rootsweb.
Bartley generation 6 It is in this generation that we witness the personal costs of the Boer War and WWI. Roland Ernest LORD was invalided out of Boer War in 1900, only to go back. Three brothers lost their lives: George Barlow BARTLEY DENNISS in the defence of Wagon Hill in the Boer War; Henry Barlow BARTLEY DENNISS died in 1913; Thomas Vivian BARTLEY DENNISS died of wounds in 1918. John Franklyn PETERS was killed at Ypres where he is remembered in a memorial on the same tablet as his brother, Gerald Hamilton PETERS, who went missing, presumed dead. The saddest story in my mind is that of Eric Skeffington POOLE who "had the unenviable distinction of being the first British Army officer executed during World War I." The full story is beneath. David Clements BATES also died in WWI.
Later, during WWII, Thomas Jackson HOUSTON died of dysentry as a prisoner of war in Hong Kong
We also see more connections with the Far East and banking in the late 1800s and early 1900s. Robert Thomas WRIGHT and David JACKSON, both managers at HSBC, Yokohama; John Stevenson Reed WRIGHT with the Imperial Bank of Persia, James Francis WRIGHT in Hong Kong with a brokerage. NOTE: This is also included in my main tree at rootsweb.
Bartley generation 7 A couple more HSBC connections are detailed here: Robert Thomas WRIGHT, Thompson BROWN{E). NOTE: This is also included in my main tree at rootsweb.

Birch Family - Five Generations Early 1700s - This document is some 20 pages long with 420 footnotes and gives a detailed family tree for the descendants of James BIRCH and Mary JACKSON from the early 1700s until the middle of the 20th Century. No living persons are included. It was prepared by Wendy Jack of Australia.NOTE: This is also included in my main tree at rootsweb.

August 14, 2003
Birch, James & Mary Jackson Five generations in an outline descendant tree format.
NOTE: This includes the family of the noted Thomas Ledlie Birch of 1798 fame. NOTE: This is also included in my main tree at rootsweb.
July 14, 2003
BREAKEY Outline family treeThe tree beneath has all the sources and details, but this is faster to download if all you want is a snapshot. NOTE: This is also included in my main tree at rootsweb. December 4, 2005

BREAKEY This tree is likely filled with errors - particularly in the early years. Please consult it with that in mind. There is better and more complete information to be found at a web site called The Breakey Collection. In time, I shall put it all to rights. NOTE: This is also included in my main tree at rootsweb.

December 4, 2005
BROWNE This family tree contains 5 generations starting in 1693 and is the one that most reliably connects ancestors to my grandmother, June Edgar BROWNE. The connections to the BROWNE family tree from Sligo (see beneath) are alleged, but the links still need to be both found and proven. NOTE: This is also included in my main tree at rootsweb. August 4, 2004
January 27, 2009
BROWNE family connections from Cowdray, Sligo & Janeville This is only an outline tree, but even at that it runs to nine pages or more. It contains the most up-to-date names and dates for the BROWNE family of Janeville, Co. Down, The Sligo BROWNEs of Westport, Co. Mayo and the Montague BROWNEs going back to the early 1400s. Not all my sources are necessarily reliable, but I have cross-referenced to the best of my ability and will fix any errors as soon as I know of them (help is always appreciated). The two related detailed trees are beneath.

