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NOTE: My purpose in compiling this selection of notes on deeds was to better understand the family connections between GOREs, SALEs (aka SALLs) and JACKSONs – specifically Rev. William JACKSON (abt 1737-1795) of Dublin. He was the (in)famous member of the United Irishmen who died in the Court while awaiting sentencing. He had deliberately taken poison in order to die before sentence was passed, and thereby save the rights to his estate for the benefit of his pregnant wife.

Sharon Oddie Brown. July 13, 2018 Updated July 17, 2018


2018 GORE and SALE aka SALL deeds

In order to better track the timeline of the transactions, I have sorted the memorials by date.





Key Names



Transcriptions & Note





SALE, John


1708 Feb 28

Witness: John SALE of Dublin City





SALE, Harvey



1709 Jan 11

Image 121

Morley SAUNDERS … WITNESS: Harvey SALE of Dublin, Gent.





SALE, John


1709 Dec 22

Image 112

BTW John SALE of City of Dublin Esq. of 1 pt & James MENDICOTT of City of Dublin Gent of the other pt. In consid of £200 SALE granted to MENDICOTT lease made by Sir Anthony PERCY to John DAVISON carpenter ground on west side of Meath St near City of Dublin containing in front to Meath St. 30’ and in depth from front to rear 103’ and in breadth in the middle 33’ … for natural lives of Sir Anthony PERCY, Mary his wife and Henry PERCY his son … and also one other lease made by Joseph MADDOCK merchant to John MACKLELAN Gent of parcel of Ground situate in Browne ST. in the Liberty of Thomas Court & Donore containing 27’ with all the land running backwards from Browne ST from front to rear 53’ … lease then enjoyed by Philip KELLY … John DAVISON …





SALE, John


1711 Feb 12

Image 627

BTW John SALE of City of Dublin Esq. of 1 pt & Joseph DAMER of same Esq of the other pt. Reciting deed Rev William Lord Archbishop of Dublin 6 Nov 1704 demised to John SALE 2 tenements situate and being together in the street leading from the Poddle unto Blind Gate at St. Patrick’s Street theretofore held and enjoyed by Henry CLIFFE and Mary DRINKWATER and then in possession of Elinor SALE widow bounded north and south  with tenements then in possession of Leonard DOBBs & backwards with the Archdeacon’s wall … lease for 40 years … John SALE in consideration of £200 pd by Joseph DAMER assigned the aforementioned houses with all other Houses Buildings and Improvements … belonging to John SALE …





GORE, Francis


1713 Jun 19

Image 72

BTW Francis GORE Sr. of Clonrond, Co. Clare Esq of 1 pt & Joseph DAMER of City of Dublin Esq. of other pt . In consid of £1,500 paid ny Joseph DAMER sold all the Castletown lands… Lands of Ballymeslan East & West, Behy, Lislorkan, Ballysheen, part of Killconnell, one quarter of Ballynelacken, ¼ Cloghandine … The Mansion and Manor House of Castletown and lands of Clonrond als Clonroud … all in town of Ennis Co. Clare, the Abbey & Gardens of Ennis … late in possession of John GORE Esq. deceased … Mills of Ennis … all in Barony of Islands Co. Clare,





SALE, John


1714 Mar 12

Image 139

BTW John SALE of City of Dublin Esq of 1 pt & Rev. Joseph GRAVE of Geashell Kings Co. Clke of the other. Assigns lease of ground on west side of Meath St City of Dublin made by Sir Anthony PERCY to John DAVISON Carpenter 38’ X 103’ and 33’ in middle [same details as in another deed]





SALE, John


1716 Mar 16

Image 167

Deed of Mtg btw John SALE of Co. Dublin Esq of the other part. Reciting that Edward KENNEDY of Mountkennedy Co. Wicklow deceased and Dame Katherine KENNEDY his wife did by an indenture of lease Sept 15, 1709 set unto John SALE all that land by the name Sandymount Park containing 10 acres more or less in Manor of Mountkennedy Parish and Barony of Newcastle Co. Wicklow for term of 3 lives renewable for rent of one pepper during the life of John SALE … mtg to Richard WARBURTON.





SALE, John



1716 Jul 3

Image 221

WITNESS: John SALE Esq. of City of Dublin







1716 Aug 4

Image 234


Dwelling House or houses, Brewhouse & Malthouse then in possession of Ann & Mary & their undertenants … being on the [Poddle] Water & New Roe in Liberty of Thomas Court & Donore  in Co. Dublin with all Outhouses or Tenements, Stables Backsides, Gardens Ways, Passages & Appurts … bounded on the west by the street of Newroe on the south with Mr. SALEs Houses or concerns & on the North with the Kings pavement on the Poddle Water aforesaid and on the east with [Abel?] Robert MASONs and Mrs. GUSTARD’s houses containing in front to the Poddle Water 103’ & in front to Newroe 137’ … several brick houses …. Marriage Elizabeth THEAKER & John BRADY … WITNESS: John CARTEY & Henry BUCKLEY Gents of City of Dublin





GORE, George



Crossley’s Extracts

George GORE Attorney General & William GORE Woodford, Co. Leitrim

Wrong number – this book goes from 11010 to 11012 Pg # 138 has mem# 10073.

NOTE: It is also listed this way in the Lessors index.





JACKSON, Ann & ors



1723 Mar 24

JACKSON-SALE Book Index 1730-45

Image 515

Ann JACKSON of City of Dublin widow of 1 pt & Catherine SALE of City of Dublin widow of Edward SALE Esq edc’d doctor of Laws. Ann JACKSON in consid of  £443 to her paid by the said Catherine SALE did make over land known by the name of Sandymount Park cont 10 acres in Manor of Mount Kennedy Parish & Barony of  Newcastle, Co Wicklow. WITNESS: Henry GORE & Pat DUNN both of City of Dublin Gent. Signed by Anne JACKSON








1723 Jul 27

Image 111

Lease btw John SALE of Co. Dublin Esq. of 1 pt & Lathum DOHERTY of City of Dublin Esq. of the other pt. Release tripartite btw Richard WARBURTON of City of Dublin Esq. of 1st pt the said John SALE of 2nd pt and the said Lathum DOHERTY of 3rd pt … reciting for lives renewable dated 15 Sept 1709 made by Sir Richard KENNEDY of Mount Kennedy Co. Wicklow Bart & Dame Katherine KENNEDY his wife to John SALE for lives of Humphry MATHEWS of Finny Park Co. Wicklow Esq & Edward SALE and Robert SALE sons of the said John SALE …





GORE, Francis



Crossley’s Abstracts: Crossle genealogical abstracts (Parcel 1A-32-25 v. S) Smith notebooks, v. 2-12.

