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This page is just a start. I want to better understand some of the inter-relationships of JACKSONs who held lands in Co. Donegal & Co. Londonderry. I do not yet know how Beresford JACKSON (1668-bet 1723-1730) came to own these lands in Co. Donegal.. They may have come from his wife Isabella, or from his mother Susan BERESFORD (?-1706). At present, I doubt that they came from his father William JACKSON (1628-1688) of Coleraine. There will be likely clues in my Draft Beresford Family Tree because there are links there also to the WRAY family.
Sharon Oddie Brown. February 3, 2019
NOTE: The few footnotes are just a start.


I have shaded in those parishes mentioned in the deeds beneath. Some relate to holdings of Bereford JACKSON. Some to the WRAY family. RANKINs and CARYs are also of interest, as is the family of Bradwardine JACKSON and the HAMILTON connections.

JAKSON holdings in Co. Donegal











1710 Jan 12

Will of William WRAY of Fore, Donegal. Mention made of Jean JACKSON’s marriage articles with Henry WRAY.

Will of William WRAY, Fore, County Donegal, Esq. To be buried in church of Clandahorkae [Clondahorky]. Wife Angel WRAY. Son Humphrey WRAY. Articles made on the marriage of my son Humphrey WRAY with Mrs. Ann BROOKE. Articles of marriage of my son Henry WRAY with Mrs. Joan JACKSON. Sons in law James SINCLAIR, gent, and George KNOX. Daughter Rebecca BABINGTON. Grandson's William and Henry BABINGTON. The heirs of Richard PORTER, deceased. John RICHARDSON, Kill. My servant, Samuel DENSMORE. Servant Thomas BLAIRE, Fore. Mrs. Ann SINCLAIR. Capt. Henry HART[1]. William FINLAY, Drumnatinny. Estate purchased by Hugh HAMILL and William SAMPSON, esquires. Sale of Grenforth estate from William GODFREY, Benjamin GALLAND and my son-in-law Capt. William BABINGTON deed. With payments to Mr. John HUMBLE, John EVANS, and Capt. George HAMILTON. Trinamulland, Greenforth [Grenforth] [Greenfort, Greenfort Demesne, Parish Clondavaddog, Barony Kilmacrenan] Co. Donegal), Urney, Raymmunterdawney, Brunleck and Glassagh. Castlewray [Parish of Aghanunshin,, Barony Kilmacrenan], Clandormount (situation not mentioned). Fore, Co, Donegal. WITNESSES: George KNOX, Pattrick DENSMOORE, Samuel DENSMOORE. Memorial witnessed by Humphrey WRAY, George KNOX, Thomas KNOX. Samuel DENMOORE seal. NOTE: In abt 1705, Henry WRAY (1669-1737) married Jane JACKSON (1684-1744), daughter of Susan BERESFORD (?-1706) & William JACKSON (1628-1688).




1719 Jul 2

for the £107 owing to Beresford JACKSON of Ballymarghy [aka Bellarena, Parish Magilligan. [aka Tamlaghtard?] Barony Keenaght], Londonderry, John RANKAN [aka RANKIN] of Green Castle, Donegal to Beresford JACKSON for land of Carrortrasna [Carrowtrasna, Parish Moville Lower, in the Barony Inishowen East],  in Manor of Green Castle, Barony Inishowen [Co. Donegal] for remainder of term of lease he held from Arthur CHICHESTER, proviso for redemption 2 Aug next. NOTE: This is the Beresford JACKSON son of William JACKSON (1628-1688) and Susan BERESFORD (?-1706). In TGF Paterson Book 135 at Armagh County Museum, there are notes of an indenture on 4 Aug 1714 btw Beresford JACKSON late of Ballymargay, Co. Londonderry Gent & Henry WRAY of Castle Wray. [Castlewray [Parish of Aghanunshin,, Barony Kilmacrenan],  Co. Donegal Esq. & Jane his wife (sister of Beresford) sells lands of Machronnon alias Mackroharnan, Gortlee, Carnamughagh, Bollencessuddan, Killalastin and tenements of Letterkenny … lying in Barony of Kilmkrennan, Co. Donegal to Henry WRAY. NOTE: Maghernagran, Gortlee,  Carnamogagh Lower, &  Carnamogagh Upper, Killylastin,, and Letterkenny, are all in the Parish Conwal, Barony Kilmacrenan, Co. Donegal.