August 11, 2008
August 20, 2008

Browne, Robert (mid-late 1300s) Descendants A family story from about a 100 years ago says that our BROWNE family is connected by ancestry to the BROWNEs of Sligo. In turn, the family history of the BROWNEs of Sligo (the Westport House BROWNEs) alleges that they connect back to the Montague BROWNEs of Cowdray. My conundrum is the issue of John BROWNE (d. 1588) who is the 11th entry in the 5th (and last) generation of this tree. (NOTE: I will pick up his descendants in a tree focusing on the BROWNEs of Sligo.) How John BROWNE fits into the MONTAGUE line is uncertain. Although I have him (for the moment) as a child of Anthony BROWNE, it is also possible that he was a child of Sir George BROWNE, the older brother of Anthony. August 20, 2008
Browne, John (died 1588) Descendants This is a draft tree and likely contains several errors needing the benefit of input from many careful readers (and I will make changes when notified). It is also huge - running to close to 30 pages. It incorporates the BROWNEs of Westport, Co. Mayo as well as the BROWNEs of Janeville, Co. Down. This detailed tree would not be anywhere near as complete were it not for the contributions of many kind souls. Deirdre McEvoy, Wendy Jack and William Stranney deserve special mention. August 20, 2008
Coulter: Descendants of Alexander COULTER This COULTER family tree is the one connected with the famed botanist, Thomas COULTER of Carnbeg. I suspect that the people in this tree are linked to the COULTERs of Cavananore, but since we are still missing some of the connecting bits of data - I can't prove this yet .NOTE: This is also included in my main tree at rootsweb. November 27, 2008
Coulter -Family tree connected to Sir Thomas Jackson This COULTER family tree is directly connected into my known family. It is possible that the “UNNAMED COULTER at the start of this tree is a son of the Joseph COULTER highlighted in tree preceding this one. If there are other descendants of this Joseph COULTER, it could also lead us to knowing where various other stray COULTERs and COULTER trees belong. NOTE: This is also included in my main tree at rootsweb December 8, 2008
Coulters of Mounthill. This tree connects the COULTERs of Mounthill, Shortstone, Silverbridge and Liscalgot. April 27, 2012
Coulters of Silverbridge This short tree likely shares ancestors with one or both of the first two trees. Why this family left Ireland for England in the first place, is not known. According to family lore, they returned during WWI in order to protect a son from having to serve in the military.NOTE: This is also included in my main tree at rootsweb. December 8, 2008
Coulters of Skyhill This very short stub of a tree will likely tie into one of the first two COULTER trees. NOTE: This is also included in my main tree at rootsweb.Updated. December 8, 2008
August 23, 2009
September 22, 2009
Dickie, Samuel James descendants This tree is based in large measure on a 1900s pedigree. It is lengthy and generally trustworthy (I believe), but has little in the way of back-up documentation and dates.WARNING: It may take some time to load. NOTE: This is also included in my main tree at rootsweb. September 27, 2004
Dill, David Descendants 1640- NOTE: This is not really a very successful format, but it does contain information up to the generation of Robert MOORHEAD and the MOORE family. NOTE: This is also included in my main tree at rootsweb. June 26, 2003
Dill, John Descendants Eight generations in an outline descendant tree format.
NOTE: There is no named wife for John Dill who was born 1620. NOTE: This is also included in my main tree at rootsweb.
July 14, 2003
Donaldson, John descendants This is a tree that incorporates the DONALDSON line starting with John DONALDSON who died in 1715 and includes also Randall DONALDSON whose leases of land connect him to the DONALDSONs of Cloghoge. The tree also connects to the ECHLIN family and to the will of Louisa Jane KELLY. NOTE: This is also included in my main tree at rootsweb. June 10, 2008
Eager-Edgar Eight generations This is the family tree that leads from the EAGERs of Scotland in the time of Charles I to the connection with the BROWNE family tree in the 1870s. I am indebted to Tony Browne, and before him Michael Browne for the work which produced this tree. There may still be errors, but we will get to these.NOTE: This is also included in my main tree at rootsweb. August 6, 2004
Gilmore Family - Five Generations 1735 - This tree includes a few names of living persons.NOTE: This is also included in my main tree at rootsweb. December 5, 2003
Gilmore, Alexander & Elizabeth Birch Five Generations in an outline descendant tree format. NOTE: Alexander Gilmore was born 1735. He married Elizabeth BIRCH March 14, 1760 (Her first husband was William BREAKEY who died sometime between 1758-1760)NOTE: This is also included in my main tree at rootsweb. July 14, 2003
GORE family of Ireland. There are 264 members of the GORE family listed here - as well as hundreds of other people. This is my first stab at creating this family tree, and there are bound to be errors. Correction is always welcomed - please email me at Contact link above. My purpose in assembling the tree was to find the mother of Rev. William JACKSON (1737-1795) - the well known United Irishman. I still do not know the surname of his matrnal grandmother - and would love to find out. July 25, 2018
Griffin Family This tree starts in the mid-1800s. This family has close connections with the JACKSON family, although the exact link is yet to be discerned. Updated. The links to JACKSONs are now known - at least at the lebel of an advanced hunch. April 28, 2004
July 7, 2016

