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This particular line of JACKSONs is not the only JACKSON family to show up in Kings Co., and they may be related to other such lines.. If anyone can help couple some of these together, I would be more than grateful.
Sharon Oddie Brown. March 29, 2012
Update: January 14, 2019. Addition of James JACKSON.

Deeds of JACKSONs in Kings Co.
Quaker JACKSONs.
JACKSONs of Ballygibbon.
JACKSONs of Ballyboy.

Jacksons of Kings Co. Family Tree
NOTE: The forenames echo the forenames of the male Jacksons of Co. Down: Robert, Henry, & James. Also of possible significance is the attention paid to this line by Tenison Arthur Groves (abt 1864-1938), a researcher whose main focus was in Northern Ireland.

Grange, Parish Siekieran



Descendants of Robert JACKSON (bef 1716-1743) Quarter-Master 4th Regiment of Foot.

 1  Robert Jackson  d: May 1785 Bur. 17 May 1785, Grange, Parish of Seirkieran, Kings Co., Ireland

.. +Eugenia Unnamed  d: Bet 1792-1804 Bath, England.

........ 2  Robert Jackson Coronet b: Bef. 1765 in of Birr & Grange, Kings Co., Ireland d. After 1801, of Dublin, Co. Dublin, Ireland

............ +Mary Carroll m: 12 Nov 1785, St. Anns Dublin, d. 1790, Bur. 7 Mar 1790, Seirkeiran Parish, Ballybritt, Kings Co., Ireland, par. Alexander CARROLL and Unknown

................... 3  Henrietta Ruddock Jackson b: 5 Feb 1788 in Grange, Kings Co, Ireland, c. 7 Feb 1788, Seirkeiran Parish, Ballybritt, Kings Co., Ireland

................... 3  Mary Jackson  b. Abt 1750, of Grange, Kings Co., Ireland

....................... +David Jones m: Nov 1773

........ 2  Henry Jackson  b. Bef 1785, d. After 1805, of Grange Cottage, Birr, Kings Co., Ireland
     + Abigail SALE m. 6 Oct 1792, Parish of St Anne, Dublin, par. William SALE
      and Mary. NOTE: Abigail's 1st husband was George CRUICKSHANK (d. 1787)

........ 2  Eugenia Maria Jackson b: in Grange, Parish of Seirkieran, Barony of Ballybritt, Kings Co., Ireland d: aft 1831 of Somerville, Booterstown, Dublin

............ +Joseph Curtis b. of Hackney Co., Middlesex, England, m. 4 Jul 1797, Landrisant, nr. Cardiff, d. After 1804, of Mossfield, Kings Co., Ireland, par. Timothy CURTIS and Elizabeth WILDBORE

................... 3  Elizabeth Eugenia Curtis + Henry LANAUZE m. 14 Jun 1822 

................... 3  TImothy Joseph Jackson Curtis d. After 1831 

................... 3  Robert Roddock Curtis  d. After 1831

................... 3  James Gray William Curtis + Grace SHAW m. 1831, par. John SHAW and Grace GREEN

........ 2  Henrietta Jackson  b. Bef 1765, of Grange, Sierkeeran Parish, Kings Co.,       Ireland, d. Bef 1794

............ +James Gray Ruddock b: in of Ballineer m: 03 Nov 1785 Parish St. Kieran, Kings Co., d. of Ballineer, Kings Co., Ireland, par. Francis GRAY and Elizabeth

........ 2  Susan Jackson  d: Mar 1776 Bur. 29 Mar 1776, Seikeiran Parish, Ballybritt, Kings Co., Ireland

........ 2 Mary Jackson b. Abt 1730, of Birr, Kings Co.married John HANSARD. NOTE: See deed above

........ 2 James Jackson (?-btw 1761-1762) NOTE: See his 1762 Probate.