16 Nov 1724

Edward CROKER… WITNESS Francis GORE Ahsallaghan Co. Cork Clke

NOTE: The reference number is incorrect.








1727 Aug 18

Image 259

Robert SPENCE sr. of the town of Donegal, Co. Donegal On occasion of marriage of Robert SPENCE the younger to Elizabeth KNOX daughter of deceased Col. Thomas KNOX of Mount Charles. Lands held in trust … Houses in Town Donegall. 5 parks of Tallicullen, parish Dromhome, Co Donegal. Mullone & other lands elsewhere. 1/4 Dungarbury containing Dowbally Tavertallen Edderville & Goolcreen, Lessmorris als Drumboy & Burlode, Molenaleck, 4 isles of Iniskeen Inislee Inismon Innisterryle in Lake of Lough Melville Rossilougher, co Leitrim

Richard GORE was the Circuit Court Justice of Sligo.

NOTE: These lands in Leitrim are close to lands in ROD: 57-180-37906 relating to Francis GORE – the KNOXs and GOREs intermarried.





SALE, John



1728 Mar 28

Image 94

BTW John SALE of Dublin Esq. & Elizabeth his wife widow & relict of Coll. Francis GORE deceased and Francis GORE of same City Gent second son of the said Coll Francis GORE of the 1st pt & Tabitha BROWNE of City of London Spinster of 2nd pt. and John TWIGGE of City of Dublin Merch of 3rd pt. … sell of lands of CO. Leitrim mentioned in other deeds.





SALE, John



1728 May 28

Image 104

BTW John SALE of City of Dublin Esq & Elizabeth his wife of 1 pt & Henry GORE son of Elizabeth of the other part. Reciting that when the said Elizabeth was married to the said Henry GOREs father Colle Francis GORE and by deed of settlement ws intitled to a jointure which after the death of said husband Colle Francis GORE she possessed the Town and Lands of Glanby containing one quarter Moyle one Cartron Gortinport als Gortinlonport and Clonine one Cartron one parcel of land called Dromore in Barony Druminhare and half Barony and half Barony of Rosscloghers in the Co. Leitrim & reciting  that whereas the reversion of the said lands belong to the said Henry GORE as Son at the request of the said Elizabeth did enter into several securities for the sum of £300 as well for the use of him the said Henry GORE as of his brother Francis GORE youngest son of the said Colle Francis GORE now the said deed witnesses that the said John SALL and Elizabeth his wife in consideration of natural love…. WITNESS: Edward SALE of City of Dublin Esq. & Magneas SYKE of City of Dublin Gent and this memorial WITNESS Henry SMITH of City of Dublin Gent.

NOTE: These lands in Co. Leitrim are mentioned in ROD:77-469-54378





SALE, John & Elizabeth



1729 May 17

Image 163

John SALE of Dublin Esq. & Elizabeth SALE als GORE his wife of one pt & Tabitha BROWNE of City of London in Great Britain, spinster of the other part. Reciting … lands in Co. Leitrim … witness: Edwrd COCKRAN of City of London Merchant Edward DROMGOOLE of Newry, Co. Down Merchant and Manuel COMYN of City of Dublin Gent.





SALE, Harvey



SALE 1730-1745 Wrong numbers in index.





SALE, John



1730 Nov 28

Image 383

Lease and release btw John SALE of City of Dublin Esq. & Elizabeth his wife widow and relict of Collo Francis GORE. Henry GORE of the same City Gent Eldest son & heir of said Collo Francis GORE deceased and Francis GORE of the same place Gent 2nd son of Collo Francis GORE deceased of the one part. Tabitha BROWNE of City of London Spinster of the other part. Whereby John SALE Elizabeth his wife Henry GORE & Francis GORE … confirmed to Tabitha BROWN  all that and those the Town & Villages Hamletts and Lands Tenements and Heritement of Glanboy & Quarter Town Moyle one Cartron Hartfort als Hortenlongport & Cloonine One Cartron one parcel of land called Drumore all situated and being in the Barony of Drumaheir & half Barony of Rosselogher  Co. Leitrim in as large and as beneficial a manner as the same was sold & conveyed to said Collo Francis GORE deceased with the reversion & reversions …. Deed of release … redemption of said premises on payment of sum of £450 and interest therof to the said Tabitha BROWN her heirs and assigns … WITNESS: William ROUND of City of London Esq. Rd DARCRES Clk to said Mr William ROUND Thomas WOULF of City of Dublin Merchant & William SALE of the same Gent.





SALE, John


1732 Dec 13


Btw Hesther PULLMAN of City of Dublin Widow executrix of will of Thomas PULLMAN late of City of Dublin Tallow Chandler deceased. John SALE of City of Dublin Gent & Hesther SALE als DONNELL als PULLMAN his wife of the 1 pt & Tristram FORTNICK of City of Dublin Esq of other pt. ,, tenement where Thomas PULLMAN formerly lived in Caple St. Dublin





GORE, Francis



1733 Jan 15

Image 595

BTW William RYVES of Ballyfadane Co. Limerick Esq. of 1st pt & John CROKER of Ballynagard Co. Limerick Esq. & Richard MOUNSELL of New Ross Co. Tipperary of 2nd pt. Kilner BRAZIER of Lizard Co. Limerick Esq Francis GORE of Assollus Co. Cork Clke; Marmaduke GROVE of Garrynacanty Co. Tipperary Esq & Thomas CANFIELD of Dunaman Co. Roscomon 3rd pt. John LYSAGHT of Mount North Co. Cork Esq. & Edward CROKER of Rawleighstown Co. Limerick Esq. of th 4th pt. Jane GORE daughter of Arthur GORE late of Clonrone, Co. Clare Esq & Mable GORE otherwise CUSAK his wife both deceased of the 5th part. … Marriage settlement William RYVES and Jane GORE - Jointure residuary benefit for Catherine GORE … town and lands of Searkeen, townlands of Rathgullan, townlands of Knocklawry, townlands of Glenary, townlands of Ballyngarry & townlands of Ballynlackan containing 1,000 acres in Barony of Castlea, Co. Limerick then in actual possession of said John CROKER & Richard MAUNSELL … term of 300 years … use of Catherine GORE otherwise RYVES mother of said William RYVES during her natural life and after her decease to the sue of the younger half brother to said William REEVES provided always that the said Francis GORE the other party to the deed and father to the said Francis GORE  shall well and truly settle and limit the house and lands of [Assolas?] Rathmore & Rathbeg containing by estimation 174 acres in Barony Duhallow, Co. Cork … WITNESS: William LEWIS of Middletown Co. Cork Clerke; Edmond BAYLY late of Laghqurr Co. Limerick Gent & Thomas BELASYSE late of Co. Clare Gent …