1713 Jan 19

HAMILTON, SIR FRANCIS[2], Castlehamilton, Co. Cavan, Bart. 19 Jan. 1713. Precis, 1 p., 25 Feb. 1713. Wife Dame Anne Hamilton. Father Sir Charles Hamilton, deceased. Nephew Arthur Cecill. Castle Hamilton, the market town of Killyshandra with customs of fairs and marketts, Kirilagh, Portnaqueen, Inchsonakeile, Gollan, Cordeale, Derrigid, Gortanoule, Portalosse, Killytowna, Corragh, Dysart, Drumellies, East and West Tomlogh, Drumboe, Gortenagerie, Drumerin, Clonnie, Gorteneclogh, Port, Drumines with the Corn Mill, the Bawne als. Dirrindrehett, Aghnecloy, Aghanadran, Deroskert, Cappagh, Drumransk, Aghahulikie, Drumconlister, Ardra, Dirandcrosse, Drumgoe, Drumgoone, Loghard, Drumhillagh, Drumbesse, Garragher, Drummamrie, Drumwhilan, Corr, Gortenardris, the Two Tenenseiris, Drumcon, Corralisse, Mills of Cloghie, Pole of Cloghie, Drumcaghall, the Two Aghasnox, Shancorr, Bruse, Lassall, Sollaghies, Dingans, Knocknecoghie, Gortnatiriffe, Drumcarry, Baye, Shancarr, Drumkirrin, Quinie, [? Quivvy], Drumroe, Drumkirinemore, Cortober, Aghavains, Corrfrle, the Two fishing Weirs, Portanare, the Pole of Scrabagh, the town of Scrabagh with the market, fairs, customs and mill, Cloone, Mulrek, Armagh, Dirrinacapell, Cornegrane, Cornemucklagh and Carfrie, all in B. Tullahuncha [Tullyhunco], Co. Cavan. Advowsons of the parish church of Killshandra, lands of Leitrina, Toome, Kilmore, Aghaconny, Clonagh, Aghakilmore, Innis, Danagh, Lisrorty, Farmolagh, Drumard and Ballyduffe, all in B. Granard, Co. Longford. Drumaker, Co. Leitrim. Letterkenny, [Parish Conwal, Barony Kilmacrenan] Co. Donegal. And all other lands in the Co. Cavan, Longford and Leitrim. Witnesses : Charles Steuart, Dublin, Esq., Rev. Hugh Skellern, Killyshandra, clerk, Charles Sempkill, near Killyshandra, gent., Alexr. Brock, Co. Longford, gent. Memorial witnessed by : Richard Young, Dromgoone, Co. Cavan, gent., Will. Hamilton. Anne Hamilton (seal)

NOTE: Nichola Anne Cecil HAMILTON (?-1804), the daughter of Arthur CECIL-HAMILTON of Castle Hamilton married Richard JACKSON (1722-1787) of Forkhill Lodge.