Update February 21, 2017. An Anecdote of the 4th Regiment of Horse, published in Dublin Penny Journal, Vol. 1, No. 19, November 3, 1832 is helpful in nailing down some of this tree. Deeds refer to their role in the 4th Regiment of Horse, and from this article we learn that Quarter-Master JACKSON died in 1743 at the Battle of Dettingen, Germany: ... The Regiment shortly afterwards embarked for Germany, and in the ensuing campaign, in June 1743, were of the brigade of English cavalry at the battle of Dettingen. The army being surprised into action, and not having an opportunity of calling in their outposts, the regiment was but 180 strong in the field; after having sustained a very heavy cannonade from three batteries for an hour and forty minutes, they charged the French gendermerie, drawn up six deep to sustain the weight of British horse. From a failure of one of the flank regiments of the brigade, of which the enemy promptly took advantage, the regiment was surrounded and overpowered, and forced to fight their way back through the enemy, as the only means of preventing their total annihilation. In this charge the regiment had fifty-six men, and six officers killed and wounded,* making nearly one third of the whole.
*Colonel Ligonier, Captains Stewart and Robinson, Lieutenant Cholmly, Cornet Richardson, and Quarter Master Jackson; Robinson and Jackson died.
And a great story to add to this: Quarter-master Jackson was the son of a Quarter-master in the regiment. His father not having the means of providing for him, the young fellow went on board a man-of-war in a fleet going to the Mediterranean. A party of the crew made a descent on the coast of Spain: this was in 1734. The party was surprised, and Jackson made prisoner by the Spaniards. In order to obtain his liberty from a gaol, after twelve months captivity, he enlisted in the Spanish army, and the year following, being in command on the coast of Spain, his party was surprised by the Moors; he was made prisoner, carried to Oran in Barbary, and exhibited as a slave for sale; the English Consul seeing something in his appearance that made him suspect he was his countryman, spoke to him, and finding him a British subject, purchased him, brought him home to his house, and made him superintendant of his family. After some years, he obtained his discharge, returned to Ireland, and found his father still living. Lord Ligonier permitted the old man to resign his warrant to his son.

Some time after this, the regiment being upon Dublin duty, Jackson, in passing through the Castle-yard, observed a soldier standing sentinel at the gate, and perceived that as he walked by, the soldier turned his face from him, as if to conceal himself. Jackson returning to the barrack, found himself unusually distressed, He could not banish the idea of this same sentinel out of his mind; he had an anxiety that he could not account for or suppress, to know who he was; and going next morning to the Castle, he waited the relief of the guard, and found the man that he wanted. Jackson addressed him, told him that his face was familiar to him, and begged to know where he had seen him before: in short, in this soldier, he found his protector the Consul of Oran, who had redeemed him from slavery. The account that he gave of this extraordinary reverse of fortune, was, that shortly after they had parted, his affairs ran into confusion; he had out-run his allowance; had overdrawn, was recalled, and obliged to return to England, where, upon his arrival he enlisted with the first recruiting party that he met, and now was a soldier with his fortune in his knapsack. Jackson made every return in his power to his benefactor: obtained his discharge from the infantry, had him appointed a trooper in the Blacks, and shared his pay with him. But in the course of six months the unfortunate Consul died of brandy and a broken heart.

I have included Mary JACKSON as a daughter of Robert JACKSON based on a hunch. SEE: ROD: 150-171-100730. Oct 4 1750
Btw Robert JACKSON of Birr, Kings Co. Gent of 1 pt & John HANSARD jr of the City of Dublin Gent of the other pt . Whereby the said Robert JACKSON in consideration of the natural love and affection which said Robert JACKSON bore unto Mary wife of John HANSARD and daughter of Robert JACKSON & in consid of 5s … release to John HANSARD 7 acres called Doanes holding the 10 acres at Birkshill, the two parks adjoining the Green at Birr, the house and Garden at Birr wherein Henry BIRCH formerly lived and the house in the town of Birr and the lands adjoining formerly in the possession of Barnaby ARCHER and that part or parcel of land commonly called Kennedy's & Rencher's park all in Kings Co. … WITNESS: Elinor WILKINSON of Birr, Kings Co; widow & Eugenia JACKSON of the same spinster. Memorial also witnessed by Hugh Josiah HANSARD. NOTE : My hunch is that Eugenia JACKSON is a sister of Mary JACKSON.