GORE, Jane



1733 Jan 15

Image 596

See above

Jane GORE… Francis GORE the elder and Francis GORE the younger.. House and lands of Assolus Rathmore 174 acres in Barony Duhollow Co. Cork





GORE, Edward


1733 Mar 13

Image 124

BTW John CRAWFORD Esq  on behalf of Sir William DUDLEY Baronet & others interested in the Manor of Mount Kennedy, Co. Wicklow of the 1 pt & Doctr Edward SALE of the other part. Whereby the said John CRAWFORD let to the said Edward SALE the lands of Sandymount Park parcel of the said Manor except such part of Sandymount as the said Edward SALE is intitled to under a lease of lives heretofore granted to John SALE Esq. his father. By Sir Richard KENNEDY Baronet Deceased and also the Lough Meadow on the west side of the orchard of Mount Kennedy which premises are now in the tenure or occupation of the said Edward SALE and are lying in the Barony of New Castle Co. Wicklow to hold for Edward SALE for the lives of him the said Edward SALE and Katherine his wife and Avis SALE spinster his sister … WITNESS Richard JONES of Newtown Mountkennedy Co. Wexford Gent & James ENGLISH of the City of Dublin GENT. Mem WITNESS: James ENGLISH & Harvey SALE jr of City of Dublin





GORE, Elizabeth



1733 May 12

Will of Elizabeth GORE relict of Hon Sir Ralph GORE Bart late of City of Dublin devised all her estate to Rt. Rev Father in God Edward Lord Bishop of Cloyne and the Hon Henry HAMILTON of City of Dublin & their heirs to the use of the trusts ,,,, for life of her mother Jane ASHE…. And to allow maintenance to her younger children Ralph & Richard … lands in Limerick to the use of her 2nd son Ralph GORE … 3rd son Richard GORE … appointed her mother Jane ASH, the said Edward Bishop of Cloyne, the said Henry HAMILTON & Henry BROOK of City of Dublin Esq. … to be guardians to her children during their respective minorities…. WITNESS: Anthony BURY Co. Tipperary Clke, Nathaniel CLEMENTS of City of Dublin Esq & Henry BRICKLEY late of City of Dublin Publ Notary since deceased. Mem WITNESS: Christopher BOWEN & Albert CATHERS both of City of Dublin

NOTE Edward JONES was the Bishop.





SALE, Elizabeth


1734 May 17

Image 119

BTW Elizabeth SALE of City of Dublin widow of 1 pt & Francis CORKRAN of Sligo, Co. Sligo Merchant of the other part of the town and lands of Gortinlamport, Carrickmarnard and Drumamore the quarter of Glanboy and the sub denominations thereof viz the bun and bar of Faron the bun & bar of Ardvarnagh Mineemore Moneentum Ballaghnegbehy Bricklanagh with the Corn and Tuck Mills of Glanboy lying and being in the Barony of Drumahair Co. Leitrim from 1st May 1733 for term of 31 years if the said Elizabeth SALE shall so long live … WITNESS; John KELLY one of the Attornies of his Majesty’s Court of Kings Bench in Ireland; Francis JACKSON Gent of City of Dublin.





SALE, John


1734 Dec 17

Image 359

BTW Hannah MADDEN otherwise McLELAN of City of Dublin widow of 1 pt & Michael JONES of same Gent of other pt. Reciting that Edward late Earl of Meath deed 16 Apr 1692 demised to Anthony PERRY a piece of ground on Meath St. Dublin 38’ in front & 108 ‘ in depth for 3 lives … 18 May 1693 demised to  John DAVISON Carpenter for 3 lives. Assignment came to Alexander McCLELAND who built two houses & devised to his only son John McLELAN deceased and that said John McLELAN by lease 16 Jun 1707 conveyed to John SALE of City of Dublin … Hannah married Dr. Thomas MADDEN who was also dead & Hannah then entitled to equity of redemption…

2 houses in Meath St, Dublin





SALE, Jane


1735 Jun 24

Image 519

BTW Esther SALE als POULLMAN wife of John SALE then late of City of Dublin, Gent & George SPENCE of same City brewer of other part. Reciting deed re intermarriage of Esther SALE to John SALE 6 Apr 1732  that after the decease of her mother Esther entitled to lease made by John MASON Esq. of Waterford to Thomas POULLMAN father of said Esther … NOTE: The names index had the name Jane SALE which does not appear.





SALE, Elizabeth



1735 Nov 5

Image 259

BTW Elizabeth SALE of City of Dublin widow of 1 pt & Francis COCKRAN of Sligo Co. Sligo Merchant of the other  For consideration demised the town and lands of Taunymoyle, Gortinlamport, Carrickmarnard and Drumamore the quarter of Glanboy and the sub denominations thereof viz the bun and bar of Faron the bun & bar of Ardvarnagh Mineemore Moneentum Ballaghnegbehy Bricklanagh with the Corn and Tuck Mills of Glanboy lying and being in the Barony of Drumahair Co. Leitrim from 1st May 1733 for term of 31 years if the said Elizabeth SALE shall so long live .. WITNESS: William BUSBY & Thomas FAULKNER.





GORE, Francis, Henry, John



1740 Sep 2

Image 186

BTW Thomas CASEY of City of Limerick, Doctor of Physic of 1 pt & James SEXTEN of City of Dublin of other pt. Lands in plowland of Clonrondbegg Parish Dromelease, Co. Clare NOTE: GOREs were supposedly lives, but I did not see them.





SALL, Catherine


1741 Jan 1

Image 90

BTW Catherine SALL of Carrick, Co. Tipperary widow of 1 pt & Richard MEAGHER of same apothecary of the other part… New dwelling house with two front shops & Back yard the inside Kitchen back offices [place not mentioned – I assume Tipperary] …





SALE, John


1741 Jul 18

Image 511

BTW John SALE of Rathkeele Co. Limerick one of the officers of Excise of the one part and John WHITE of Kevinsport Co. Dublin Gent of the other part. Whereby the said John SALE for consid assigned to John WHITE all his the said John SALEs right claim demand to the 5th pt of the sum of £500 he being entitled by virtue of a deed 14 Oct 1703 made on intermarriage of Harvey SALE father of the said John since deceased with Rebeca SALE the said John’s mother since also deceased…. His share of a house on the Lower Coomb Co. Dublin now in possesion of Joseph WILLS Clothier. WITNESS: Laurence WALSH of Ballymore Eustace Co. Dublin Yeoman & Harvey SALE of City of Dublin Gent.





