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Fishing for JACKSONS
Sharon Oddie Brown. July 2, 2010


My earliest documented JACKSON family member is George JACKSON (1718-1792). Amy Oliver JACKSON (1874-1962), daughter of Sir Thomas JACKSON (1841-1915), left us two incompatible versions of our family history. Both were written in the early 1950s and each claims a different county for the Jackson’s first connection to Ireland. Take your pick:


My Father came of an English family, one of whom went to Ireland as an officer in the Army in Queen Elizabeth's reign- was given a grant of land in County Cavan.


The Jacksons came from Northamptonshire and went to Ireland in Elizabeth's reign, and were given grants of land in Co. Carlow (N. Leinster) for distinguished service in the Army.


Other family histories allege that the JACKSON family origin was in Yorkshire, some in Lancashire and then of course, as in the version above – Northamptonshire. Maybe all these versions are true. Maybe none are. Of course, Yorkshire and Lancashire are cheek by jowl in the north of England, but Northamptonshire is a good bit south. If the Northamptonshire part is right, then the Duddington JACKSONs are a tantalizing guess (I will put together their tree soon). Other JACKSON trees, such as the Quaker Jacksons, or the Jacksons of Coleraine or the Jacksons of Drogheda also have arguments in support of them being connected to our dear old George.


To use a fishing analogy, what I have been doing ever since is fishing with a seine net rather than a line. The resulting catch is such an impossible heap to do anything with, I have then entered the information on all these Jackson “fish”  into tables. A side benefit is that this information may assist others. So, here goes:



TABLES OF INFORMATION ON IRISH JACKSONS (mostly up to the mid-1800s) [SEE Also Family Trees ]


Data referring to JACKSONs in specific Counties in Ireland



Jacksons found in Co. Carlow & Co. Wicklow I have two requests of readers. Firstly, this is a 30 page document and I have had to wrestle with some aspects of getting it onto a readable page. Please let me know if it works for you. Secondly, If you have trees that link any of the earlier names to more recent ones, I would love to learn more. NOTE: I have not interpolated data from the 1901 Census since it seemed to shed no significant new light on what I already had.

 June 3, 2010

JACKSONs found in Carlow Church of Ireland Records NOTE: Since my focus is JACKSONs, I didn’t look much at non-JACKSON witnesses. I have checked the image of the register for all the burials and Baptisms and selected records otherwise. I have sorted the three tables (Marriages; Baptisms and Deaths) chronologically.

July 2, 2010

Jacksons in Carlow Griffiths Valuations Jacksons who show up in Griffiths Valuation in Co. Carlow. This page also includes a map.

July 2, 2010

Jacksons In Co. Down Probates The Newtown JACKSONs seem to be tied into the John JACKSON, born 1624 Eccleston, Lancashire, England. Updated.

July 4, 2010

JACKSON Freemen of Dublin NOTE: This is merely the start of a work in progress - trying to learn more about these men and who their families may have been. I am particularly interested in the ones with Quaker links.

January 26, 2010

Jacksons in Co. Cavan I have just completed a number of interrelated pages concerning early property holdings in Co. Cavan.
Firstly, there is the list that Coote replicated from Pynnar on lands in 1618-1619. Secondly, a page where I make a stab at following the older place names into what they are more frequently known as today.
Thirdly, early sightings of JACKSONs in Co. Cavan.
Finally, a list of the proprietors in Co. Cavan in 1802 - which includes one lone JACKSON.

May 20, 2010

JACKSONs at Trinity College, Dublin I have sorted the material by date.  This is my first stab at documenting who is who. I am hopeful that others will contribute and then we can find homes for all of these JACKSONs. Updated

August 23, 2010

July 7, 2011

JACKSONs in 1600s Parish Registers in Dublin After bashing my head on many brick walls, I have decided to start looking at as many JACKSONs as I can find in Ireland in the 1600s. My reasons are self serving. I know that my particular JACKSONs came over to Ireland in that century, although which particular batch they belonged to, I haven't a clue. Most of these JACKSON records included beneath will be ruled out as significant to me in the long run, but may be significant for others. Many of them may have been mainly in Antrim or Down or Carlow or goodness knows where else – but they still had links to Dublin as well.

October 3, 2010

JACKSONs of St. Nicholas Parish, Dublin I will revisit this page early in the new year. For now, this is as far as I can take it.

October 26, 2010

JACKSONs of St Andrews Parish, Dublin I will revisit this page early in the new year. For now, this is as far as I can take it.

October 26, 2010

JACKSONs of St. Audoens Parish, Dublin The number of JACKSONs in this parish with military connections intrigues me. I have much to learn here and will get back to this material early in the new year.

