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This GEDCOM for this branch of Northern Irish OLIVERs is thanks to the years of diligent research done by John Andrew OLIVER (1913-2006). It is based on data in his manuscript: Girl Name Forgotten.  This 91 page typescript volume contains notes on the history of the Oliver, Morrell, McMullan and Sherrard families of Limavady, Magilligan and Dunboe, Co Londonderry. It can be found at PRONI D3000/16/1
Sharon Oddie Brown. July 1, 2017

John Andrew OLIVER Family Tree – based in Limavady

John Alexander OLIVER was a distinguished civil servant whose notable career left an indelible mark on the politics and government of Norther Ireland. As his obit in The Guardian said: He contributed enormously to radical reforms in the province's regional planning and local government structures during the turbulent decade after 1963.


As he was assembling this tree, he encountered many of the same conundrums that confronted the researchers who assembled the material that I have collated under the tree of the OLIVERs of Tattykeel.


Both of these Northern Irish OLIVER families were Presbyterians, and both may have had ancestors who had originated from Scotland and/or France. There are bound to be overlaps between these two trees in the earlier generations – especially in the 17th and 18th centuries. It is also likely that there will be errors  - based on hopeful leaps of faith – made by many of these researchers (including myself). DNA may very well be the most useful tool that we have available to us to untangle the historic threads of these quite possibly intermingled trees.


1 John OLIVER b: Abt 1670 d: 1744.

    2 James OLIVER b: Abt 1700 d: 1770

    2 Andrew OLIVER b: Abt 1710 d: 1781

        3 John OLIVER b: Abt 1750

          + Margaret LYON

            4  OLIVER

                5 Margaret Oliver CAMPBELL

                  + James OLIVER b: 1807 d: 1891

                    6 Sarah Rachel OLIVER

                    6 John Campbell OLIVER

                      + Jennie KYLE

                    6 Andrew William OLIVER

                    6 Sidney Ellen OLIVER

        3 James OLIVER b: Abt 1760 d: 1840

          + Sarah LONG

            4 James OLIVER b: 1807 d: 1891

              + Margaret Oliver CAMPBELL

                5 Sarah Rachel OLIVER

                5 John Campbell OLIVER

                  + Jennie KYLE

                5 Andrew William OLIVER

                5 Sidney Ellen OLIVER

            4 Andrew OLIVER b: 1816 d: 1890

              + Martha MORRELL b: Abt 1825 d: 1909

                5 Margaret OLIVER b: 1852 d: 1922

                  + George ROBINSON

                5 Sarah OLIVER b: 1852 d: 1923

                  + John CRAIG m 08 Jan 1880 Magilligan Presbyterian Church, Newtownlimavy

                  + William JACKSON of Bovevagh, Co. Londonderry

                5 James OLIVER b: 1856 d: 1916

                  + Margaret BROWN

                5 Mary OLIVER b: 1861 d: 1901

                  + John CALVIN

                5 Robert John OLIVER b: 3 Nov 1869 d: 1953

                  + Martha Elizabeth SHERRARD m. Magilligan Presbyterian Church, Newtownlimavy

                    6 Alice Birdenia OLIVER b: Aft 1904

                      + Charles MCCLURE

                    6 Mary Elizabeth OLIVER b: Aft 1904

                      + Andrew Dunn KENNEDY

                    6 Rosaleen Margaret OLIVER

                      + Gilbert Edwin LOGAN

                    6 Sarah Jackson OLIVER

                      + George W. NIXON

                    6 John Andrew OLIVER b 25 Oct 1913 d. 28 May 2006 Cumbria

                      + Living RITSON

                        7 Living OLIVER

                        7 Living OLIVER

                        7 Living OLIVER

                        7 Living OLIVER

                        7 Living OLIVER

                    6 Henry Sherrard OLIVER

                      + Living WRIGLEY

                        7 Living OLIVER

                        7 Living OLIVER

                    6 Living OLIVER

                      + Living WOOD

            4 Jane OLIVER




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