SALE, Mary


1741 Aug 27

Image 289

BTW Mary SALE of City of Dublin widow sole executor & residuary legatee of William SALE late of Co. Dublin Gent deceased on 1 pt & John WHITE of Kevinsport Co. Dublin Gent of other pt…. assigned house on Lower Coombe Co. Dublin now in possession of Joseph WILLS Clothier. …





GORE, Arthur




1741 Dec 22

Will of Arthur GORE

Image 22

Lands in Leitrim, Kilkenny, Galway, Wexford, Queens Co.,  … to Francis GORE brother of Richard GORE   and Richard GORE his brother .. brother Francis GORE deceased .. Rev Dr. John ECHLIN brother to his wife





SALE, John


1742 Apr 28

Image 226

Lease btw John SALE of Rathcale Co. Limerick of 1 pt & Richard COLLES of Patrick Street Co. Dublin Currier of the other pt. reciting the Ellin SALE of Newrow in the Liberties of Thomas Court & Donore & Co. Dublin widow by indenture of lease 8 May 1701 demised to Thomas MURPHY of Newrow aforesaid Farmer all that old house in Newrow aforesaid wherein Edmund SALE Gent deceased formerly lived adjoining the dwelling house of the said Ellin SALE with the back house Tan Yard & Lime Yard & Appurtenances in which lease there is an exemption… reserving out of the [?] demised unto the said Ellin SALE her heirs and assigns during the term herin granted  a piece of ground or Garden next adjoining to the Backyard of her said Dwelling House & Conveniency of a Hayrick over against the Stable hereafter Excepted & also Excepting & reserving unto the said Eillin SALEher heirs and assigns the said Stable on the Premises with Free Passage at all times from the said River & House of Easement theron & the use & Privilege therof and only the use of the Brew House on the said Premises as Often as Occasion requires





SALE, John


1742 May 6

Image 232

L&R whereby John SALE & Harvey SALE of City of Dublin Gent in consid  of £52 pd by James WYNNE of Ballymadroneought in Co. Dublin Esq did Grant & assign to James WYNNE all that and those two houses or Tenements Gardens Backsides Back Houses & appurtenances situated on the East Side of New Roe in the Mannor & Liberty of Thomas Court & Donore in Co. Dublin granted by lease from Edward Earl of Meath unto Ellin SALE Widow 3 Sept 1692 for three lives renewable forever at rent of £26… one of which said houses and Tan Yard were then in the possession of Mr Thomas MURPHY and the other of the said houses then waste [out] was formerly in the possession of Harvey SALE the elder & late in the possession of Rebecca SALE bounded on the north to Mo BERNYS holding on the west to New Roe aforesaid …





GORE, William


1742 May 19

Image 186

William GORE of Woodford, Co. Leitrim demised to George BAKER of Drumerniff Co. Leitrim Farmer … lives of George BAKER, Thomas BAKER youngest son of George BAKER





GORE, Mary



1743 Jan 17


held the mtg to 700 acres Coosan Mighan Creaghduff, barony Brawny, co Westmeath. 260ac Ardlew, Barony Fassadinin, co Kilkenny. She was a daughter of Sir Arthur GORE & Eleanor St. GEORGE & died unmarried 1746.





GORE, Elizabeth


1743 Apr 6

Image 391

BTW Frederick Cary HAMILTON City of Dublin Esq. of 1st pt & Sir St. George Gore St. George of City of Dublin Bart & Edward CARY of Dungivnin Co. Londonderry Esq of 2nd pt. Anthony MALONE & William SCOTT of City of Dublin Esq. of 3rd pt. Elizabeth GORE spinster one of the daughters of Sir Rt Hon Ralph GORE Bart deceased of 4th pt. … marriage intended btw Elizabeth GORE & Frederick Cary HAMILTON …





GORE, William


1743 Jul

Image 186

William GORE of Woodford, Co. Leitrim set to John O’BRYAN Co. Leitrim … 246 acres in Co. Leitrim …. Lives of John O’BRYAN and James O’BRYAN brother of said John O’BRYAN …





SALE, Katherine


1745 Mar 9

Image 248

Btw Katherin SALE of City of Dublin widow & relict of Edward SALE Esq deceased Doctor of Laws of the one part and Richard GORE of the City of Dublin Esq. of the other part . Reciting deed where Katherine SALE in consideration of the sum of £290 paid by Richard GORE did grant to Richard GORE in his actual possession parcel of land called Sandymount containing 10 acres in Manor of Mount Kennedy Parish Barony of New Castle Co. Wicklow for life of Katherine SALE Avis SALE & Garrett WESTLY … WITNESS: Margaret BALAGUIER of City of Dublin Widow & John ALLEN of City of Dublin Gent.





SALE, Katherine



1745 Mar 9

Image 480

BTW Katherine SALE of City of Dublin widow of 1 pt & Richard GORE of City of Dublin Esq of the other part … land of Sandymount as the said Katherine SALE is intitled to under a lease for lives heretofore granted to John SALE Esq deceased by Sir Richard KENNEDY Bart deceased… 10 acres in Manor of Mount Kennedy Parish Barony Newcastle Co. Wicklow. WITNESS Margaret BALAQUEIR of City of Dublin widow; John ALLEN of same.

NOTE: Benthams Abstracts: Richard GORE of Sandymount Co. Wicklow Esq.