October 26, 2010

JACKSONs of St. Brides Parish, Dublin The JACKSONs in this parish seem to be primarily trades people. I have more to learn and will get back to this page in the new year.

October 26, 2010

JACKSONs of St. Catherines Parish, Dublin I have done more work on the JACKSONs of this Parish than I have been able to for the pages relating to other parishes. More work still awaits me however and I hope to get to it early in the new year.

October 26, 2010

JACKSONs of St. Michans Parish, Dublin This parish intrigues me because of its connection to the JACKSONs of Ballybay who were involved in the United Irishmen. It may very well be that they were also related to some of the earlier JACKSONs in this parish.

October 26, 2010

JACKSONs of St. John Parish, Dublin Like many of the other pages of parish churches in Dublin, I have a great deal more work to do - but it will have to wait until the new year.

October 26, 2010

The Cancellation Books of Aghavilla, Parish of Carrigallen The last of David JACKSON's and Eliza OLIVER's children to be born at Aghavilla aka Aughavilla was Mary JACKSON b 1844. There is a deed reference that shows David JACKSON still connected to Aghavilla in 1849 August 27. This is the last mention of the land in connection with him and his name does not show up in the records at the time of the Griffiths Valuation in 1856-7. According to his marriage agreement, JACKSON had leased 86 acres and 17 perches or thereabouts - measured in Irish acres. This would work out to be a little more than 139 acres English measure. It would seem that this would then be the land leased by LaTouche to Rorke. The mystery is when and how the land went from a leasehold held by David JACKSON to one held by Hugh RORKE.

October 26, 2010

JACKSONs of Wexford, Wicklow & some Kildare This dozen or so pages includes various bits that I have found relating to the JACKSONs who had connections with either Co. Wexford or Co. Wicklow - with a few bits from Kildare added as well. When I finish more deeds research, there will be more to add - possibly in a separate page.

January 5, 2010

Jacksons of Dundalk & Co. Louth At present, I do not know how any of these Dundalk JACKSONs may connect with the John W. JACKSON who called himself a cousin of Sir Thomas JACKSON in a letter sent about 1900. There may also be a connection to the Charles Jackson memorialized at Clonaleenan Graveyard (see bottom of page).

January 15, 2011

1901 Census - JACKSONs in Co. Louth These Jackson families are clustered in two cities in Co. Louth: Dundalk & Drogheda. Jacksons living in each of these places may be pertinent to the study of the background of Sir Thomas Jackson. Some are gone by the time of the 1911 Census.

January 16, 2011

JACKSONs from Wicklow who appear in Deeds This list of references does not capture anything like all the records of JACKSONs connected to Co. Wicklow who appear in Memorials of Deeds, but it is a start.

January 23, 2011

JACKSONs in Wexford mentioned in Memorials of Deeds I am an absolute novice when it comes to research in Wexford, and am still trying to place several townlands that are mentioned there. My notes beneath illustrate the extent of my ignorance. Bit by bit, I will compare these entries with other sources, and perhaps will learn more about them and their families. In the meantime, if any of these JACKSONs are “yours”, please let me know and I will add their particulars under the notes column.

January 27, 2011

Robert Jackson of Crooked Staff, Dublin There are many threads to follow with respect to linking Dublin-based JACKSONs with JACKSONs in Co. Meath and elsewhere. This Robert JACKSON, a tanner of Dublin is only one of them. Another possibly productive line of inquiry is checking out the tanners named JACKSON in Ireland in the late 1600s. There were JACKSON tanners who were active in Co. Down as well as in Drogheda.

December 17, 2011

Jacksons mentioned in Co. Kildare Memorials of Deeds I will be doing more work with this data in the near future, and placing more of these people in family trees. When you see a name that is underlined and in red caps, this means that the material was sourced from Nick Reddan's Deeds site. [Example: MOS.] I am grateful for all the work done by the volunteer transcribers who submit material to his site. I have added notes to these abstracts that include more details of pertinent parishes, baronies and such. This helps to locate individuals, especially when viewed with other property related documents.

February 7, 2012

Jacksons of Kildare in Griffiths Valuation This compilation of data is especially useful when looked at in conjunction with abstracts of Memorials of Deeds of JACKSONs in Co. Kildare. I will be working on more related data and will soon write some companion pieces as well as at least one family tree that I can construct as a result of this data.

February 8, 2012

Jacksons in Kildare 1835-1839 Voters List NOTE: I still need to access the primary source for this, and I may tweak the following table when I do. I would like to determine which address is residence and which address represents the land leased or held under freehold.