1718 Apr 11

Image 427

BTW Rt Hon Arthur Earl of Donegal & Rt Hon Lucy Countess of Donegal his wife of 1st pt; Rt Hon Lucy Countess Dowager of Londonderry of 2nd pt Rt Hon Catherine Countess Dowager of Donegall the Hon John CHICHESTER Jun Esq. only brother of said Arthur Earl of Donegal and Hon John CHICHESTER Uncle of said Earl of 3rd pt.; Rt Hon James Earl of Barrymore the Hon Thomas COOT of Coothill, Co. Cavan Esq. late one of the justices in his Majesty’s Court of Chief Place the Rt. Rev Father in God Adam Lord Bishop of St. Davids and the Rt. Hon Richard Lord Baron of Cobham Great Britain Richard BOOTH of City of London Esq. & Thomas HUTTON of Popleton Co. York Esq. of 4th pt.; Bradwardine JACKSON of Bolton Co. York Bart & Robert TENCH of City of Dublin Esq. of 5th pt.; Sir Pierce BUTLER of [Garryhandon?] Co. Catherlogh [aka Carlow] Bart  and Hans HAMILTON City of Dublin Esq of 6th pt; Rev William CHICHESTER the rector of Cranfield in the District of Connor, Co. Antrim eldest son of the said William [CHICHESTER] & Arthur Chichester 2nd son of William CHICHESTER of the 7th pt. Whereby the said Arthur CHICHESTER in pursuance and performance of certain articles made & entered into on the marriage of the said Earl of Donegal with the said Countess and for containing his estate in the blood of the CHICHESTERs further than by the articles now limited & required … sold to James Earl of Barrymore Thomas Coot Adam Lord Bishop of St. Davids Richard Baron of Cobham Richard BOOTH and Thomas HUTTON in their actual possession by virtue of a sale made by said Arthur Earl of Donegal for term of one year by indenture … Castle Mannor Towns and Lands of Belfast and the Towns and Lands known as the Fall Malone Dunmurry Cynament Cave & Carmoney in Co. Antrim or elsewhere in Ireland and also lands in Co. Donegal that is to say Lislane containing two quarters and a half, Kinegar containing two ballyboes of land, and Monagh containing ¼ late in occupancy of Paul BENSON his undertenants… Claghmore & all other lands of Earl of Donegal in occupation of Ezekial & Elizabeth BENSON… and all the lands of the said Earl then in occupation of Arthur BENSON… Leitrim containing 2 Ballyboes in occupation of Shane BRILLAGHAM… [Vaskill?] containing 2 Ballyboes in occupation of Capt George BUTLER … containing 5 Ballyboes  … then in occupation of John BUNBURY Carrickabracky & the Mill then in occupation of Col. John CUNNINGHAM…. And the Mill … late in the occupancy of William CARY his undertakers of assigns … Magheridrummon  and all other Lands of said Earl late in occupation of John CUNNINGHAM… … [?shell] containing half a quarter of land late in occupation of Robert CARY… Glentogher [aka Carrowmore or Glentogher, Parish of Donagh. Barony Inishowen East] & Red Castle Mill [aka Redd Castle, Townland Carrickmaquigley, Parish Moville Upper, Barony Inishowen East] late in occupation of William CARY bering ¼ of land .. [Clamroe?] & Ballyderone and all lands of the said Earl late in occupation of George CARY then late in occupation of Daniel McCALLIN & Stephen BUTLER or undertenants containing 4 quarters of land Ballynally … late in occupation of [?] CARY his undertenants then in occupation of of William CALLWELL & John SASKY & their undertenants late in occupation of Robert CARY & undertenants Lifsfanan & all the other lands of the said Earl then in occupation of John COWAN & his undertenants …  Carrowbleagh then in occupation of Hugh & Neal DOGHERTY& their undertenants Ballynasy Carrowmore [There are three Carrowmore townlands: Carrowmore, Parish of Culdaff,; Carrowmore,  Parish of Clonca,; and Carrowmore or Glentogher, Parish of Donagh. All in Barony Inishowen East – I suspect it is the latter.] & Gleneely & all other lands of the Earl then in occupation of Anthony DOBBEN & his undertenants, Ballycarran etc late in occupation of Charles DAVENPORT etc Ballyelaghan then late in occupation of Hugh DOGHERTY or John CROOKSHANKES etc Ballykeeny in occupation of Roger DOGHERTY