HSBC & connections to China, Hong Kong & Japan- Family trees related to the early years of people serving with HSBC.

  • SEXTON-NOBLE. On this page, I have posted the outlines of two family trees. The first is of George Edward NOBLE. The second is that of his wife, Frances Bertha Marion “Daisy” Sexton. I have also posted pieces about both of them on my blog.
  • JOHNSTONS of Ballykilbeg, Co. Down. The purpose of this tree for me is to show the roots of Lewis Audley Marsh JOHNSTON, Postmaster-General of Hong Kong in 1902- 1908

JACKSONs: There are now more than three dozen JACKSON family trees posted to my web site, so I am now indexing them on a separate page: JACKSON FAMILY TREES:

NOTE: My interest is in tracing the connections of JACKSONs from England and Scotland who settled in Ireland, as well as the interconnections between the various lines of JACKSONs who lived in Ireland. I am also interested in those whose family arms included the image of three birds, preferably shovellers or sheldrakes aka shelducks. There is a strong likelihood – albeit proof is a work in progress - that these JACKSONs are all related - albeit distantly. Currently, my main family file at rootsweb contains the most updated versions of the several of the family trees listed beneath since they link to my central tree in one way or another. When one family connects into the larger picture, then I import that tree. Check the rootsweb site for the most up to date versions of all tree, but in particular:

- JACKSONs of Liscalgot & Urker, Parish of Creggan, Co. Armagh
- JACKSONs of Coleraine tree and
- JACKSONs of Enniscoe and Carramore, Co. Mayo.
- JACKSONs of Duddington