February 13, 2012

Jacksons in Kildare 1823-1837 Tithe Applotments Since computer searches do better with consistent names - for example William instead of Wm or Wllm - I have standardized them all. I find that this kind of table is helpful when viewed alongside deed references, and other land documents.

February 13, 2012

Jacksons of Ballygibbon Snippets There are several family branches of Jacksons of Ballygibbon, Co. Kildare that will likely interconnect when more is known. None of them are extensive enough to really be called trees - branches is more like it. Shrubs, perhaps.

February 22, 2012

Jacksons of Co, Cavan. I have two charts of data on Jacksons of Co. Cavan. They need to be merged, but I don't have the time right now. The original one is here.

April 25, 2012

Jacksons of Co. Dublin I have included all deeds where the JACKSON person referenced is "of Dublin" or else, the property that they held was in Dublin even though they may have been resident elsewhere.

August 24, 2012

JACKSON obits in the Limerick Chronicle Just because these obits were in the Limerick Chronicle does not mean that all the people mentioned in them were only from Co. Limerick. Many were, but many are there for other reasons. Perhaps someone thought it fitting to pay for an ad in the Chronicle because there were family and/or business ties. There is a search box on the site, and when you type in the names of other counties, the results can be quite rewarding.

September 21, 2012

JACKSON mentions in Co Limerick. Just because these bits of information were in the Limerick Chronicle and other sources connected to Co. Limerick does not mean that all the people mentioned in them were only from Co. Limerick. Many were, but many are there for other reasons.

September 21, 2012

I have transcribed, annotated and posted the probates of JACKSONs of Co. Meath.

May 13, 2013

Probates of Jackson who died in Co. Wicklow. I am getting tantalizingly close to being able to click a number of these people into a family tree. At present, I have a stub of a tree including a number of JACKSONs from Woodfield aka Woodfieldglen in Co. Wicklow. If readers know more, it shouldn't take much to make a larger leap.

May 15, 2013

Kildare Valuations for JACKSONs and LYNCHs.WARNING: These notes were taken at great speed, and need to be double-checked against the originals. In my haste, I did leave off the identifying dates of the books that the entries were transcribed from. Their use is primarily as a starting point. NOTE: Valuation books contain the revisions of ownership recorded after the Griffiths Valuations wich took place in the mid-1850s.

May 15, 2013

JACKSONs in St Peters Drogheda Parish. Although the records span a much larger time frame than my transcriptions might indicate, I transcribed every JACKSON that I could find in Vol 1, and then cherry picked in Vol 2. There did not seem to be any more JACKSONs where I would have expected to see them. It seems likely that they were part of another Parish by the time of the 2nd volume. NOTE: They have since showed up, and have been added.

May 17, 2013
June 20, 2014

Probates of Jacksons of Cavan. I have interpolated census and other material into this chart of probates of Jacksons who died in Co. Cavan.. It helps to situate each person within a larger context.

May 26, 2013

Jacksons in Co. Cavan - a preliminary Chart. This chart organizes the JACKSON appearances in Co. Cavan by year. If you cut and paste it into a word document, then you can sort it by townland, parish or Barony - whatever you like.

May 26, 2013

Research relating to early JACKSONs in Co. Cavan. Earlier versions are at Version One and Version Two. There is also a page with a map of Cavan, and where I focused on townland names. For a chattier version, and one that may be easier to follow for the first time, see my blog post: Jacksons of Cavan.

May 26, 2013

Strettell Jackson of Co. Cork This is one of those pieces of research where I cobble together what I can, and try to make sense of it. When I can go no further, I post it in the hopes that either someone else can make sense of it all, or else some parts of it will help someone else to break through their brick wall. This focuses on JACKSONs in Co. Cork, but the family had connections to many other counties and families, particularly in the Quaker and Protestant circles, but not exclusively in them.NOTE: There are also extensive footnotes about both Strettell and Lodowick JACKSON of Youghall, Co. Cork.