… Keenagh then in occupation of Rory DOGHERTY & undertenants … two tates of land then in occupation of James ELEER[?] and John CAMPBELL & undertenants Birt containing eleven quarters [I suspect Eleven Ballyboes, Parish Moville Lower, Barony of Inishowen East] of land in occupation of John FORWARD and undertenants subject to the said lands called the Birt [aka? Burt, Barony of Inishowen West.] to lease for life of said John FORWARD to term of 29 years in trust to his executor … then in occupation of Andrew FERGHSON [FERGUSON][3] & his tenants & Tidd and Caragh containing ¼ of lands late in occupation of Walter KARN[????] & undertenants Crossconnell and the mill or any lands called Mills of said Earl then or late in occupation of George HART & undertenants etc … 4 quarters Ardma[?]nihen in occupation of Collonel Henry HART[4] & undertenants … and all other lands of said Earl in occupation of John HARVEY his undertenants etc.. Donelly Church Lands then in occupancy of Andrew HAMILTON & undertakers etc .. [Duanare?] … and other part of Earl’s Lands in occupation of James & William LINDSAY & undertenants Errismenagh & Lister late in occupancy of James & John LINDSAY… lands in occupation  McNAW[?]of Henry LONG & undertenants … Ballyarlashy[?] Gortesnigan & Ballagh & all lands in occupation of Alexander LECKY & undertenants Ballynagrorly[?] & lands late in occupation of William LATHAM & undertenants… Kings containing half a quarter of Lane … in occupation of James McDEVLIN & undertenants … in occupation of McNAW[?] & assigns … Henry McN[?]NUS & BUTLER  Mossaglin late in occupation of Pheleny McLAUGHLIN ….  Carronbeg late in occupation of Alexander McNABB .. Corbitt late in occupation of William McCLINTOCK… the Islands in the Sea called Grave Islands in occupation of Kiney McM[???]  … Clare late in occupation of Owen McLAUGHLIN… Charles NORMAN Carrowmore … John PORTER…  [Aveny] QUIGLY … Carrorstrastry, Ballynahan, Grissleastle thereto belonging to land called Shrove and lands late in occupation of John RANKIN & undertenants … Inch containing 6 quarters of land … in occupation Triststram SWETENHARDS & tenants …

William STEWART … Robert THOMPSON … Charles VAUGHAN … containing eleven Quarters of land  …. Occupation of William VAUGHAN undertakers … William YOUNG … Ballyechains then in occupation of Roger YOUNG … Manor of Dunbrody Co. Wexford … Lands of Earl of Donegal in several counties of  Co. Donegall, Antrim, Londonderry, County of Town of Carrickfergus & elsewhere in Kingdom of Ireland …

NOTE: This deed is lengthy – and I did not capture all of it, nor can I vouch for all the spelling of names and places. A copy is also at PRONI D509/45.

Also see British Archives C 11/1726/29:

Plaintiffs: Katherine [Chichester] dowager Countess of Donegall, Ireland and Hon John Chichester, esq (younger son of Arthur [Chichester] late earl of Donegall, deceased and said Katherine [Chichester] Countess of Donegall his wife) infant (by his mother).

Defendants: Arthur [Chichester] Earl of Donegall and Lucy Londonderry, Thomas Coote, esq, Hans Hamilton, esq, Sir Peirce Butler bart, Robert Tench, esq, Thomas Vigors, James [Barry] Earl of Barrymore, Sir Bradwardine Jackson, Richard Booth, esq, Thomas Hutton, esq, Adam [Ottley] Bishop of St Davids and Richard [Temple] Baron of Cobham. Date of bill (or first document): 1718 [Chichester] Countess of Donegall his wife, Lucy [Ridgeway] dowager Countess of Londonderry, Thomas Coote, esq, Hans Hamilton, esq, Sir Peirce Butler bart, Robert Tench, esq, Thomas Vigors, James [Barry] Earl of Barrymore, Sir Bradwardine Jackson, Richard Booth, esq, Thomas Hutton, esq, Adam [Ottley] Bishop of St Davids and Richard [Temple] Baron of Cobham.

Date of bill (or first document): 1718

 NOTE: I am curious about the involvement of Bradwardine JACKSON (b abt 1670). It may be the BOOTH or OTTLEY connection.

NOTE: Sir Bradwardine JACKSON (1670-btw 1727-1739) left no heir.  Sir Arthur Chichester (1695-1757) was the husband of his half niece, Lucy RIDGEWAY. Lucy TINDALL had married firstly Sir John JACKSON and then Sir William JOPSON. Sir Bradwardine JACKSON (1670-btw 1727-1739) was the son of Sir John JACKSON and Lucy JOPSON, daughter of Sir William JOPSON was the mother of Lucy RIDGEWAY. SEE: JACKSONs of Edderthorpe, in Yorkshire, England. This family had numerous marriage and property connections to various places and families in Ireland.