18 Jun 1763 6 May 1765

Cousin John GORE In Majesty Solicitor General

Brother-in-law Rev. Thanley GORE

Wife Anne GORE

Have his children shown






GORE, Anne &



1745 Mar 14

Image 311

Release Quadrapartite bt Richard GORE of City of Dublin Esq. of 1st pt. St. George Gore of Dublin Bart & Richard STEELE of City of Dublin Gent of 2nd pt.; Ralph GORE Esq eldest son of William GORE of Barrowmount Co. Kilkenny Esq & John ECHLIN of City of Dublin Barrister at law of 3rd pt & William GORE & Anne GORE spinster eldest daughter of said William GORE of 4th pt marriage to be solemnized btw Richard GORE & Anne GORE .. Richard GORE marriage portion £1,600… lands in Co. Wexford… by virtue of settlement made on the marriage of William GORE to his then present wife Dorothy MANLY mother of the said Anne GORE … lands of Wardhouse, Co. Leitrim, several townlands in Galway, Knockduffe in Co. Wexford, … WITNESS: Toby CAULFEILD of Cloane, Co. Kilkenny Esq. & John BOURKE servant to said William GORE





SALE, Katherine


1745 Mar 28

Image 481

BTW Katherine SALE of City of Dublin widow of Edward SALE late of City of Dublin. Release made by Katherine SALE of City of Dublin widow of Edward SALE late of City of Dublin deceased & Avis SALE of the same spinster only sister and heir at law of Edward SALE of 1st pt; Richard STEELE of City of Dublin Gent of 2nd pt & Richard GORE of City of Dublin 3rd pt.  After reciting the said Katherine SALE & Avis SALE in consideration of 10s paid to Katherine SALE and £5 paid to Avis SALE by Richard STEELE granted to Richard STEELE in his actual possession parcel of land known as Sandymount in Manor of Mountkennedy and Parish and Barony of Newcastle, Co. Wicklow … during natural lives of the said Katherine SALE, Avis SALE & Garrett WESTLEY. WITNESSES: Margaret BALAQUEIR of City of Dublin widow; John ALLEN of same. NOTE: In 1737 Edward SALE Esq. J.U.D. was the Register of the Consistory Court in Dublin. SOURCE: The Gentleman and Citizen’s Almanack for 1737. He died in 1743 The Gentleman’s and London Magazine or Monthly Chronologer 1741-1794.  Richard GORE (1728-1816) was of Sandymount, Co. Wicklow. He was a son of Sir Ralph GORE & Elizabeth ASHE.





GORE, Richard


1745 Mar 30

Image 481

BTW Richard GORE of City of Dublin Esq. of the 1 pt & Catherine SALE of City of Dublin of the other. Richard GORE fore consid of £450 paid by said Katherine SALE confirmed annuity out of lands of Graignehowen in Barony Cullinagh, Queens Co. WITNESS Margaret BALAQUEIR of City of Dublin widow; John ALLEN of same.





GORE, John



1746 Jun 3

Image 468

Indented Deed btw Arthur FRENCH of French Parke Co. Roscommon Esq. John FRENCH son & heir apparent of said Arthur FRENCH of 1st pt. Robert PERCIVAL of Knightsbrook Co. Meath & John GORE of City of Dublin Esq. Councillor at law of the 2nd; Gilbert KING of City of Dublin Alderman & Henry CUNINGHAM of City of Dublin of 3rd pt. Whereby for the better assuring the Settling in the name and blood of the said Arthur FRENCH the lands in said deed …. Joint lives of Arthur FRENCH & John FRENCH …. Payable to his younger children… [hundreds of acres in several townlands in Co. Roscommon & land in Co. Mayo] WITNESS: William KNOX the younger of Dublin, Gent one of the attorneys of the Court of Exchequer in Ireland by Charles DEMPSEY Clke to the said William KNOX.

NOTE: John FRENCH was the husband of Anne GORE, daughter of Sir Arthur GORE (1610-1697). This John GORE (1718-1784) lived at Stephens Green and was a son of George GORE & Bridget SANKEY.





GORE, Jane


1747 Oct 14

The last page was Image 135. It was blurry – so I could not see the witness, but the Abstracts of Wills in the Registry of Deeds mentioned Jacob JACKSON as a witness.

A Memorial of the Last Will Dame Jane GORE  otherwise WORTH wife of Sir Arthur GORE of Newtowngore Co. Mayo. … Reciting Indenture Quadrepartite 12 March 1730 btw Sir Arthur GORE of Newtown Gore Co. Mayo & Arthur GORE Es. The eldest son & heir of the first part. The said Jane GORE by the name Jane WORTH widow sole daughter and heir of Richard SAUNDERS late of Saunderscourt Co. Wexford Esq. deceased of the 2nd part. Sir Henry KING of Boyle Co. Roscommon Bart & Whitfield DOYNE of City of Dublin Esq of 3rd part; the Right Honorable James TYNTE Esq one of his Majesty’s most Honorable Privy Council of the Kingdom of Ireland Arthur FRENCH of Frenchpark Co. Roscommon Esq. & Isaac DOBSON of City of Dublin Esq of 4th part. Reciting that a marriage was to be had between Arthur GORE & Jane WORTH she the said Jane WORTH in consideration of the intended marriage … confirmed unto said Sir Henry KING & Whitfield DOYNE & their heirs … [dozens of townlands and hundreds if not thousands of acres] lying and being in Co. Wexford Also … 600a in Queens Co. … lands in Glocestershire, Great Britain

Witness Jacob JACKSON NOTE:. Sir Arthur GORE (1703-1777) married Jane SAUNDERS and WIlliam WORTH was her previous husband SEE: The Peerage of Ireland, Or, A Genealogical History of the Present. Volume 2. John Lodge









1748 Apr 2

Image 123

BTW Elizabeth GORGES of City of Dublin Spinster of 1 pt; [?] Richard GORE of Sandymount Co. Wicklow Esq & Joseph GREEN of City of Dublin Esq. of the other & the release made btw Ralph GORE of Barrowmount Co. Kilkenny Esq. of the 1st pt the said Elizabeth GORGES of the 2nd pt; Hamilton GORGES of Rathbeale Co. Dublin Esq. & Thomas BURROUGHS of City of Dublin Gent of 3rd pt.. Release of Ralph GORE in consideration of a marriage then intended to be had betw him the said Ralph GORE & Elizabeth … granted to Hamilton GORGES … town and lands of Barrowmore … & town and lands of Killblaine & lands of Ballyleagh otherwise Ballyleogein Parish Rowe Barony Idagh, Co. Kilkenny…

NOTE: Ralph GORE married Elizabeth GORGES 7 May 1748.