May 27, 2011

JACKSONs recorded in Dublin Probates. I will be adding to the notes on the people in these probates, but decided to post what I have in case others can also help out here in the meantime. My hope is to eventually have all them connected into known JACKSON lines. May 5, 2013
Research Notes for Jacksons of Coleraine. Hopefully, this rudimentary start may be of help to others researching people in Coleraine. I will likely add to it as I learn more. June 29, 2013
Timeline of Jackons of Coleraine. This timeline includes data from web sites, books, deeds, and archives. It is by no means exhaustive, although it already runs to close to 20 pages. June 29, 2013
Leases of land in Dublin with known connections to JACKSONs of Coleraine. The earliest memorials of leases of land in Dublin connected to the JACKSONs of Coleraine involved Samuel JACKSON (1641-1706). He was related to most if not all of the JACKSONs mentioned in the leases in the table beneath. Bit by bit, I am entering this data into my Rootsweb version of the family tree. August 27, 2016
Jacksons in St. Peters Church Dublin. I have made a start at interpolating other known facts. Where possible, I have included a link to a known family tree. In future, correlating this data with deeds research will likely be productive. July 10, 2013
Jacksons in St. Mary's Church of Ireland, Dublin. I am trying to situate these JACKSONs in various family trees in order to determine the extent to which they may or may not be related. As I learn more, I will update this page. June 16, 2013
Isaac JACKSON Note: This document is significant since the early Quaker JACKSONs who resided in Ireland in the often named their sons Isaac, and yet we do not yet have one in this time frame. For example, an Isaac JACKSON (1655-1751) was the eldest son of Anthony JACKSON (1628-1696), and the name was oft repeated in that family. I do not yet know who the Isaac JACKSON in this document is, but it would not be impossible that he was a brother of the early Quakers Richard JACKSON (1626-1679) & Anthony JACKSON (1628-1696) – who were supposedly brothers. August 6, 2013
Jacksons of Co. Carlow. This page pulls together references to deeds and a few other bits that I have surrounding Esther JACKSON and her leases at Coolmana, aka Nashe's Quarter in Co. Carlow. I have also appended a tentative family tree - rather mor of a shrub actually, as well as a similar one for her SHARP family. This is all in the hopes that we may be able to tie them into another tree of JACKSONs. Possibilities include JACKSONs in Carlow, Wicklow, Kildare as well as Lanark Co., Ontario, Canada. September 16, 2013
Jackson Marriages in Dublin records. It has been and will continue to be a huge project to track all these people down. Because of other commitments, I must set it aside for a while. Still, I thought it worthwhile to post in its incomplete form since there is already lots of useful material. I am hoping that others can take the bits that I haven’t done, and let me know if they have information to add. I will update this page as time permits. September 24, 2013
GENEALOGICAL NOTES OF THE ROSE FAMILY. This document is intriguing because there seem to be links between Josiah JACKSON of Athy and Robert JACKSON of Crooked Staff, Dublin. October 1, 2013
Deeds and such relating to JACKSONs etc. This page is a simply a compilation of a number of documents relating to JACKSONs, HONEs, HUNTs, and VICARs. It is intended to be a help to anyone researching these interconnected families. October 1, 2013
JACKSONs in the Down Survey. I will add more links to these 5 men as I learn more. For now, knowing the names of the townlands is a great help in moving forward. I intend to look for them next time I am in the deeds registry (nect spring). NOTE: All acreage is in Plantation measure. October 29, 2013
Townlands in Tyrone lease - Thomas JACKSON 1743 July 25. Most of these Tyrone townland names do not appear anywhere else, other than in this lease, in Google searches. The extent of the holdings mentioned in this list of 66 townland names and their alternate names is significant. I have been trying to determine where they all are as part of a clue to unravelling the ancestry of various JACKSON lines. Some of my guesses are pretty far-fetched. I am hoping that people who know more about Tyrone townland names can set me straight, or perhaps add to what I have found out thus far. November 21, 2013
Jacksons in Co. Tyrone in Griffiths Valuation. More needs to be done to learn more about the family links between these JACKSONs. November 21, 2013
Leases owned by JACKSONs connected to Urker & Liscalgot. Following the JACKSON leases in the Barony of the Fews, Co. Armagh will likely be a key to several unanswered questions. It came out in court case concerning the murder of George M’Clean on Dec 4, 1846 that a long lease held by Eliza JACKSON was cancelled: One cause assigned for the murder is that Mrs. Jackson was dispossessed of a large farm a few days ago, on the expiration of a long lease, and part of the lands were given to one Middleton, bailiff to the property, and who is nephew to the deceased . Since we do not know which lease it might have been, all are worth investigating. The ones that I know about so far include: Urcher, and Liscalgot in the parish of Creggan; Tulleyagallaghan, Cashel, Ummerinvore, and Tullyvallen in the parish of Newtownhamilton. November 22, 2013
Jacksons of Creekstown Co. Meath.There is a story here that is itching to be told about these JACKSONs. I keep scratching, but so far have not got to the bottom of it. These documents might help others put the pieces together. April 18, 2014
Jacksons of Rathe, Co. Meath. These are just some random snippets which will hopefully end up being helpful to connect people into older family trees - in particular, those associated with Lisnaboe, Co. Meath & Ballybay, Co. Monaghan. June 19, 2014
BMDs of Co. Down, My focus was on JACKSONs and names known to have married into the family. It is by no means exhaustive, in part because the films I was working with varied in quality - as did my vision, depending on the time of day. July 3, 2014
Jacksons and others in Parish of Knockbreda, Barony of Castlereagh Upper, Co. Down. Griffiths valuations. July 3, 2014
Probates of JACKSONs of Co. Down. I have also done a tree of the JACKSONs of Co. Down which includes many of these people, and there are many more of them in my tree who are also likely to be connected. This is just a start. There are also later abstracts which can be found at PRONI Will Calendars Search. July 3, 2014
JACKSON Freeholders of Castlereagh.Extracted from PRONI Freeholders records (with a few others thrown in). I searched for John JACKSON, and picked up a few others in the by-catch. July 3, 2014
JACKSONs of Killyman Parish. These JACKSONs of Killyman, Co. Armagh are not "my JACKSONs" - at least as far as I know, but I am curious about migrations of early JACKSONs in Ireland. I am sharing this in the hopes that we can all learn more. NOTE: This page was made possible thanks to transcriptions by Peter McWilliam.  
The Probates of JACKSONs in Co. Antrim reveal a remarkable level of interconnections. Most of the ancestors of these families are likely to have been in Antrim since the mid-1600s. I have assembled this using probates available from the indexes at National Archives - sorted by date and have annotated then with additional information from Census and other sources. March 18, 2015
The records of Millrow First Presbyterian Church reveal a number of JACKSONs from a number of townlands surrounding the town of Antrim. There were also other JACKSONs in these townlands, and they likely attended the Church of Ireland. March 18, 2015