Detailed Report with sources (not updated since 2017 - many more deeds have since been found):


Descendants of Robert Jackson


Generation No. 1


1.  ROBERT1 JACKSON was born  (Source: PRONI, History book of Sierkeiran parish. Vestry minutes signed. By Robert JACKSON 13 April 1762; 5 April 1763; 24 April 1764 seven; 1765; 1766; 1767; 1768; 1769; 1770.  By both Robert JACKSON and Robert JACKSON Junior 19 June 1770. Both signatures almost the same.  NOTE: I assume this means that Robert JACKSON jr. was an adult by 1770.), and died May 1785 in of Grange, Parish of Seirkieran, Kings Co., Ireland (Source: (1) PRONI, T808/8249  Register of Seirkeiran parish in Ballybritt Barony in Kings Co in Ossory Diocese 1740 -- 4, 1773 -- 1805, 1818 -- 29, very badly kept.  1785 May 17 buried Robert JACKSON Esq. Grange.  ., (2) PRONI, T808/8249  Schedule of the parish 19 June 1770 26 July 1774 and 1 May 1775.  Robert JACKSON's Esq. part of Ballymoney 16 acres. Grange and Glebe 191 acres.  .).  He married EUGENIA UNNAMED (Source: PRONI, PRONI T808/8263  Memorial registered 10 May 1802 of Deed of Assignment of … June 1798 from Eugenia JACKSON widow & sole executrix of will dated 22 March 1781 of Robert JACKSON of Grange in Kings Co., Esq. deceased to Henry JACKSON 2nd son of Robert & Eugenia. Tythes of St. Keran Parish. Tythes of Knockarley, Newtown & Lowhollen in Roscennor Parish lands of the Glebe of Upper Ballyshane.   Tythes of Upper Ballyshane Tulla Ballynalek Ballym’Murragh Glenfilly 100 acres Kilnitty & Castletown in Kilnitty Parish all in Balycritt Barony in Kings Co. Recites that Robert by his will left 1s. to each of his children and all residues of his property to Eugenia to be divided among them as she should think fit. That by Deed of 15 July 1791 she appointed to Henry a lease of Lisclooney & Clonbanniffe which was afterwards evicted so Henry brought a Chancery suit & got aDecree in pursuance of which he gets £564 and above assignment. WITNESSES: Joseph CURTIS of Bath in England & Henry Vincent JACKSON of Dublin, City attorney. Memorial signed by Eugenia.).  She died Bef. 1828 (Source: PRONI, T808/8252  Pre-grant 14 May 1828 of administration of Eugenia JACKSON of Grange in Kings County widow deceased intestate made to her daughter Eugenia Maria CURTIS of Somerville in Booterstown widow, one of the next of kin of deceased. It affects under £26. .).



2.           i.   ROBERT2 JACKSON, b. Bef. 1749, of Birr & Grange, Kings Co., Ireland.