1720 Feb 3

JACKSON-WRAY & wife Book Index 1708-1738

Deed Beresford JACKSON late of Bellymargy [aka Bellarena, Parish Magilligan. [aka Tamlaghtard?] Barony Keenaght], Co. Londonderry, Gent of 1st part & Henry WRAY of Castlewray, Co. Donegal, Esq. & Jane his wife of the other part (land in Donegal transferred).

Beresford JACKSON late of Bellymargy Co. Londonderry, Gent to Henry WRAY of Castlewray, Co. Donegal, Esq. & Jane his of Machrecannon ats Mahreheran [Maghernagran] Gortles [Gortlee] Carnamughogh [Carnamogagh Lower, &  Carnamogagh Upper] Bellinascadden [Bellanascaddan] Killacasting [Killylastin] one tenement in Litterkenny [Letterkenny] in possess' of James SAWYERS & one tenement in same in possess'n of Widow ORRAL, in Killmacrenah [Kilmacrennan]Co Donegal [no term or rent shown]. Registrars: Jon DARCES, John WOOTOON & Charles NORMAN. Witnesses: Thomas SKIPTON, Esq. of Ballyshashy, Londonderry; James WILSON, servant to Henry WRAY & Mary DUFFY. SEE: Descendants of William WRAY [Jane JACKSON was the wife of Henry WRAY] and JACKSONs of Coleraine.

NOTE: Maghernagran, Gortlee,  Carnamogagh Lower, &  Carnamogagh Upper, Killylastin,, and Letterkenny, are all in the Parish Conwal, Barony Kilmacrenan, Co. Donegal. Bellanascaddan and Kilmacrennan are both in Parish Kilmacrenan (on the northern border of Parish Conwal], Barony of Kilmacrenan




1725 May 31

RANKIN-JACKSON Bk 423. 1708-1738 Grace Church Londonderry & Coleraine

For Henry RANKIN sailor one of the sons of John RANKIN of City of Londonderry late deceased in consid of £100 paid by William JACKSON of Coleraine in City of Londonderry Esq. and Edmond CARY of Redd Castle in Co. Donegal Esq…. had granted to William JACKSON the moiety or full half of the several quarter lands of Shrove [Stroove ?]  Karatravnan Cerehew Ballymacarter [Ballymacarthur] Ballyechan Fardrum and the Terry Greencastle. Also the lands of Curragh o Garry two Tryans [Fryans?] Ballypatton two truans, the quarter land of Mechletterbeall, Clare one Ballyboe and one third Ballyboe all in Barony of Eneshowen Co. Donegall and which were all of Donegall decd And also one moiety of a house in Londonderry…. Signed William JACKSON NOTE: William JACKSON (1695-1744), husband of Frances EYRE, and son of Capt. William JACKSON and Elizabeth GORGES. Redd Castle aka Red Castle is in townland of Carrickmaquigley, Parish Moville Upper,. It is on the western shore of Lough Foyle, abt 25 miles north of Londonderry and across the Lough from other Jackson holdings in Coleraine and Londonderry. The Co. Donegal townlands listed here are all in the Barony of Inishowen East, [aka Eneshowen]:

·       Shrove aka Stroove, Parish Movilla Lower;

·       Karatravnan aka Carrowtrasna (it is on the western border of Stroove), Parish of Moville Lower;

·       Cerehew aka Carrowhugh (it is on the western border of Carrowtrasna), Parish Moville Lower

·       Ballymacarter aka Ballymacarthur, Parish Moville Lower

·       Ballyechan aka Balleeghan, Parish Movilla Lower is on the western border of Ballymacarthur;

·       Fardrum aka Tardrum? Tardrum Cottages are about a km northeast of Greencastle in the Eleven Ballyboes, Parish Moville Lower;

·       Terry I do not know what this refers to. Although there is a Terrydrum, Parish of Tamlaght Finlagan, Barony Keenaght, Co. Londonderry, I suspect that it is part of the Eleven Ballyboes, Parish Moville Lower..