Jacksons in A Directory to the market towns, villages, gentlemen’s seats and other noted Places in Ireland. This is a smattering of JACKSONs who qualified to be called "Gent" in 1814.

March 18, 2015
Many of the JACKSONs of Christ's College are members of families who resided in Ireland. March 18, 2015
The Jacksons of Loonburn, Co. Antrim are connected to the JACKSONs of Steeple, Co. Antrim. Part of my work this spring will be figuring out how they connect. NOTE: I have included some Islandmagee JACKSONs because they are descendants of the Loonburn and likely of the Steeple JACKSONs and hence will turn out to be pertinent. March 18, 2018
There are only bits of the 1851 Census available. Here are some JACKSON bits - from Larne, Co. Antrim. March 18, 2015
Ballyprior Graveyard, Islandmagee, Co. Antrim. These Jacksons all tie into the JACKSONs of Islandmagee and trace back to the JACKSONs of Loonburn and possibly the JACKSONs of Steeple. March 19, 2015
JACKSONs of Kings Co. aka Offaly. The main purpose of this page is to explore the links between various JACKSONs of Grange, Parish of Sierkieran, Kings Co. The clusterings of parishes where JACKSONs can be found is likely meaningful in terms of familial connections. February 27, 2016
Snippets of JACKSON-CLARK connections. There is a JACKSON-CLARK[E] connection in Co. Antrim that I have yet to nail down August 16, 2016
JACKSONs of Steeple. There are a number of JACKSONs who are linked to Steeple by either land holdings or marriage - or are connected on the basis of my hunches. Many of them owned sizable land holdings in Steeple, Holywell & the town of Antrim – all very close together, as well as some holdings in nearby Loonburn Co. of Antrim. August 16, 2016
JACKSON representatives in the Irish House of Commons. For at least a century, there was an almost unbroken line of very closely related JACKSONs serving in the Irish House of Commons 1692-1800. During this century, there were several other representatives who were closely related to them by marriage, GORGES and BERESFORD chief among them. See also: Wikipedia Irish House of Commons. August 18, 2016
JACKSONs from the Grantors' Index 1708-1799. I have also also shared these transcriptions on Nick Reddan’s Deeds Project. About 1/4 of these references are new to me - ones that I did not have until I did this latest batch of transcriptions. This batch includes every image on the Family Search page of grantors that mentions JACKSON grantors 1708-1799. I have marked the new ones with an X. The rest of them had already been included in the tables of memorials that I have already uploaded. February 8, 2017
JACKSON BMDs from the Belfast Newsletter. This 9 page chart also includes a fair bit of me thinking-out-loud as well as a lot of verified facts and relationships. March 20, 2017
JACKSONs of Co. Down - a Townland sort. I have interpolated many of the records of JACKSONs recorded in the Belfast Newsletter BMDs, with as many of the memorials of deeds that I can find notes on [based on my 2016 update – more to come]. March 20, 2017
This chart of Jackson Baptisms in Co Down is just a start. I will update it after I get back from my spring 2017 trip to Ireland. More to come. March 25, 2017


Data on Irish JACKSONs from Britain and other Countries



JACKSONs in Whittington Church Records These records provide the BMD sources for a number of the JACKSONs who ended up in Londonderry in the mid-1600s. They are likely significant for understanding many other Irish-England connections.