             ii.   HENRY JACKSON (Source: (1) PRONI, T808/8251  Chancery Decreetal Order not enrolled volume I. -- 1797 – 1813  JACKSON versus JACKSON numbers  2 5 7  Bill 6 March 1794  Henry JACKSON gent younger son of Robert Johnson Robert JACKSON Esq. of Grange in Kings County deceased whose will was dated 22 November 1781 plaintiff versus Robert JACKSON Esq. eldest son of said Robert, Harriet JACKSON daughter of defendant Robert, Eugenia JACKSON widow of Robert the testator, Eugenia JACKSON junior daughter of Robert the testator, Coote CARROLL surviving trustee of marriage settlement dated 17 November 1785 of defendant Robert JACKSON with Mary CARROLL. James JACKSON and John DROUGHT trustees named in same settlement for Henrietta JACKSON alias Ruddock, daughter of testator and wife of defendant James Ruddock GRAY Esq. which Henrietta is dead and William JACKSON defendants.   William FAIRBROTHER the other trustee is dead. That above Robert JACKSON deceased owned in fee or in freehold Grange Ballymony Ballym’Murragh North East and South East parts of Camber all in Kings County, and some tythes in Ballybritt Barony in Kings County and also in right of his wife defendant Eugenia some freeholds in Birr town and also a lease for two lives of Lisclooney and Clonanniffe and by his will left is to each of his children his two sons plaintiff Henry the younger and defendant Robert the eldest and his two daughters defendant Eugenia and Henrietta since dead and all the bulk of his property to defendant Eugenia in trust for his children and made her sole executrix and died in 1785.   That Eugenia 10 November 1785 conveyed to Robert JACKSON Grange Ballymony Ballym’Murra and Cumber subject to £150 yearly to herself her life and subject to £50 yearly to Hanibal FRAZER and his wife Anne FRASER for their lives which had been granted to them by testator.   Marriage settlement 17 November 1785 of defendant Robert and Mary CARROLL who died leaving an only child defendant Harriet JACKSON. That defendant Eugenia has reserved the holdings in Birr for her daughter defendant Eugenia.   That defendant Eugenia about 1790 bound plaintiff apprentice to an attorney and by deed of 15 July 1791 conveyed Liscloony and Cloneaniff to defendant GRAY in trust for plaintiff   but Sir L. PARSONS in 1794 brought an ejectment tried at Sunner Assizes in Kings County which he won on grounds that his father Sir William PARSONS had no power to take a fine 20 April 1774 for the lease from plaintiff’s father Robert JACKSON.   Sir William Parsons had evicted Richard HOLMES who in 1777 sued Robert JACKSON in Chancery. Mr. Robert JACKSON renewed in 1784.   Answers admit the above facts but dispute some statements as to values made in Bill etc. etc.  ., (2) PRONI, PRONI T808/8253  volume 484 pages 522 number 30 and 9478. Memorial registered 22nd of October 1794 of agreement of 16 August 1793 by John Hubert MOORE barrister and George SALL merchant both of Dublin city trustees of marriage settlement of Henry JACKSON of Dublin city and his wife Abigail CRUICKSHANK and said Henry and Abigail to John RADCLIFFE of Dublin city barrister as to lease of 9 November 1791 to said Abigail then Abigail CRUICKSHANK of Dublin city widow by Sarah CHAMBERS of same, of the tenement 20 x 36 on Westside of Kildare Street near Molesworth street opposite the Duke of Leinsters stables in Dublin, bounded on North by Edmund CHILD, on south by widow CODDINGTON, on east by Kildare street and on West by Mr. MONSELL'S garden. To hold for 27 1/2 years at £45.10 shillings which they now assigned to RADCLIFFE. Witnesses Samuel BARRY of Dublin city Gent and Anne FRASER. Memorial signed by A JACKSON.), d. of Newpark, Co. Wicklow, Ireland; m. ABIGAIL CRUICKSHANK (Source: (1) PRONI, PRONI T808/8253  Volume 475 page 571 number 307935 the memorial register 26 July 1794 of assignment of 12 May 1794 by Henry JACKSON of  Newpark, County Wicklow Esq. and his wife Abigail JACKSON alias SALE or LALL to Joseph CALLAGHAN of Dublin city carpenter. Premises at Dolphins Barn Dublin to be held for three lives one being CRUICKSHANK'S., (2) PRONI, PRONI T808/8253  Volume 484 page 293 number 307899 Memorial registered 24 July 1794 of deed of 21 July 1794. Henry JACKSON of Newpark, County Wicklow Esq. to Richard Massey HANSARD of Mistrim in County Glanmorgan Esq. as to tenements in Dolphins Barn and in Dublin city and elsewhere assigned by JACKSON's present wife Abigail by her marriage settlement on her marriage with him to trustees  John Hubert MOORE and George SALL or a LALL in trust for herself and for one Richard CRUICKSHANK and if latter should die for JACKSON during her life. With Mrs. Eugenia JACKSON widow and Benjamin KEARNEY gent, both of Dublin city who both signed Memorial along with Henry JACKSON.), 1792 (Source: PRONI, T808/8252  Dublin Grant 6 October 1792 of license for marriage of Henry JACKSON of Dublin city Esq. and Abigail CRUICKSHANK of St. Anne's Parish Dublin widow directed to clergy of St. Anne's Dublin.).

