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The OLIVERs that I am related to seem to have first settled in and around Armagh in the mid-1600s. My own family history alleges that they were Huguenots. This cannot yet be proven.
Sharon Oddie Brown. October 1, 2015
NOTE: Check the date that the tree was done. There my be updated information at My Rootsweb Family Tree. There will definitely be more source material on that site.


Description Updated
Olivers of Armagh - misc. These represent a number of OLIVER tree stubs that I had got as far as putting into a GEDCOM, but no further. I will add to them as I get time to take raw data and put them into databases. In the meantime, I wanted to cobble these together before I went to Ireland in a week’s time. September 11, 2011
Olivers of Ballyrea, Ballinahonebeg & Killynure, Co. Armagh I have highlighted my g-g-g-grandfather and my great-great-grandmother in red.  Details of this tree, including sources, can be seen on line at Rootsweb silverbowl tree. September 11, 2011
January 20, 2012 - an updated version in a different format. This four generations of OLIVERs start in Armagh in the late 1600s and connect to my great-great grandmother, Eliza OLIVER, the mother of David JACKSON. January 20, 2012

William OLIVER & Elizabeth HARDY. The first 6 generations of William OLIVER and Elizabeth HARDY. Oral history places them in the area near Ballynahone before the Battle of the Boyne. This makes it exceedingly likely that they were related to the other OLIVERs who show up in the region in the 1670s. Oral history dating back to the mid-1800s also claims that they were Huguenots. This makes it likely that they settled in Ireland sometime around the revocation of the Edict of Nantes.

August 21, 2015

OLIVERS starting in Tattykeel, Co. Tyrone in the mid-1600s. I would caution readers to take the first few generations of this OLIVER tree with a grain of salt. It is my first serious attempt to begin to make some sense of this line. August 29, 2015
Olivers of Lismullydown, Co. Tyrone In this family tree, I am absolutely indebted to the research done by Harry Nicholson in his History of the OLIVER family, Lismullydown and Stragrane, Co. Tyrone. As well as the work of Maria Beattie. September 11, 2011
Olivers of Lisnacroy, Co. Tyrone This tree includes the Lisnacroy, Co. Tyrone OLIVER ancestors of Maria Beattie, one of the many thorough and generous spirited researchers who I have had the pleasure to meet. September 11, 2011
Henry OLIVER (1803-1884) of Ballymoran descendants. Because Ballymoran is on the eastern border of Ennislare – where a William OLIVER (1730-1816) held land, and is also on the southern border of Farmacaffley (aka SherranmcAghully) where Andrew OLIVER held land in 1664, I suspect this family will turn out to have a connection to these OLIVERs. Ballymoran is also just one townland east of Ballynahone, where William OLIVER (bef 1700-aft1730) and Elizabeth HARDY lived. Henry OLIVER (1803-1884) was a member of a family that remained Church of Ireland. October 1, 2015
William OLIVER b abt 1800 - probably of Cavanagarven. At present, it is hard to say where this William originated from, or who his parents were. There was a presence of OLIVERs in the region – at Lislooney, mentioned in a deed in 1718. The family farmed there until the mid-1800s. There was likely a connection. Also, the OLIVERs living closer to Armagh – Ennislare, Ballynahonebeg, Ballyrea etc – had leases to mills nearby in Derryhaw in the late 1700s and early 1800s. October 1, 2015



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