August 2, 2010

The Ejected of 1662 in Cumberland and Westmoreland : Their Predecessors and Successors,Vol 1. B. Nightingale, M.A. Manchester, 1911 There are numerous JACKSONs in these records.

August 2, 2010

The Ejected of 1662 in Cumberland and Westmoreland : Their Predecessors and Successors, Vol 2. This is a fascinating document with many, many references to both JACKSONs and also MAULEVERERs (another family that had roots in Northern Ireland). There is also quite a bit about the context of Quakers, Presbyterians and the Established church in the mid-1600s in Westmoreland.

August 3, 2010

Jacksons of Christ's College from Yorkshire, Westmorland & Lancashire My purpose in assembling this table and highlighting various words is to support those researchers who are working to establish links between the various JACKSON families who emigrated to Ireland in the 1600s and then perhaps also went back and forth to England for reasons of study, business or family. The JACKSONs of Coleraine were definitely connected to the Clothworkers part of the plantation settlements in the early 1600s, but more is still to be learned of them. They were also not the only line of JACKSONs to settle in Ireland in this time frame, although it is not unlikely that other lines will turn out to have some tangential relationship with them. Leeds, Westmorland and Yorkshire were specific places that many of them hailed from.

August 22, 2010

JACKSONs mentioned amongst Oxford Alumni My purpose in assembling this table and highlighting various words is to support those researchers who are working to establish links between the various JACKSON families who emigrated to Ireland in the 1600s and then perhaps also went back and forth to England for reasons of study, business or family.


Jacksons in 1847 in India & Ceylon These are the references for a number of JACKSON family members in India and Ceylon in 1847.

March 13. 2011

Abstracts of Probate Acts in the Prerogative Court of Canterbury - volume 1 ;

Nov 23, 2001

Abstracts of Probate Acts in the Prerogative Court of Canterbury - volume 4 ;

Nov 23, 2001

Abstracts of Probate Acts in the Prerogative Court of Canterbury - volume 6

Nov 23, 2001

Abstracts of Wills in the Prerogative Court of Canterbury at Somerset House,;

Nov 24, 2001

Genealogical abstracts of wills proved in the prerogative court of Canterbury. Register “Wootton” 1658. Vol I;

Nov 24, 2001

Genealogical abstracts of wills proved in the prerogative court of Canterbury. Register “Wootton” 1658. Vol II;

Nov 24, 2001

Genealogical abstracts of wills proved in the prerogative court of Canterbury. Register “Wootton” 1658. Vol IV;

Nov 24, 2001

JACKSON Pewterers in London In the 1400s-1800s, Jacksons were active as pewterers in London. This table is quite revealing when it comes to seeing how active.Many of them link to the JACKSONs of Derbyshire.

December 2, 2011

Calendar of State Papers - JACKSONs These are the names of JACKSON men who were granted land in post-Cromwellian Ireland and were often known as "Adventurers". This was the investment system whereby wars were bankrolled by a mixture of either money or service (being a soldier).


JACKSONS of Cheshire & Lancashire This chart was made from material included in Record Society for the Publication of Original Documents relating to Lancashire and Cheshire.  Vol X.1884. A List of Lancashire Wills proved within the Archdeaconry of Richmond, and now preserved in Somerset House, London from AD 1457 to 1680; and of Abstracts of Lancashire Will (belonging to the same Archdeaconry) in the British Museum, from AD 1531-1652. Ed. Lieut-Colonel Henry Fishwick, F.S.A. Printed for the Record Society 1884

December 10, 2011

JACKSONs and others with connections to Ireland from the registers of "The Collegiate Church or Abbey of St. Peter, Westminster" aka "Westminster Abbey" Researcher Jan Waugh did most of the transcriptions that include mentions of JACKSON names. I built on her work by including references to other families who also had military, mercantile and/or family connections with Ireland.

December 12, 2011

Jacksons and the history of The Peak The history of building on The Peak in Hong Kong is intertwined with the stories of many of the men who were in power in Hong Kong in the mid to late 1800s, as well as the stories of their wives and children. Thomas Jackson and his family built a summer home there called Creggan.

February 9, 2011

Jacksons of Duddington Gravemarkers Photos of JACKSON grave markers associated with the JACKSONs of Duddington, and also including one for Original Jackson.