·       Greencastle is on the coast north-east from Moville, and probably within the Eleven Ballyboes, Parish Moville Lower

·       Curragh o Garry possibly Moneydarragh, Parish of Culdaff, which is on the northern border of Clare,, Parish Moville Upper

·       Ballypatton aka Ballyrattan, Parish Moville Upper on the eastern border of Clare;

·       Mechletterbeall aka Meenletterbale,, Parish Moville Lower; ,

·       Clare,, Parish Moville Upper.



[1] Capt. Henry HART I have him as Col. Henry HARTE.

[2] Sir Francis Hamilton of Kealagh, county of Cavan, Bart. was father of Sir Charles of Killishandra in the same county, Bart. who was made Cust. Rot. of that county. 12 February 1673 he married Catharine, daughter of Sir William St. Paul otherwise Semple of Letterkenny county of Longford, Knt. (by his wife Anne, daughter of Sir William Stewart, Bart. ancestor to William Earl of Blefington, which title became extinct on his Lordship's decease 14 August 1769) and dying in 1689, had Sir Francis his heir; Nichola, married first to Philip Cecil, of Drumurry county of Cavan, Esq. secondly, to Arthur Culme of Lisnamain in said county, Esq. by whom she had Hugh Culme born 23 December 1706, who died unmarried; and Dorothy to Francis son of Sir John Edgeworth, Knt. and had issue John, who died unmarried, and a daughter Francelina. Sir Francis was Knight of the Shire for Cavan in 1661, and one of the commissioners for the settlement of Ireland, ; he was attainted by K. James's Parliament in 1689; and 7 March 1688 his father then living, was exempted from mercy or the King's favour, by Tyrconnel's proclamation, together with John Hawkins and Sir John Magill. He married first Catharine, daughter of Hugh the first Earl of Mount-Alexander, by whom he had a daughter, who died young; he married secondly (pursuant to the recommendation of his first wife when dying) Anne daughter and coheir to Claud. Hamilton, Esq. by his wife Anne, daughter of William Hamilton of Hamilton's Bawn in said county; he is also said to have married Letitia or Nichola, daughter of Sir Charles Coote, Bart. and dying without issue his said sisters became coheirs, the elder, as just now observed, married Philip Cecil, Esq. who derived his descent from that eminent statesman William, Lord Burleigh, Lord Treasurer of England, and Prime Minister to Q. Elizabeth: whose only son Robert, by his second wife Mildred, daughter of Sir Anthony Coke of Giddy-Hall in Essex, Governor to K. Edward VI., was created 4 May 1605 Earl of Salisbury; and his son William, Earl of Salisbury, by the Lady Catharine Howard, youngest daughter of Thomas, Earl of Suffolk was father of Charles, Viscount Cranbourne, made Knight of the Bath at the Coronation of K. Charles I., who died before his father, and by the Lady Jane Maxwell, daughter and coheir to James, Earl of Dirleton, had, besides other children, James, successor to his grandfather; and Philip, who deceasing in September 1684, had issue two sons and one daughter; Arthur, heir to his uncle, mentioned in the text; Hamilton, who died unmarried ; and Anne. Arthur Cecil-Hamilton, Esq., 16 November 1720 married Anne, daughter and heir to Thomas Connor of Dublin, Esq. and had two daughters, viz. Margaret, married as in text; and Nichola, married 4 March 17 so to Richard Jackson of Forkhill, county of Armagh, Esq. and had no issue by him who died in 1787. (Lodge Edit. I754. I. 303. II. zoo, 2c1. IV. 23.8. 239, and Collections.) SOURCE: The Peerage of Ireland: Or, A Genealogical History of the Present Nobility of that Kingdom, Volume 6. John Lodge. pp27-28

[3] Andrew FERGUSON was a merchant of Coleraine whose will was proved in 1766.

[4] Collonel Henry HART[E} was of Muff & Kilderry, Co. Donegal. His will was proved in 1712. His wife was Anne BERESFORD, daughter of Sir Tristram BERESFORD and Sarah SACKVILLE. Their son George HARTE (1685-1758) was of Kilderry, Co. Donegal. The parents of Collonel Henry HART[E} (?-1712) were George HART and Elizabeth CARY. She was a daughter of George CARY (d 1640) & Jane BERESFORD (b abt 1605). Jane BERESFORD was a daughter of Tristram BERESFORD & Susannah BROOKE.



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