1751 Aug 10

SOURCE: Crossley’s Abstracts

Image 25

BTW Blashford HUGHS of Ballymuallanny Co. Sligo Esq. trustees in marriage of his sister Rebecca HUGHS to John McDERMOT Gent of 1st pt & said John McDERMOT of 2nd pt & Patrick CRUICE of Pill Lane City of Dublin Linen Draper & Edward SMYTH of City of Dublin Gent of 3rd pt. Reciting … by virtue of a deed from Booth-Gore & Mark WHITE Esq. sum of £250 …





GORE, Elizabeth

GORE, Ralph

1751 Oct 30

Image 25

BTW Ralph GORE of Barrowmount Co. Kilkenny Esq. & Elizabeth GORE otherwise GORGES wife of Ralph GORE of the 1 pt; Charles DOYLE of Bramblestown Co. Kilkenny Gent of other pt. … reciting marriage agreement in ROD 130-221-88704 made in 1748 …







1755 Feb 14


Arthur GORE, Esq. of Tenelick, Co. Longford of 1st pt & Benjamin WILSON, farmer of Mountwilliam, Kings Co. Of 2nd pt for lives of John WILSON, 2nd son of Benjamin WILSON & Elizabeth GRIFFITH, spinster of City of Dublin & William JACKSON son of Thomas JACKSON (a farmer of Ballygartagh nr Edenderry, Kings Co.) 250 acres incl Ballynahilt, Kings Co. WITNESSES: George MEARNS, Esq & Patrick CORBET  all of Dublin & Patrick READING. SW 





SALE, John



Names Index

Wrong book – in Bk 244 the Mem #s go from 168556 to 158602 and are on pg 434 (and it may be for SALKELD not SALE.








1761 Oct 20

GORE to McCARTER Annygose & various others, (TI Bk 45) 1739-1810

Image 624

Whereby Francis GORE of Town of Sligo in Co. Sligo Esq. in consid of sum of £198 paid by Samuel McCARTER of Drumet Co. Monaghan Gent sold to Samuel McCARTER on annuity for yearly rent charge of £33 to be paid out of lands of Dyan Corlat Corlatgartan,Fermaise otherwise Cornwall Talenagall Douskey otherwise Dowhully and the Mill thereunto belonging Calliagh Tatencleve Glinch Cormoy otherwise Corwee, Annygose, Lower Annygose, Dromgarly, Effernagh and Genagh in Co. Monaghan … to hold for natural life of the said Francis GORE… WITNESS: Philip FARRANT Clke & Christopher DAY of City of Dublin Public Notary.





SALE, John


1761 Oct 24

Image 179

John SALE of Ballybrack, Co. Kildare Gent re: marriage to Sarah MILTON of Blackwood, Co. Kildare spinster 24 Oct … marriage portion from her parents William MILTON deceased & Mary MILTON widow  …dower of £30 out of land of Ballybrack … WITNESS: Christopher LAPPEN Tailor James LAWLESS Farmer & Mathew MILTON Gent.





SALE, John


1762 Nov 15

Image 81

BTW John SALE of Ballybrack Co. Kildare Gent eldest son of Samuel SALE late of Colecoriny Co. Kildare Gent deceased of 1 pt & Edward SHAWE of Killeeghiny Co. Kildare Gent ,,, townland of Ballybrack Barony Carbery, Co. Kildare …








1763 Dec 1

GORE Ld LUDLEY & ors Book Index 1758-1768

Btw Roger PALMER of City of Dublin Esq. & George JACKSON Prospect Co Mayo… town and lands of Killindlagh the half quarter of Cloghbrack etc Co Mayo. SEE: JACKSONs of Enniscoe & Mayo





SALE, John



1764 Feb 4

Image 208

Deed btw John SALE of Co. Wexford & Sarah SALE otherwise MILTON his wife of the 1 pt & Edward SHAW of Ballyevil Kings Co. Gent of other pt. Whereby John SALE for considerations granted to Edward SHAW part of the lands of Ballybrack in Barony Carbury Co. Kildare containing 116a to Edward SHAW his heirs etc for natural lives of Joseph GRATTON son of Robert GRATTON of Rabbitfield Co. Kildare & of Sam [ROBINSON?  BOTHORAM?]  of Greg son of John [ROBINSON?  BOTHORAM?] and of the aforesaid John SALE.

NOTE: Benthams Abstracts: David GRATTON Rabbitstown Co. Kildare to Hannah GRATTON orwise GRATTAN orwse JACKSON (wife of Richard JACKSON Gent the mother. Admons Granted 7 June 1781
NOTE: Benthams Abstracts: 1772 David GRATTAN Rabbitfields Co. Kildare Gent 28 Feb 1772 proved 16 March 1772
Wife Hanna GRATTAN
Brother Robert GRATTAN

Brother-in-law Mathew JACKSON






Jackson, John


1764 Dec 19

THOMAS Book Index 1758-1768 1758-1768

Image 67

NOTE: Wrong Bk number is recorded in the Names Index. The correct book is 243

Deed of Lease and Release btw John JACKSON eldest son & heir at law of Thomas JACKSON late of the City of Dublin, Glass Seller deceased, a minor by Luke STOCK of said City of Dublin, Hosier, his guardian of the 1 pt & Lewis THOMAS of Naas Co. Kildare Gent of the other pt….reciting lease of Hon Lieut General Thomas PEARCE by lease 7 Feb 1731 for considerations demised to Edward Lovet PEARCE  then of City of Dublin Esq.  All that Dwelling House or Messuage situate on the South Side of Cuff Street in the suburbs of the City of Dublin .. adjoining on the west by a House lately held by Allice STEWART deceased and on the East to another house then in possession of John WAITE to hold by Edward Lovel  PEARCE for lives with a clause for renewing and reciting that three full undivided parts of said Dwelling House and premises by Mesne assignment and conveyances became legally vested in said Lewis THOMAS and that he the said Lewis THOMAS by deeds of release 22nd & 23rd June 1756 whereby Lewis THOMAS conveyed in mtg to Thomas JACKSON his heirs and assigns 3 full undivided fourth parts of said dwelling house in Cuff Street … and further reciting ….  John JACKSON by his said guardian Luke STOCK released three full undivided fourth parts of said house in Cuff St. to Lewis THOMAS for lives… WITNESS: Arthur THOMAS of City of Dublin Gent & Christopher DAY [DECY?]

See Also lease re: Richard JACKSON & Katherine SALE. ROD: 265-383-176738.





SALL, William


1767 Jul 6

Image 187

BTW William SALL of City of Dublin Brass founder John EAKINS of Wardshill Co. Dublin Merchant & Nathaniel THWAITES of City of Dublin Merchant of 1 pt & George SALL City of Dublin Merchant of the other part … several townlands in Barony of Talbotstown Co. Wicklow….