August 14, 2011

William JACKSON - 1688. This document adds three new children to Rev. Richard JACKSON (1602-1681) and Dorothy OTWAY of Kirby Lonsdale: Nathaniel Jackson; Hannah JACKSON and Dorothy JACKSON. This Rev. JACKSON was the father of a number of JACKSONs who emigrated to Ireland in the mid-1600s. I have updated my Rootsweb family tree to include these new additions. May 28, 2013
Jacksons in Lancashire and Cheshire Wills. My purpose in constructing this table is to help myself and other researchers track down those JACKSONs who also showed up in Ireland - either as lessees, lessors, and/or residents. May 29, 2013
Jacksons in China & India. In this transcription, I primarily noted instances of the name JACKSON, but also of some of the known relations of Sir Thomas JACKSON (1841-1915). When I learn more about some of these people, I will annotate them. It is most likely that the Mrs. DARE mentioned was Sarah Shrieve PARKE (1817-1879) the mother of Amelia Lydia DARE (1851-1944) who was the wife of Sir Thomas JACKSON. August 3, 2013
JACKSONs in London Marriages 1521-1869. Some of the JACKSONs who settled in Ireland in the 1600s and 1700s are likely to be noted in the entries in this table. I have only made note of two, but will add more as I have the time to research them all. March 12, 2014
JACKSONs in India. NOTE: Not all of the JACKSONs mentioned in The Bengal Obituary have been transcribed and posted on this page. The links to the JACKSONs of Ahenesk are interesting. March 20, 2014
1655 will of Thomas JACKSON, schoolmaster of Penrith, Co. Cumberland. I did some work on this on the offchance he may tie into other JACKSONs in the area who were connected to Ireland in the early 1600s. February 11, 2015
My intention is to shed light on several lines of JACKSONs who ended up in Ireland in the 1600s and 1700s. They may or may not be related, but many of the mid-1600s English settlers in Ireland (especially around Coleraine) were alleged to have originated from Westmorland. This is what makes the Parish of St. Mary’s Kirkby Lonsdale so intriguing. There were not only many JACKSON families included in their parish, but several who were known to have settled in Ireland. The frequency of certain naming patterns leads me to suspect that they may be related.
SEE: Christenings; Burials; Marriages.
February 11, 2015
The Book of Dignities. These are some JACKSONs of note in the British Empire. March 8, 2015
I have assembled a number of Luke JACKSONs (mostly of Antrim) into a table, and sorted it by date to see what perks up. There are several strays that I suspect will be solved by further work in the Deeds Registry. March 23, 2013
Middleton in Lonsdale, Westmorland Parish Register. The purpose of this post is because I am tracking JACKSONs of Kirkby Lonsdale in Westmorland and environs. Many of these JACKSONs settled in Ireland in the 1600s, and their descendants put down long-term roots. This is part of an attempt to sort them out. I have appended two wills beneath showing in the late 1500s: Hugh JACKSON=Isobel BAINBRIGGE, children: Miles JACKSON & Margaret JACKSON March 2, 2016
Jacksons mentioned in Ships' Manifests: The frequent journeys by JACKSONs from England to Ireland in the 1630s is interesting. At present, I have no knowledge about if or how these people in the chart beneath may or may not be related. There are certainly a few tantalizing mentions of JACKSONs in Coleraine prior to the 1630s, and their eventual full time settlement in Ireland happened soon after – if not before. November 18, 2016


Miscellaneous Data on Irish JACKSONs



Jackson Tree from the Library of Congress There are some good clues here, but probably also some red herrings. Since this material is unsourced, I approach it with caution.

July 4, 2010

Jackson Crests relating to Ireland This page has meant looking simultaneously at dozens of JACKSON crests - and I can't claim to not have made a mistake or three. There were dozens of hyperlinks to add - so hopefully they are all working. Please let me know if you encounter difficulties, errors or if you can add more to this story. Updated.

July 8, 2010 June 4, 2011

JACKSONs named in Cromwellian Land Grants In time, my hope is that we will be able to pin all these men to particular JACKSON family trees. For now, this is merely a work in progress. SOURCE: The Irish and Anglo-Irish Landed Gentry, When Cromwell came to Ireland. John O’Hart. 2007. Updated

July 9, 2010 August 21, 2010

JACKSON subscribers to Lewis Topographical Dictionary of Ireland 1837

July 13, 2010

JACKSONs in Whittington Church Records These records provide the BMD sources for a number of the JACKSONs who ended up in Londonderry in the mid-1600s. They are likely significant for understanding many other Irish-England connections.

August 2, 2010

Index to Irish Marriages 1771-1712 I have made a table incorporating the JACKSONs mentioned in the two volumes of Walker's Hiberian Magazine and added clarifications where known.

August 22, 2010

Jacksons in Census Records These census records from Manchester came to me thanks to the hard work of John McAnally. They are the start of tring to find the ancestors of John W. Jackson, who wrote a letter in about 1900 to Sir Thomas JACKSON.