3.        iii.   EUGENIA MARIA JACKSON, b. Grange,  Parish of Seirkieran, Barony of Ballybritt, Kings Co., Ireland; d. of Somervile, Booterstown, Dublin.

            iv.   HENRIETTA JACKSON, d. Bef. 1794 (Source: PRONI, She was dead at the time of a Chancery Bill March 6, 1794.); m. JAMES GRAY RUDDOCK (Source: PRONI, T808/8249  Register of Seirkeiran parish in Ballybritt Barony in Kings Co in Ossory Diocese 1740 -- 4, 1773 -- 1805, 1818 -- 29, very badly kept.), 03 Nov 1785 (Source: PRONI, T808/8249  Register of Seirkeiran parish in Ballybritt Barony in Kings Co in Ossory Diocese 1740 -- 4, 1773 -- 1805, 1818 -- 29, very badly kept.  1785 November 3 married James Gray RUDDOCK of Ballineer and Henrietta JACKSON of Grange by special license.); b. of Ballineer.

             v.   SUSAN JACKSON (Source: Hunch, T808/8249  Register of Seirkeiran parish in Ballybritt Barony in Kings Co in Ossory Diocese 1740 -- 4, 1773 -- 1805, 1818 -- 29, very badly kept.  1776 March 29 Susan daughter to Robert JACKSON buried.), d. Mar 1776.



Generation No. 2


2.  ROBERT2 JACKSON (ROBERT1) (Source: PRONI, PRONI T808/8266  Memorial registered 12 February 1771 of assignment of 22 & 23 January 1771 for natural love &c by Robert JACKSON the elder of Grange in Kings Co.  Esq. to his son & heir apparent Robert JACKSON Esq. the younger of the same Grange. Tythes and lands of Grange 244 acres Contourt land in Ballymoney 17 acres 2r 3p & the South East & North West parts of Cumber all in Ballybritt Barony in Kings County to hold forever subject to the rents and renewal fines and to £500 due Robert FINCH of Birr, Gent & to £500 due to Hector VAUGHAN of Fancroft Esq. WITNESSES: Rev. Adam BLAIR of the Leap in Kings Co. & Robert SWEETMAN of Monmore in Kings Co. Carpenter. WITNESSES of memorial signed by Robert JACKSON junior said Adam BLAIR & James JACKSON of Birr Gent. Memorial was proved by Rev. Adam BLAIR at Birr in Kings Co., 22 January 1771 before Thomas BIGGS Commissioner & Jonathon BERRY & George CLARKE J.P.s  .) was born Bef. 1749 in of Birr & Grange, Kings Co., Ireland.  He married MARY CARROLL 1785 (Source: PRONI, T808/8250  Pre grant 12 November 1785 of license for marriage of Robert JACKSON of Grange in Kings County Esq. with Mary CARROLL of St. Anne's Parish Dublin spinster. Register St. Anne's Parish Dublin does not contain his marriage.).  She died Mar 1790 (Source: PRONI, T808/8249  Register of Seirkeiran parish in Ballybritt Barony in Kings Co in Ossory Diocese 1740 -- 4, 1773 -- 1805, 1818 -- 29, very badly kept.  1790 March 20 buried Mrs. JACKSON wife of Robert JACKSON Junior, Grange.).



              i.   HENRIETTA3 JACKSON, b. Feb 1788, Grange, Kings Co, Ireland (Source: PRONI, T808/8249  Register of Seirkeiran parish in Ballybritt Barony in Kings Co in Ossory Diocese 1740 -- 4, 1773 -- 1805, 1818 -- 29, very badly kept.  1788 February 7 baptized Henrietta RUDDOCK daughter of Robert JACKSON and Mary his wife Grange.).

             ii.   MARY JACKSON (Source: Hunch, 1812 JONES, David  of Waterford m Mary JACKSON d of Robert JACKSON, Grange, Kings Co. SOURCE: Hiberian Magazine p 241.), m. DAVID JONES, 1812.



3.  EUGENIA MARIA2 JACKSON (ROBERT1) was born in Grange,  Parish of Seirkieran, Barony of Ballybritt, Kings Co., Ireland, and died in of Somervile, Booterstown, Dublin.  She married JOSEPH CURTIS (Source: William Betham, The baronetage of England: or The History of the English baronets, and such,  .) Aug 1797 in Landrisant, nr. Cardiff (Source: Index to Irish Marriages 1771-1812, d. of late Robt. Of Grainge, Kings. Co. At Landrisant, nr. Cardiff.), son of TIMOTHY CURTIS and ELIZABETH WILDBORE.  He was born in of Bath, and died Bef. 1804.



              i.   ELIZABETH EUGENIA3 CURTIS.

             ii.   JOSEPH JACKSON CURTIS.

           iii.   ROBERT RODDICK CURTIS.

            iv.   JOHN WILLIAM GRADY CURTIS.



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