JACKSON, Elizabeth & husb & ors


1768 Feb 19

Image 159

GROLLIER & wife-SMYTH Book Index 1768-1776

Bt Charles GROLLIER of City of Dublin hosier & Elizabeth GROLLIER otherwise JACKSON his wife, Adminsitrix of the goods and chattels of Thomas JACKSON late of the City of Dublin dec’d of the 1st part & Edward SMYTH of the said city Esq only son of Sheffington SMITH late of the City of Dublin esq dec’d by Mary his late wife of the 2nd pt. Henry GORE of the City of Dublin Esq. Mary GORE otherwise SMITH his wife only daughter of the said Skefflington Randall SMYTHE by the said Mary his late wife and only sister  of the said Edward SMYTH of the 3rd pt whereby … in execution of the trust vested in the said Elizabeth GROLIER in relation to the residue of term of 500 years in said Indented Deed for considerations mentioned in Manor Lands … they the said Charles and Elizabeth GROLLIER at the special Instance and request and by the Direction of the said Henry GORE and Mary GORE his wife deceased yield to said Edward SMYTH and his heirs Lea Inchicooley Ulland Carryuacres otherwise Garryuacum otherwise Garrymacon other Lough [?] Loghclonybrockny[?] otherwise Logh Clonybrogy  Kill[?] otherwise Killbride and Dowlagh lying and being in Quessns Co.. Frascan Tirmecranagh otherwise Teancunnan Kings Co. … WITNESS: John SMYTH City of Dublin Esq & Henry WHITE  and Theobald BERMINGTON both of City of Dublin Gents.





SALE, Katherine


1769 May 10

Image 205

Whereby Katherin SALE widow & sole executor of the last will and testament of Richard JACKSON of City of Dublin Esq. deceased in consid of sum of £100 transferred to Richard COOPER of City of Dublin Esq. all his the said Richard JACKSONs right Title and Interest and of her the said Katherine SALE as his Executrix on House situate in Great Cuffe Street Dublin containing in front 19’3” and from front to rere 63’ to hold to Richard COOPER for term of 241 years unexpired in the original lease made of said premises to the said Richard JACKSON by Henry HAWKSHAW of Newport Co. Dublin Chirurgeon … WITNESSES: Richard HALL and Bartholemew NOWLAN of Great Britain St. Gents

See also ROD: 243-111-158743

NOTE: A will was proved in 1769 for Richard JACKSON of Dublin L.L.D.

Benthams Abstracts: Richard JACKSON Dublin Doctor of Laws 17 Nov 1768 proved 24 Apr 1769

Aunt Katherine SALE wife of Dr. Edward SALE





GORE, John & Anne




1772 Feb 24

Image 231

BTW Maj Gen John GORE and Anne GORE otherwise MOORE his wife both of City of Westminster Great Britain and George RUTLAND [PUTLAN?] of City of Dublin Esq. of 1 pt & Rev. Mr. DOWNES Chancellor of Diocese of Waterford Clke of the other … 7 fields near town of Clonmell Co. Tipperary 9a3r20p … for natural lives of said William DOWNES Mary DAWSON daughter of ____ DAWSON Dragoon and Sarah DAWSON otherwise BOOTH his wife aged btw 7 & 8 years and Richard SPARROW son of Simon SPARROW of Clonmell Clothier aged btw 10-12 years… WITNESS Rev Stephen THOMAS of Clonmell CLKE & Charles PERCIVAL od City of Dublin Esq. … Rev. Joseph MOORE of Clonmell Clke.





SALL, William


1774 Dec 30

Image 24

BTW William SALL of City of Dublin Gent of 1 pt & John SALL of City of Dublin Brass founder the youngest son of the said William SALL of the other part. … lease of tenements and land on south side of Dolphins Barn now in occupation of Mrs. CHRISTIAN Henry CLARK bounded on east by Mrs. HARVEY’s holding on the west by part of Benjamin NUNNs hodlings on the North by the Kings pavement and on the south by the said Benjamin NUNN’s Garden … on south side of Dolphins barn … now in occupation of Mr. Patrick SMITH … rent of one peppercorn….







1779 Aug 4

ROBINSON Names Index: 1777-1785

Image 176

John JACKSON of City of Dublin Gent 1 pt & George ROBINSON of Tripilo of the Liberties of Thomas Court & Donore of the other pt.  … house on west side of Pimlicoe including the backside behind the same as it was enclosed 50’ deep & 20 wide bounded on the south by an alley on the north to the holding of the late Thomas GORE, on the east to the river and on the west to another holding belonging to the said John JACKSON… lives of King George III, the said John JACKSON & Michael JACKSON son of John JACKSON. WITNESS: John CONRY of City of Dublin, Gent, Daniel KEELY of City of Dublin Perukemaker & John GREGG Publican.  Memorial WITNESS: John CONRY & Thomas HOPE of City of Dublin SEE: JACKSONs of Pimlicoe





GORE, Arthur


1781 Nov 1

Image 296

ROD: 363-535- 245844 Crossley Extracts

1 Nov 1781

William FITZGERALD of Ennis, Co. Clare of 1 pt & Benjamin RINGROSE of Clon_isker, Co. Clare of the other… whereby the said William FITZGERALD by virtue of a Venditione Exponas at the suit of Alexander SCOTT Esq. against Arthur GORE … sold lands of Rossanure and Licarrue in Co. Clare by virtue of a lease of said lands executed by Francis GORE Esq.  to James MOLONY & Edward BROWN Esq dated 3 Feb 1755] provided John GORE Catherine GORE & Arthur GORE the reputed natural children of said Francis GORE by Mary MOLONY. WITNESS: John HAWKINS of Killaloe Co. Clare Gent & George CROWE of City of Dublin Esq.