February 27, 2016
Johnston descendants of James Johnston & Elizabeth Leslie This family is already linked through the BIRCH connection, but there will likely be more connections as I pursue more of the usual elusive bits. Many thanks to Wendy Jack for the sourcing that produced this particular tree. I will never be as diligent as she and am grateful - always! August 29, 2005
Johnstons of Gilford and Gildhall This tree is of interest for two reasons. Gilford is the town where several early family members resided, principally the BIRCH family. Also, the mention of HAWKINS is a hook, given the fact of Villiers Alweyn Caesar HAWKINS who was claimed to be a cousin of Sir Thomas JACKSON. February 21, 2006
Julius, John This family had roots in Norfolk, then later in the British Colonies of St. Kitts and Nevis. They married into the DARE family, whose descendant Amelia Lydia DARE married Sir Thomas JACKSON. There are details of the DARE branch in Murray-Tollemache-Parke-Dare . June 13, 2011
Lynch, James. The LYNCH family are key to us understanding much of Sir Thomas JACKSONs connections to Cavananore in Co. Louth. I am grateful for the help that Eugene, Maria and their son Ronan have given to me over the past few years. We are still trying to track down the LYNCH roots in Co. Kildare since it was said that Patrick LYNCH (1832-1913) worked on a farm in Kildare owned by Sir Thomas JACKSON. I still do not know where that farm might be. May 2, 2012
McKean, James This is a page in progress. I will add links to Bartley and such. September 24, 2004
Martin, Allan of Ringfad This tree starts in 1773 and has many links with biographies that I have already complied. It is a first draft May 5, 2004
Mauleverer, William The MAULEVERERs go back many generations at Maghera, Co. Derry and at some point, I will add those bits in. For now, this is intended only as a complement to the story about the murder of Robert Lindsay MAULEVER. July 7, 2010
July 15, 2011
Menary, Alexander descendants Early 1800s. The link to the MENARY family is that Mary Jackson - the sister of Sir Thomas Jackson married Alexander Menary. NOTE: This is also included in my main tree at rootsweb. November 7, 2003
Rev. Aug 2, 2005
Murray-Tollemache-Parke-Dare The MURRAY-TOLLEMAGHE-PARKE-DARE family tree is a complex and fascinating tree. There are links that go back to Gregory CROMWELL - husband of Elizabeth SEYMOUR, whose sister Jane was wife to Henry VIII. The tree starts with William MURRAY, the whipping boy of King Charles I. In the ensuing generations, there are stories of fortunes made and lost, of pirates, and bigamous marriages. In short, practically everything that could have happened to this family, from the noble, merchant and seafaring classes, did. NOTE: This was previously entered under Tollemache fmaily trees, which have since been removed. April 4, 2011
OLIVERs. There are now so many trees for OLIVER, that I have created a separate page. The links beneath have been retained since some readers may have saved this page as a way to find their tree. October 1, 2015
Olivers of Armagh - misc. These represent a number of OLIVER tree stubs that I had got as far as putting into a GEDCOM, but no further. I will add to them as I get time to take raw data and put them into databases. In the meantime, I wanted to cobble these together before I went to Ireland in a week’s time. September 11, 2011

Olivers of Ballyrea, Ballinahonebeg & Killynure, Co. Armagh I have highlighted my g-g-g-grandfather and my great-great-grandmother in red.  Details of this tree, including sources, can be seen on line at Rootsweb silverbowl tree.
January 20, 2012 - an updated version in a different format. This four generations of OLIVERs start in Armagh in the late 1600s and connect to my great-great grandmother, Eliza OLIVER, the mother of David JACKSON.
William OLIVER & Elizabeth HARDY. The first 6 generations of William OLIVER and Elizabeth HARDY. Oral history places them in the area near Ballynahone before the Battle of the Boyne. This makes it exceedingly likely that they were related to the other OLIVERs who show up in the region in the 1670s. Oral history dating back to the mid-1800s also claims that they were Huguenots. This makes it likely that they settled in Ireland sometime around the time of the revocation of the Edict of Nantes.
OLIVERS starting in Tattykeel, Co. Tyrone in the mid-1600s. I would caution to reader to take the first few generations of this OLIVER tree with a grain of salt. It is my first serious attempt to begin to make some sense of this line.

September 11, 2011

January 20, 2012

August 21, 2015



August 29, 2015

Olivers of Lismullydown, Co. Tyrone In this family tree, I am absolutely indebted to the research done by Harry Nicholson in his History of the OLIVER family, Lismullydown and Stragrane, Co. Tyrone. As well as the work of Maria Beattie. September 11, 2011
Olivers of Lisnacroy, Co. Tyrone This tree includes the Lisnacroy, Co. Tyrone OLIVER ancestors of Maria Beattie, one of the many thorough and generous spirited researchers who I have had the pleasure to meet. September 11, 2011
Orr, Samuel John Corbett This tree was contributed thanks to Robyn M Condliffe. NOTE: This is also included in my main tree at rootsweb. May 5, 2004
WRAY descendants of Henry WRAY & Jane JACKSON The WRAY family are connected to the JACKSONs of Coleraine and are included in my main tree at rootsweb.NOTE: This is also included in my main tree at rootsweb. April 10, 2010
Wright, John family descendants 1587 -
Again, the formatting is less than glorious, but still useable. Currently living people are included as well as photos of Gola & Carrachor. This is included in my main tree at rootsweb.
December 5, 2003


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