January 15, 2011

1911 Irish Census - mentions of Jacksons These Jackson families are clustered in two cities in Co. Louth: Dundalk & Drogheda. Jacksons living in each of these places may be pertinent to the study of the background of Sir Thomas Jackson.

January 16, 2010

JACKSONs seen on Grave markers in Ireland This file is a work in progess - I will record updates, so it may be worth checking in from time to time.

January 23, 2011

JACKSON's Irish Will Probates NOTE: I will be adding to this page as I work through the materials I have come home with from my latest trip to Ireland. I also looked for other names: BRADFORD; COULTER; etc. so a few of them are included, but I quickly ran out of time.

October 28 2011

1692 Lt. Thomas Ball Dividend What fascinates me about this document is that there are only five townlands for which amounts are included - and they are all townlands that have a connection to JACKSONs. I asume that Orhor is Urker; Liscalgahet is Liscalget aka Liscalgot; Glasdromon is Glassdrummond. We know that BALL had lands at Tullyvallen in trust for Daniel and Sarah JACKSON, minor aged children of John JACKSON

October 30, 2011

Notes from Joseph Burton JACKSON Jim Jackson has given me permission to share this. It reminds me of the usefulness of looking at the family associated with the Quaker JACKSONs which includes a crest with two greyhounds and a dolphin.

December 15, 2011

Jackson Gravemarkers. I initially posted this a few months ago, but recently updated it, and provided a link on this page that I should have included earlier

March 16, 2012

Samuel JACKSONs [1631-1706] links to other JACKSON families. This is the first piece of a series that I will write and post over the next month. As I learn more, it will also be revised. The focal point of this piece is the lands in Co Meath mentioned in the 1705 will of Samuel JACKSON (1631-1706).

April 22, 2013

Marriage Settlement NOTE: This page is a work in progress, but it is far enough along that I thought it might be of interest. It is significant that there is a familial tie between the JACKSONs of Ballybay, Co. Monaghan and the JACKSONs of Ballyreagan, Parish of Dundonald, Co. Down.

May 17, 2013

The Battle for Cavananore, Co Armagh, This is the story of various legal challenges over Cavananore that stretched over more than a hundred years. The family names of the main players are: COULTER, BRADFORD, McCULLAGH and JACKSON.

May 12, 2010

JACKSONS arrive in Ireland: In the Beginning This is the story (or stories) told that link us back to either a JACKSON who served with Cromwell, or to a JACKSON who served under Elizabeth I. Both or neither may be true. The existing documentation is tantalizing on both scores.

October 10, 2004

JACKSONs of Urker genealogy notes Bessie BROWN née JACKSON  (1843-1923) was my great-grandmother. Her notes are amongst the earliest direct notes on our family history that we have. This does not mean that they are accurate, but most of it has been verified.

April 18, 2010

JACKSONs: Detective work on Drogheda roots There is mounting evidence that there may be a connection between the JACKSONs of Creggan and the JACKSONs of late 1600s and early 1700s Drogheda. In time, this may or may not be proven. It will depend on not only the truth of whether or not there is a connection, but also whether there are enough available records to make the case compellingly.

February 3, 2010

JACKSONs connection to the story of the Murder of Robert Lindsay MAULEVERER The story of this murder has a significant connection to the story of the JACKSON family of Urker, Co. Armagh and there is also a direct connection with a family story about the boy who became Sir Thomas JACKSON, the man who ran HSBC in Hong Kong during the mid to late 1800s. Update: Links to "Creggan" photo.

May 12, 2010
May 21, 2010

The mystery of the Samuel JACKSON of Dundonald This Samuel JACKSON - or "these" Samuel JACKSONs - are more than likely to be part of the family lines traced in the County Down JACKSONs. At present, I am in a zone of decided ignorance, but I have decided to share the crumbs that I have scrounged in the hopes of learning more.

August 21, 2010

William JACKSON - 1688. This document adds three new children to Rev. Richard JACKSON (1602-1681) and Dorothy OTWAY of Kirby Lonsdale: Nathaniel Jackson; Hannah JACKSON and Dorothy JACKSON. This Rev. JACKSON was the father of a number of JACKSONs who emigrated to Ireland in the mid-1600s. I have updated my Rootsweb family tree to include these new additions. May 28, 2013
Jackson Marriages in Dublin records – many sources, sorted by year.  
Benthams Abstracts. My focus here has been on JACKSONs, with a few strays caught up in my net because they belong to collateral family trees that interest me.  I have made a start on cross referencing these entries with deeds etc. In June, I will be able to upload all the new information that I will have compiled, and will also upload all the changes to the pertinent family trees. April 11, 2018




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