SALE, Abigail


1782 Sep 20

Image 476

BTW George CRUICKSHANK of City of Dublin Attorney at Law of 1st pt & Alexander CROOKSHANK Esq. & George SALE Merchant both of City of Dublin of 2nd pt & Abigail SALL aka SALE of City of Dublin spinster of 3rd pt. Reciting that William CLARKE by indenture 1718 Nov 15 demised to William NICHOLS piece of ground on south side of Pill Lane containing  front to rere 57’ including the wall to the lane bounded on the east to other ground owned by said William CLARKE on the South & West to ground set by said William CLARKE to Mrs.  .. granted to said William SALE Robert Ballentine …. And that the same having become vested in William SALE late of City of Dublin Gent deceased 10 Jan 1774 for lives of [Royalty] and Thomas JOHNSTON and Thomas TAYLOR and also reciting that Henry PERRY Esq. by indenture 4 July 1722 demised to John HARVEY tenement on North side of Dolphins Barn containing in breadth in the front 48’ in depth front to rere 63’ boiunded on East by Mr. John FALKNERs holding, on the West by John BROWNEs holding on the North to the City Water Course commonly called the Pipe Water & on the South to Dolphins Barn aforesaid … also reciting that Jacob POOLE by indenture 14 Feb 1722 demised to William BOTTOM all the 6 small houses with their backsides situate on the south side of Dolphins Barn bounded on the North to the Kings pavement on east and south to Mr. BOARDMANs holding and on the west to Mr. POPKINs holding for lives of Emerson PERCY Hester POOLE & Elizabeth POOLE … and George CROOKSHANK was seized of lands  of Cranleaghbegg otherwise Cranlabogg 140a Co. Longford.








1792  Oct 6

JACKSON - LALL Names Index 1786-1794

Btw Henry JACKSON of French St., City of Dublin Esq of 1st pt &  John Hubert MOORE Esq Barrister of law &  George SALL, merchant of City of Dublin of 2nd pt & Abigail CROOKSHANK of Kildare St in City of Dublin widow of 3rd pt. Recited that a marriage was intended btw the said Henry JACKSON & Abigail CROOKSHANK and that said Henry JACKSON was seized of lands of  Lisdooney & Clonboniff in Kings Co. by virtue of a lease made by Sir Wm PARSONS Bart deceased unto Robert JACKSON late of Grange in Kings Co Esq. deceased father of the said Henry for the lives of  sd Henry & George HOLMES late an Ensign in the 44th Regiment of Foot & that said Abigail CROOKSHANK  was then by virtue of her marriage arts made  Sept 20 1782 upon her marriage with the late George CROOKSHANK late of sd City attorney at law deceased… tenements in Dolphins Barn & elsewhere. Property of Wm SALL [or SALE} of said City merchant, deceased,  & father of Abigail… George CROOKSHANK and Abigail SALE had one child, George, an infant under age 21 & Abigail was now possessed of her house in Kildare St. commonly known by #31…. SEE: JACKSONs of Kings Co. - Seirkieran







1794 Jul 24

JACKSON-HANSARD Names Index 1794-

Also: PRONI T808/8253

Volume 484 page 293 number 307899 Memorial registered 24 July 1794 of deed of 21 July 1794. Henry JACKSON of Newpark, County Wicklow Esq. to Richard Massey Hansard of Mistrim in County Glanmorgan Esq. as to tenements in Dolphins Barn and in Dublin city and elsewhere assigned by JACKSON's present wife Abigail by her marriage settlement on her marriage with him to trustees John Hubert Moore and George sall or a lall in trust for herself and for one Richard Cruickshank and if latter should die for JACKSON during her life. With Mrs. Eugenia JACKSON widow and Benjamin Kearney gent, both of Dublin city who both signed Memorial along with Henry JACKSON.

Extra notes: George SALE… tenements that Abigail was then possessed of of City of Dublin, Dolphins barn and elsewhere… for life of said Henry JACKSON.. signed in presence of Eugenia JACKSON… SEE: JACKSONs of Kings Co. - Seirkieran and SEE: JACKSONs of Pimlicoe





JACKSON, Henry & wife



1794 Jul 26

CALLAGHAN Names Index 1794-

PRONI T808/8253

Volume 475 page 571 number 307935 the memorial register 26 July 1794 of assignment of 12 May 1794 by Henry JACKSON of Newpark, County Wicklow Esq. and his wife Abigail JACKSON alias SALE or LALL to Joseph Callaghan of Dublin city carpenter. Premises at Dolphins Barn Dublin to be held for three lives one being Cruickshank's. SEE: JACKSONs of Kings Co. - Seirkieran and SEE: JACKSONs of Pimlicoe





JACKSON, Henry & wife


1794 Oct 22

RADCLIFFE Names Index 1794-

PRONI T808/8253

Volume 484 pages 522 number 30 and 9478. Memorial registered 22nd of October 1794 of agreement of 16 August 1793 by John Hubert MOORE barrister and George SALL merchant both of Dublin city trustees of marriage settlement of Henry JACKSON of Dublin city and his wife Abigail Cruickshank and said Henry and Abigail to John Radcliffe of Dublin city barrister as to lease of 9 November 1791 to said Abigail then Abigail Cruickshank of Dublin city widow by Sarah Chambers of same, of the tenement 20 x 36 on Westside of Kildare Street near Molesworth street opposite the Duke of Leinsters stables in Dublin, bounded on North by Edmund Child, on south by widow Coddington, on east by Kildare street and on West by Mr. Monsell's garden. To hold for 27 1/2 years at £45.10 shillings which they now assigned to Radcliffe. Witnesses Samuel Barry of Dublin city Gent and Anne Fraser. Memorial signed by A JACKSON. NOTE: She also had lands in Dolphins barn, Dublin. SEE: JACKSONs of Kings Co. - Seirkieran and SEE: JACKSONs of Pimlicoe







1800 Apr 13


Image 351

A memorial of a Deed Poll  16 March 1730 made previous to a marriage of James CUFF then of Elmshall, Co. Mayo, [aka Elmhall, Parish of Drum, Barony Carra, Co. Mayo – near Ballycara, Co. Mayo] Esq.to Elizabeth GORE the said James CUFF released  granted to Sir Arthur GORE and Whitfield DOYNE the house of Elmshall alias Tunahoven, the town and lands of Tunahoven Kilneger with all other lands in Barony of Carra, Co. Mayo … as jointure trust term of 99 years to Hon Owen WYNNE [NOTE: WYNNEs were related]  and Arthur GORE… sum of 2,000 pounds … Michael CUFF his 2nd & youngest son and four daughters namely Anne, Jane, Sally & Biddy CUFF and that 5 youngest children  entitled to portions in equal shares…. Anne CUFF dies and bequeathed her portion of the 1000 pounds to Biddy CUFF her sister… and Biddy died and bequeathed to her sister Jane JACKSON [wife of George JACKSON] and her steady friend Letitia LINDSAY… SEE:  JACKSONs of Waterford & Cork and JACKSONs of Enniscoe and Carramore, Co. Mayo NOTE: Whitfield Doyne (1686-1744) was an uncle of Philip DOYNE (1733-1765)  husband of Joanna GORE. She was a daughter of Sir Arthur GORE (1703-1773).







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